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5 Easy Cranberry Sauce Substitutes: Upgrade the Recipes

Ever run out of cranberry sauce just as you’re about to serve dinner? We’ve all been there. Suddenly, you’re scrambling to find something that can take its place.

In this article, we’re going to spill the beans on 5 easy cranberry sauce substitutes you never thought could save your dinner. Our kitchens turned into labs as we tested every possibility.

From the tangy to the sweet, we discovered alternatives that might just become your new favorites. Prepare to be surprised — these swaps are anything but ordinary.

5 Easy Substitutes for Cranberry Sauce

The key to a good substitute is finding something with a similar texture and flavor profile. We’re looking for that tart, tangy kick that cranberry sauce brings to the table. Here are our top picks:

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Blueberry SauceSweet, TartSmoothPork, Chicken, Desserts
Raspberry SauceSweet, TangyChunkyTurkey, Cheesecake, Pancakes
Orange MarmaladeCitrusy, SweetStickyGlazed Ham, Toast, Cocktails
Apple ChutneySweet, SpicedChunkyCheese Platters, Pork, Burgers
Fig CompoteRich, EarthyJam-likeCheese Boards, Desserts, Pork

1 – Blueberry Sauce

We found out that blueberry sauce does the trick. It’s a solid stand-in for cranberry sauce. It brings a sweet and tart flavor that really jazzes up a meal.

You can whip it up with just blueberries, sugar, and a bit of water. Mix these up in a pan until they thicken. This blend goes great with turkey.

Our own try at this had the family asking for seconds. We use a cup of blueberries for every cup of cranberries you’d replace. Simple and effective.

The sauce thickens as it cools, giving that familiar texture we love. Just remember, it’s a bit sweeter, so maybe taste it as you go.

2 – Raspberry Sauce

Turns out, raspberry sauce is another great swap. It brings a tanginess that’s pretty spot on. Like its blueberry cousin, it’s a breeze to make. Us? We just mix raspberries, a sprinkle of sugar, and a splash of water. Heat them up until they get nice and thick. This stuff is brilliant with both meat and desserts.

We gave it a shot and, no joke, friends thought it was gourmet. For every cup of cranberry sauce you’re replacing, use a cup of raspberries. It’s that easy. The sauce gets thicker as it cools down, making it perfect to slather on pretty much anything. Just keep in mind, it errs on the side of tart.

3 – Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade swaps in smoothly. It has that citrus zing. Works wonders with dishes needing that extra kick. We mixed it with a little bit of water to thin it out. This tweak wires it up right for spreading.

It’s thicker, so a little water helps. One part marmalade to half part water does it. You’re aiming for that sauce-like consistency. Gives meals a bright note.

4 – Apple Chutney

Apple chutney steps up as a cool alternative. It has that spiced, tangy vibe. Our testing proved it’s not just for Indian dishes. This chutney mixes sweetness with a bit of acidity, making it a solid partner for meats and cheeses.

We boil down apples, vinegar, sugar, and spices, stirring until it thickens. For each cup of cranberry sauce, replace with a cup of this chutney. It adds a kick that’s both unexpected and welcome.

Our dinner plates never looked so inviting. This mix blends smoothly with holiday dishes. It’s a conversation starter. Give it a try, and see the nods around the table.

5 – Fig Compote

Ah, fig compote. We stumbled on this gem. It nailed the sweet and tart balance. You mash up figs, toss in a bit of sugar, and splash some water. Heat them till they mingle and thicken. It’s a dandy swap for cranberry sauce.

We tried. It was a hit. A cup of figs for every cranberry cup needed. It’s lush. The sauce gets that jammy feel as it cools. Perfect for slathering on the feast.

Figs bring a richness that’s hard to beat. Their natural sweetness has a depth. Plus, this compote adds a fancy twist to the table. Your guests will ask for the recipe. Trust us, it happens.