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7 Tasty Substitutes for Broccolini: Explore New Veggie Options

Ever stared at your dinner plate and thought, “Broccolini again?” Us too.

It’s time to shake things up.

We all need a change in our veggie routine. Here’s the deal: there are other greens in the veggie aisle calling our name.

Ever tried swapping your go-to broccolini with something else? We did, and oh boy, it was a game-changer. From our stove to yours, we’re sharing our top finds.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of flavors.

7 Easy Substitutes for Broccolini

When you’re tired of the same old broccolini, try one (or all!) of these tasty alternatives:

VegetableTasteTextureSuitable Dish Substitute
Broccoli RabeBitter, NuttyTender, LeafyPasta, Stir-fries
CauliflowerMild, NuttyCrisp, DenseMashed Potatoes, Rice
KaleEarthy, PepperyChewy, LeafySalads, Smoothies
Brussels SproutsNutty, SweetCrisp, DenseRoasted Vegetables, Salads
AsparagusEarthy, MildTender, FirmGrilled, Stir-fries
SpinachMild, EarthySoft, LeafySmoothies, Soups
Bok ChoyMild, CrispCrunchy, LeafyStir-fries, Salads

1 – Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli Rabe is a cool swap for the usual greens. A tad more bitter than broccolini, but cook it right and that bitterness just fades away. We totally dig its bold flavor; it really kicks up the taste in any meal.

Tossed it into some pasta and, trust me, it was a game changer. Matches perfectly with big flavors like garlic and chili.

You won’t need as much since it shrinks down when cooked—go for about three-quarters the amount you’d normally use for broccolini.

Looking for ways to jazz up your dishes with broccoli rabe? Check out this guide on broccoli rabe substitutes. It’s super helpful.

2 – Cauliflower

Cauliflower, folks, isn’t just for pretending it’s rice. It’s a solid swap for broccolini. Crunchy, yet capable of getting super tender, it’s all about how you cook it. We threw it into a stir-fry and weren’t disappointed. The texture is spot on. It soaks up flavors like a champ. You can use it in nearly any dish that calls for broccolini.

We use it cup for cup in recipes, easy. Ever mixed it with a tad of oil and some spices? Roasted until golden? Perfection. It adds a mild, nutty flavor that we can’t get enough of. And it’s versatile.

For those who dig cauliflower and want to switch things up, peep this guide on cauliflower substitutes. You might find it handy.

3 – Kale

Kale steps in as a vibrant substitute. Its hearty texture keeps dishes interesting. We swapped it into a soup recipe. The result? Surprisingly good.

Kale packs a nutritional punch too. Loads of vitamins in these leaves. It works in salads, stews, or even as chips.

We find it slightly peppery, which adds a nice kick. It’s tougher than broccolini, so chop it small.

You might need less kale compared to broccolini because it doesn’t cook down as much. We suggest using two-thirds the amount.

For folks eager to learn more, check this article on substitutes for kale.

4 – Brussels Sprouts

We go for Brussels sprouts for a twist. These little guys pack flavor. They crisp up nice on the outside while staying tender inside. We halve them and roast. They come out great every time. Texture-wise, they’re a win.

Flavor kicks in with roasting; they get a nutty, sweet taste. We toss them with just oil, salt, and pepper. Simplicity works best here. They can stand in for broccolini in heaps of recipes. We’ve found they fit right in with most dishes.

We use Brussels sprouts in a 1 to 1 ratio with broccolini. Works out well. For those who enjoy Brussels sprouts and want more ideas, see this guide on substitutes for Brussels sprouts.

5 – Asparagus

We think asparagus is a stand-out choice. It’s got that tender crunch we all love. Throw it on the grill or in the oven. It comes out just right, adding a slightly sweet taste to your meals. It’s a star in its own right.

This veg balances well in most dishes you’d put broccolini in. We find it super in stir-fries and side dishes. We suggest using asparagus in the same amount you would broccolini. It fits right in without overpowering other flavors.

Cooking it is no sweat. A bit of oil, some seasonings, and it’s ready to wow. We use it one for one with broccolini. If this green piques your interest, take a peek at this guide on swapping out asparagus.

6 – Spinach

We find spinach a solid swap. It blends in with many a dish. This leaf brings a mild, yet slightly earthy flavor to the table. Its versatility is top-notch. We throw it into salads, soups, or even omelets. It cooks down quite a bit, so you’ll need more than you think. We usually double the amount of spinach if it’s standing in for broccolini. It’s a breeze to cook with—just wilt it briefly in a pan.

For those interested in adding spinach to their recipes or finding a substitute, you might find this article on spinach substitutes helpful.

7 – Bok Choy

Bok choy steps into the scene as a crunchy alternative. It’s fresh and crisp vibes are a good pick. Its stems provide a nice bite, while the leaves are soft. We love it. It rounds out a stir-fry or soup with ease.

We’ve discovered it cooks fast, keeping meals quick. It’s a go-to for green crunch in dishes.

Use bok choy like you would broccolini. The ratio is a straight swap, one for one. If you’re keen on swapping in more greens, check out this guide on how to switch bok choy for other favorites.