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About Andrew Gray

Introducing Andrew Gray, the founder of – a food blog dedicated to everything delicious. From mouth-watering recipes and honest restaurant reviews to top-notch recommendations and expert cooking tips, Andrew has got you covered!

Before launching his own site, Andrew has worked as a food writer for various online publications. He also boasts experience as a personal chef and caterer, with a background in both the restaurant industry and catering business.

Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, Andrew’s parents were both food enthusiasts who passed down their love for good food to him. As a child, he spent countless hours helping his mom in the kitchen – cracking eggs and measuring ingredients. It was this early exposure that sparked his passion for cooking.

Andrew still vividly remembers the first time he cooked a meal all by himself. It was during college, and he decided to whip up a simple yet delicious skillet dish with chicken, peppers, and onions. The success of that meal has kept him cooking ever since!

With an undying love for food, Andrew is thrilled to share his culinary journey with the world through his blog. He hopes to inspire and educate others on cooking while promoting a healthier mindset towards food. Thank you for joining him on this delicious adventure.

You can find me via Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin