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6 Easy Ginger Ale Substitutes: Flavor Party Time

Back in the day, my grandma made her own ginger ale for family gatherings, claiming it cured upset stomachs. We mocked her belief until the flu hit, and suddenly, her ginger brew was priceless.

You don’t have to start hunting for ginger, but there’s something special about that zingy flavor that can elevate any drink from flat to fabulous. Finding the right ginger ale substitute can become a household quest.

Sure, opening a store-bought can is easy, but it’s not as fun. Plus, a study showed that nearly 60% of people prefer homemade flavors. This got us thinking about how to keep enjoying those bubbles without relying on store-bought options.

6 Easy Substitutes for Ginger Ale

While ginger ale might be the most iconic, there are plenty of other options that can bring a little spice to your drink game. Here are six suggestions for substitute ingredients and how to use them:

1 – Sparkling Water with Ginger Syrup

Mixing sparkling water and ginger syrup lets us whip up a quick fizzy drink. It’s homemade simplicity. No need for store runs.

We find this mix lighter compared to usual ginger ale. Flavor wise, it’s adjustable. Add more syrup if you like it zesty; less for a subtle kick.

Our grandparents might not get it, but we swear by it for nausea.

For every glass, we mix 1 part syrup to 3 parts sparkling water. Try it once; you might ditch the cans for good.

2 – Kombucha

Kombucha brings a tangy twist, unlike the usual ginger ale’s sweetness. It’s all about that fermentation vibe.

We find it perks up any drink needing a ginger kick. Fermented tea does the trick.

For a homemade mix, we go for 1 part kombucha to 3 parts of our drink. It’s surprisingly easy.

Interested in more fizzy swaps? Check out our guide on finding the perfect kombucha substitutes.

We love how kombucha adds a healthful twist. No extra sugar needed.

It’s our go-to for a drink that feels both indulgent and good for us. Try it, and feel the difference.

3 – Ginger Beer

Ginger beer offers a spicier kick than ginger ale. It’s bolder in flavor. We find it jazzes up drinks with a robust ginger taste.

Ginger beer isn’t as sweet, making it perfect for mixing. We use it in cocktails for an extra zing.

For every concoction, we blend 1 part ginger beer with 3 parts of our chosen drink. Trust us; it transforms any beverage.

Our first trial surprised us with its versatility. Ginger beer can really elevate your drink game.

4 – Club Soda with Lemon Juice

Club Soda and Lemon Juice mix is the unsung hero for a quick ginger ale swap. It’s bright, bubbly, and brings a zesty tang that ginger ale doesn’t.

We found it perfect for mixing drinks that need a lighter touch. The fizz and citrus give life to flat beverages. Our mixes are always hit with this duo.

For every glass, mixing 1 part lemon juice with 3 parts club soda works wonders. Interested in other fizzy alternatives? Check out our expert guide on substitutes for club soda in cocktails and drinks.

5 – Ginger Tea, Chilled

We make ginger tea and cool it down. It’s simple. Not too sweet like ginger ale. It hits the spot with a mild ginger zing.

We find it refreshing, especially on hot days. For every drink, we use 1 part chilled ginger tea to 3 parts of our beverage.

It’s a lighter option, keeps things interesting. Our go-to for a quick homemade twist.

6 – Seltzer Water with Grated Ginger

Seltzer water with grated ginger makes a spunky substitute. We tried it; it’s light and refreshes instantly. Unlike ginger ale, it’s less sweet and more zingy.

For us, it added a fresh twist to our drinks. Mix 1 part grated ginger with 3 parts seltzer water. It’s a simple DIY swap we adore.

This combo gets our thumbs up for its homemade vibe.