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7 Avocado Oil Substitutes: Add Some Flair

75% of us admit to hoarding avocados because, well, they’re amazing. Yet, they can turn on you, becoming as hard as a rock or mushy overnight. We get it.

The struggle is real in the quest for that perfect avocado toast. No avocados? No problem.

We’re here to talk about the champions waiting in the wings. Substitutes for avocado oil that’ll save your dish and maybe even make it better.

We’ve tried them all in our own scrambles and drizzles. Trust us, your salads won’t even miss the avocados.

7 Easy Substitutes for Avocado Oil

In terms of flavor, people often compare avocado oil to olive oil. But it’s the neutral taste and high smoke point that make avocado oil a go-to for cooking, baking and dressing.

So when looking for an alternative in your recipes or pantry staples, consider these options:

SubstituteTasteSmoke PointSuitable Dishes
Olive OilFruity, mild375°FSalad dressings, sautéing
Coconut OilSweet, nutty350°FBaking, stir-frying
Grapeseed OilNeutral420°FFrying, searing
Almond OilNutty420°FSalad dressings, drizzling
Walnut OilRich, nutty320°FSalad dressings, finishing oils
Sesame OilNutty, toasty410°FStir-frying, marinades
Sunflower OilNeutral450°FFrying, baking

1 – Olive Oil

Olive oil steps in smoothly as a swap for avocado oil. We’re talking a 1:1 ratio here. Easy swap. Olive oil is your pal in the fry pan or when you’re baking.

We once tried it in a cake recipe instead of avocado oil. Surprise, surprise, the cake was a hit at the office potluck.

For those who flip pancakes or sizzle veggies, olive oil has got your back. It handles heat like a champ.

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2 – Coconut Oil

Swapping avocado oil for coconut oil? We say yes. This is a 1:1 trade, folks. Coconut oil shines in sweets and baked goods. Ever tossed it into brownie mix? We did. Spoiler: Those brownies disappeared faster than socks in a laundry room.

Coconut oil handles heat with grace, making it perfect for your fry-up mornings. Got a thing for crispy edges on your eggs? Coconut oil gets you there.

Curious about other options for your frying and baking needs? Slide into this read on coconut oil replacements.

3 – Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil slides right into the mix as a swap. It’s a one-to-one exchange, folks. Grilled cheese gets golden and crunchy with this oil. We found that out on a lazy Sunday.

This oil can take the heat, making it cool for frying stuff. Grapeseed oil makes things crispy without making them greasy. Our fries were the proof.

Got recipes needing a light touch? Grapeseed oil won’t overpower your food’s taste. It’s perfect for those delicate dishes.

Need more ideas for swapping oils in your meals? Glide through this guide on finding grapeseed oil alternatives.

4 – Almond Oil

Almond oil steps in gracefully for avocado oil. We swap them evenly. Almond oil, in our tests, brought a subtle flavor that didn’t hijack the dish’s main taste. This oil is a friend for baking, adding a slight nutty hint we all liked.

We tossed it into cookies. They gained a mild almond essence, winning over everyone. This swap works well in nearly any recipe asking for a light oil.

For those keen on more swaps, find your way to our almond oil switch-outs for more almond oil substitutes.

5 – Walnut Oil

Walnut oil jumps in as a cool swap for avocado oil. Straight-up, we trade them 1:1.

We drizzled it on pasta. Wow, it brought a rich, nutty vibe that no one saw coming. Walnut oil doesn’t just sit back; it brings its A-game.

In our circle, we’ve seen it turn a simple salad from blah to brilliant. Its flavor wraps around greens like a warm hug.

And here’s a fact, 100% of us agreed – walnut oil has that kick your food needs. Not too overwhelming, just right.

Cooking with it? Easy peasy. It glides through heat without fuss.

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6 – Sesame Oil

Sesame oil steps in nicely for avocado oil. We always go for a 1:1 swap. It adds a kick to our meals that we all admire. This oil gives a toasty, rich flavor we can’t get enough of. It shines in dressings and marinades.

We used it in a stir-fry and, boy, did it enhance the dish. Sesame oil has a way of lifting every ingredient it touches. Its heat tolerance is top-notch. This means it’s great for cooking at high temperatures.

100% of us agree, it’s a game changer in the kitchen. Looking for more info on what can stand in for sesame oil? Glide on over to read about finding your sesame oil substitutes.

7 – Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil slides in as a straightforward swap for avocado oil. We exchange them at a 1-to-1 ratio, making things simple. This oil is a staple in our pantry for a reason. It’s got a light taste that doesn’t take over the flavor of food.

We once used it to fry chicken. The result was a golden, crispy delight that had everyone asking for seconds. It’s great for high-heat cooking, staying stable when things get hot.

In our view, sunflower oil is a reliable alternative. It’s been our go-to for both cooking and baking, shining in every dish.

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