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5 Great Pretzel Substitutes: Crunchy Alternatives

Who among us hasn’t finished a bag of pretzels before we even realized it? We love that salty crunch. But sometimes, it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

Here’s where we come in with some mouth-watering alternatives. We’ve found a few substitutes that are just as crunchy and satisfying. You might even like them more than your old pretzel pals.

We’ve all been there, needing something new and exciting. So, here’s our lineup. Get ready to explore some new favorite snacks.

5 Easy Substitutes for Pretzels

For those who love to snack, you might be tired of the same old pretzels. And those tough on teeth snacks like popcorn and chips can get a little boring. So spice up your snacking game with these 5 easy substitutes for pretzels.

1 – Crackers

First up, crackers are a great swap for pretzels. They are crunchy, salty, and come in various flavors. We love how versatile they are.

They are perfect for dipping in hummus or cheese. They don’t leave you thirsty like pretzels do sometimes.

The texture is a bit lighter, so they are kinder to your teeth. If you’re looking for the same crunchy feel but a different taste, crackers are a winner.

2 – Crostini

The crostini—those little toasted bread slices—are our new go-to crunchy snack. They pack a punch with every bite and are super dippable. Plus, they come in different flavors.

Compared to pretzels, crostini are a tad more elegant but just as fulfilling. We love them with a bit of cheese or a hearty dip. They’re not as salty, giving them a broad appeal.

And here’s a tip: If you want a 1:1 swap for pretzels, roughly 10 crostini pieces do the trick. Try pairing them with hummus or guac next time.

3 – Baguette Slices

For those craving a crunchy munch, baguette slices are for you. These thin, toasted bread pieces offer a delightful chomping experience. They pair perfectly with spreads and cheeses.

Unlike pretzels, baguette slices have a rich, toasty flavor. They aren’t as salty, making them a versatile option for any dip. Plus, they feel fancier, yet still casual enough.

We love how they hold up well with thick spreads. A baguette slice can carry a generous amount of hummus or guacamole. Use about six slices for a typical serving. Next time, give these crunchy slices a shot!

4 – Flatbread

While we usually think of flatbread as a base for pizzas and sandwiches, it’s time to reshape our snacking habits. Flatbread offers a great crunch that rivals pretzels any day. It’s thin, crispy, and available in a bunch of flavors.

We find that flatbread pairs wonderfully with a multitude of dips. The texture is less abrasive, making it kinder to our teeth. Want to swap pretzels for flatbread? Use one flatbread stick for every five pretzels. It’s versatile enough for hummus, guacamole, or even plain.

We’ve tried it as a snack and it’s amazing. It’s also excellent for cheese boards or simply munching as is.

5 – Croutons

Last but definitely not least, croutons are a fantastic pretzel substitute. They’re crunchy and come in so many flavors. They add a delightful bite to any snack.

We love croutons with a variety of dips. They’re perfect for soups and salads, making them versatile. Croutons aren’t as salty as pretzels, which we find refreshing.

For a substitute, use about seven croutons for every ten pretzels. If you’re interested in more substitutes, check out the crouton substitutes article.

They’re also budget-friendly and easy to find. Give croutons a shot next time you’re craving something crunchy.