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7 Great Alternatives to Choy Sum: Enhance Your Dishes

Ever tried swapping out choy sum in your favorite dishes? We did. And guess what? The results were pretty awesome.

Finding alternatives isn’t just about shaking things up. It’s about discovering new flavors that can turn an okay meal into a “wow, what’s in this?” experience.

We’ve all been in that spot where the fridge has more empty space than ingredients. That’s the perfect time to get creative.

We’re here to share our top picks for substituting choy sum. No fancy words, just good old practical advice. Trust us, your dinner plate is about to get a lot more interesting.

7 Easy Substitutes for Choy Sum

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to add some twist to your meals, these alternatives are worth trying out:

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Bok ChoyMild, FreshCrispStir-fries, Soups, Salads
Gai LanBitter, SweetTenderStir-fries, Steamed Dishes
Baby SpinachMild, EarthyTenderSalads, Smoothies, Pasta Dishes
KaleEarthy, RobustChewySalads, Soups, Smoothies
Swiss ChardEarthy, Slightly BitterTenderSauteed, Stir-fries, Casseroles
Mustard GreensPeppery, BitterCrispSalads, Stir-fries, Soups
BroccoliniMild, SweetTenderStir-fries, Roasted Dishes, Salads

1 – Bok Choy

Bok choy steps in seamlessly as a choy sum stand-in. It’s crisp, leafy, and brings a slight peppery twist to dishes. We gave it a go in stir-fries, and boy, did it liven things up. The swap is a no-brainer, one-to-one, easy as pie.

Here’s the kicker, we found the stems pack a juiciness that’s second to none. Really kicks up the moisture in any recipe. We tossed it into a soup last Tuesday. The soup was a hit; didn’t miss the choy sum one bit.

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2 – Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli)

Gai Lan, also known as Chinese Broccoli, hops in as our second substitute. It’s got a bit of a bitter edge, yet it rounds out dishes in a way that’s hard to beat. We tossed it into a beef stir-fry. The outcome? Plates were cleaned.

This green warrior does well in a straight swap for choy sum. Mix it into any dish at a one-to-one ratio. We tried it in a noodle dish on Thursday. Ended up making it twice.

Pair it with oyster sauce for a classic touch. Our kitchen experiment turned into a weekly must-have.

3 – Baby Spinach

Baby spinach jumps into the mix as a fab switch for choy sum. It’s soft, yet sturdy enough to stick the landing in a variety of dishes. We tossed it into pasta, and the vibe it added was just right. This green fits in with a straightforward one-to-one swap ratio.

Spinach makes dishes come alive in a subtle way. We added it to an omelette and, surprise, the meal felt new again. For folks looking to mix things up, baby spinach is a solid bet.

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4 – Kale

Kale steps up as a sturdy alternative to choy sum. This leaf brings a hearty texture to meals. Its earthy flavor elevates dishes in a distinctive way.

We tossed kale into a stir-fry. The dish gained a new depth. Kale fits into recipes easily, swapping at a one-to-one ratio with choy sum.

We also experimented by adding it to a smoothie. Result? A refreshing change.

For those eager to try other greens, this page has more on how to mix up your meals.

5 – Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard steps in, and wow, does it make a scene as a choy sum alternative. Its leaves bring a slight bitterness that wakes up any dish.

We threw it into quiches. Everyone wanted seconds. Swiss chard slips into meals with a simple swap, equal for equal.

We found its texture to add just the right crunch. Swiss chard made our veggie lasagna something to talk about.

Mixing it up with chard? Here’s where to dig in deeper on swiss chard swaps: find how to switch things up.

6 – Mustard Greens

Mustard greens step in as a vibrant option. They mix into dishes easily, offering a peppery kick. We threw them into a stir-fry, and the dish lit up. The swap ratio? Simple, one-on-one.

Their leaves work wonders in salads too. Gave us a fresh take on lunch.

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7 – Broccolini

Broccolini jumps into the scene as our seventh swap. It brings a crunch and a mild flavor. Perfect for those looking for something a bit gentler.

We tried it in salads and stir-fries. The swap worked like a charm, one for one with choy sum. Its longer stems added a nice touch to the texture.

In our attempt at a pasta dish, broccolini made a great addition. It gave the meal a fresh twist. No intricate steps required, just chop and go.

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