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7 Garlic Salt Substitutes: Enhance Your Seasoning Game

Garlic salt is the superhero of spices, but sometimes we need to switch it up. Who doesn’t love having options?

We’ve scanned our spice racks and found some stellar substitutes. Each one brings its own flair to the table.

Think you’re stuck with bland food? Think again! We’ve got seven garlic salt alternatives that will keep your dishes tasty and exciting.

Ready to up your seasoning game? Let’s jump into it!

7 Easy Substitutes for Garlic Salt

If you’re out of garlic salt or simply want to switch things up, check out these 7 easy substitutes:

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Garlic Powder & Salt ComboBalanced garlic-saltFine powderAll-purpose seasoning, marinades
Fresh Garlic & Salt Mash-UpRobust garlic flavorCoarse mixtureRoasted vegetables, meats, bread
Granulated Garlic & SaltIntense garlic tasteGrainy textureSoups, stews, sauces, meat rubs
Garlic Flakes & Salt SprinkleMild garlic essenceFlakesSalads, pasta dishes, grilled seafood
Garlic Oil & Salt DrizzleRich garlic infusionLiquidSalad dressings, drizzling over dishes
Garlic Paste & Salt BlendStrong garlic punchThick pasteSpreads, dips, meat seasoning
Roasted Garlic & Salt ComboSavory roasted notesVaried texturesRoasted meats, vegetables, bread

1 – Garlic Powder & Salt Combo

Mixing garlic powder with salt is our go-to move. It’s simple. You get control over the garlic and salt levels. This combo lets you tweak to taste.

We grab equal parts of garlic powder and salt. Stir them up. This blend gets our dishes just right.

Curious about how to level up further with garlic flavors? Our friends wrote a neat piece on other ways to substitute garlic that might catch your eye.

2 – Fresh Garlic & Salt Mash-Up

Chopping up fresh garlic and adding salt? Sounds like a solid plan. We make it work. Each clove of garlic mixed with a dash of salt transforms meals.

Garlic brings the punch; salt brings it together. We use three cloves and a teaspoon of salt for that perfect balance. The blend adds depth to dishes.

In our experience, this combo delivers. Freshness shines in every bite.

3 – Granulated Garlic & Salt

Granulated garlic and salt step in as another trick up our sleeve. This duo works wonders. Granulated garlic is less intense compared to powder. We find a nice balance. Mixing these two can be a game-changer for your food.

We scoop one part granulated garlic to three parts salt. It’s a mix that doesn’t disappoint. Our dishes sing with this blend.

Need a deeper dive into working with granulated garlic? Our pals have penned some words on this. Check out how to substitute granulated garlic for more insights.

4 – Garlic Flakes & Salt Sprinkle

We’ve tried garlic flakes mixed with salt. This combination works wonders. Garlic flakes add a burst of flavor; salt brings it all together. We usually combine one tablespoon of garlic flakes with half a tablespoon of salt. This mix hits the spot.

In our trials, dishes came to life. Flavors stood out. We found this blend perfect for soups and stews. Garlic flakes soften, releasing a gentle, aromatic essence. It’s a straightforward swap.

5 – Garlic Oil & Salt Drizzle

We tried garlic oil mixed with salt. This choice does wonders for dishes. A bit of garlic oil with salt perks up flavors. We mix two teaspoons of garlic oil with a teaspoon of salt. This blend nails it.

Garlic oil brings a smooth garlic flavor. Salt rounds off the taste. We like this for marinades and dressings. Garlic oil and salt jazz up simple dishes.

Our plates turned out flavorful. This combo made food sing without overpowering. Try this for a subtle garlic hit.

6 – Garlic Paste & Salt Blend

Mixing garlic paste and salt makes a dense flavor shot for meals. We find this combo intense. We scoop in one tablespoon of garlic paste to a teaspoon of salt for harmony. It nails the taste.

This blend adds a rich layer to dishes. Our experience? It transforms meals. This substitute shines in heavy sauces and meats. Our tip? Try this duo for a robust flavor.

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7 – Roasted Garlic & Salt Combo

Ah, roasted garlic and salt, now that’s a duo. We roast the garlic to mellow its flavor. The process is easy. Wrap the cloves in foil, toss them in the oven, and you’ve got yourself a treat. Roasting garlic softens its bite, making the mix with salt a smooth addition to dishes. We use one roasted clove per half teaspoon of salt.

This combination offers a subtle, sweet flavor, a far cry from raw garlic’s sharpness. It blends well in mashed potatoes or as a spread on fresh bread. Our dishes gain a rich, nuanced taste with this mix. Give it a whirl in your next meal prep.