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7 Coconut Sugar Substitutes for Your Sweet Treats

Ever wonder about ditching coconut sugar? We all crave a sweet fix now and then.

Finding a substitute for coconut sugar can feel like a scavenger hunt.

I remember the time my pantry ran out, and oh boy, was it a scramble to keep my baking on track. We’ve got you covered with seven sweet swaps.

These aren’t just any replacements; they’re top-notch alternatives that’ll keep your desserts on point.

Ready to sweeten your treats without a hitch?

7 Easy Substitutes for Coconut Sugar

Ever had that “oops” moment with no coconut sugar in sight? We sure did.

Finding a sweet stand-in isn’t always straightforward. We’re about to make it simpler. Got recipes that need sweetness? We’ve got ideas. Our kitchens have seen their share of sugar swaps.

Each suggestion here is a tried and true friend of ours. Ready for some trade secrets?

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Maple SyrupSweet, RichLiquidBaking, Pancakes, Salad Dressing
HoneySweet, FloralLiquidTea, Baking, Glazes
Agave NectarMild, SweetLiquidBaking, Beverages, Sauces
Date SugarSweet, CaramelGranulatedBaking, Smoothies, Oatmeal
Brown Rice SyrupMild, NuttySyrup-likeBaking, Granola Bars, Glazes
MolassesRich, BoldThick, StickyBaking, BBQ Sauce, Marinades
SteviaSweet, BitterPowderBeverages, Baking, Desserts

1 – Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a stellar alternative. It pours well. Sweeter than coconut sugar. Keep in mind, it’s liquid gold. We found this out during a pancake disaster. Adjust liquids in recipes.

Use it in baking, coffee, or on oatmeal. A direct pour makes life easy. One-to-one ratio works. Just reduce other liquids a tad.

Interested in more swaps? Check out this list of maple syrup substitutes for your next baking project.

2 – Honey

Honey steps in smooth. It’s sweet, with a twist. We found out, it mixes easily. No gritty bits to fight off.

Baking gets a bit of shine from it. Your spoon slides right through. Perfect for drizzling. On toast, it’s a hit.

We swapped in desserts. Less granular than coconut sugar. Beware, it’s sticky.

A clean swap, one-to-one. Just like that. In recipes, you dial down on dry ingredients. Slick move.

For folks eyeing other sweet moves, glide over to our honey substitute suggestions.

3 – Agave Nectar

Agave nectar slides in as a top swap. Sweet yet mild. It’s a liquid, so there’s a trick to using it right. We adjust recipes on the fly. A bit less than what you’d use for coconut sugar.

Mixes without a fuss. We pour it in tea and over pancakes. No clumps, no drama. In baking, we dial back on liquids. A smooth move.

For those who’ve tried everything else and seek more ideas, take a peek at our suggestions on finding alternatives to agave nectar.

4 – Date Sugar

Date sugar sneaks into the scene. It’s sweet from dates. Think of it as dried, ground dates. We swap it cup for cup.

It doesn’t melt. We learned this making cookies. Adds a rich flavor. Blends well in dry mixes.

In recipes, we use it just like coconut sugar. Perfect for baking. Keep in mind, it keeps things a bit textured.

Got a carrot cake? Use date sugar. Your taste will thank you. We promise it’s a game-changer.

5 – Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup has our backs. It’s syrupy and not too sweet. We stir it into coffee and spread it on bread. Texture’s smooth.

It swaps in easily. Ratio? Think one to one for coconut sugar. We tweak liquid amounts in our bakes.

Found out it’s great for crispy treats. Holds stuff together like a charm. In cookies, it’s a star.

Recipes smile when we use it. For every cup of sugar, a cup of this syrup. Baking becomes a breeze.

We love it in granola bars. Adds a nice chew. Try it. You might never look back.

6 – Molasses

Molasses jumps in with a rich, deep flavor. We add it to baked goods for that extra depth.

It’s thicker than your usual suspects. A bit goes a long way.

We’ve used it in recipes calling for coconut sugar. It blends well.

This swap? Think one part molasses for every coconut sugar part. Adjustments in recipes are minimal.

Our bread and cookies get a makeover with it. They come out superb.

For those digging deeper into substitutes, molasses can switch up the game. Check more on this here.

7 – Stevia

Stevia steps up as our sweet savior. It’s got zero calories. Sweetness hits hard.

We blend it in drinks and desserts. A little goes far. Ratio is key here.

For every spoon of coconut sugar, think a fraction of stevia. Precision matters. Recipes adjust with ease.

Baked goods and smoothies thrive on it. They taste great. Substitute ratio? Usually 1:1 but check specifics. Try this swap in your next cooking spree.