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Great Northern Beans Substitutes: 7 Easy Options to Try

Ever stood in front of your pantry, staring into the abyss because you’re out of great northern beans? We’ve all been there.

Finding a substitute shouldn’t be like solving a complex puzzle. Great northern beans are a staple for their mild flavor and versatility. Yet, sometimes the pantry just doesn’t cooperate.

In our kitchens, we’re not strangers to this predicament. We have scoured our shelves for alternatives that can stand in the gap. It’s surprising what you can use as a swap.

From chickpeas with their nutty essence to the creamy texture of cannellini beans, alternatives abound. Each option brings its unique spin to dishes. Our personal favorite? The humble lentil, which has saved many of our meals from disaster.

Join us as we dive into this simple guide. We promise, your dishes will still shine without the exact bean type the recipe calls for.

7 Substitutes for Great Northern Beans

When it comes to versatility, these substitutes can stand in for great northern beans in any recipe.

Bean SubstituteTextureFlavorBest Uses
Cannellini BeansCreamy, SmoothMild, NuttySoups, Stews, Casseroles
Navy BeansCreamy, SoftSlightly NuttyBaked Beans, Bean Dips
Lima BeansButtery, TenderSweetVegetable Medleys, Succotash
Kidney BeansFirm, HeartyEarthy, PronouncedChili, Bean Burritos
Pinto BeansCreamy, SmoothEarthy, NuttyRefried Beans, Bean Dips
Garbanzo BeansFirm, NuttyNutty, ButterySalads, Soups, Stews
LentilsFirm, EarthyEarthyVegetarian Chili, Casseroles

1 – Cannellini Beans

Cannellini beans, what a game changer. They’re like the cool cousin of great northern beans. Soft texture, right? And they soak up flavors like a sponge. We’ve thrown them into soups and watched magic happen.

They make a stellar stand-in. We use these beans in a one-to-one swap. Perfect for those times you’re mid-recipe and oops, no great northern beans.

Here’s a story. Once, we swapped these in a chili. Guests couldn’t even spot the switch. They’re versatile.

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2 – Navy Beans

Navy beans, small yet mighty, slide seamlessly into meals. They mirror great northern beans in texture and overall vibe. We tossed them into a pot of stew once. The result? Surprisingly similar.

Their size makes them perfect for a quick cook. We swap them at a one-to-one ratio. Ideal for thickening up soups without missing a beat.

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3 – Lima Beans

Lima beans step up to the plate big time. Their buttery taste fills any dish with depth. They’re larger, sure. Yet, they blend into recipes like a charm.

We’ve tossed them into salads and soups. The feedback? Always positive. They swap in smoothly at a one-to-one ratio.

Ease of use? Top-notch. They cook well and mix into dishes without a hitch. Personal experience? We’ve used them in place of great northern beans more times than we can count. A success story, every time.

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4 – Kidney Beans

Kidney beans come in clutch for hearty meals. They’re the big players in the world of beans.

Their rich, robust flavor elevates any dish. We’ve slipped them into recipes on the fly. Success. Every. Time. Our friends rave about the dishes. Can’t even tell we’ve swapped beans.

These beans work wonders in a pinch. We go for a one-to-one swap. Easy as pie. They blend seamlessly into most meals, bringing a depth of flavor that’s hard to beat.

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5 – Pinto Beans

Pinto beans step in smoothly for great northern beans. They’re the all-stars in our pantry for a good reason. They soak up flavors from your dish, making everything taste better. Their creamy texture makes soups and stews thicker and richer.

Offering a slightly sweet edge, pinto beans add a new layer of flavor. We threw them into a pot of chili, and our friends were asking for seconds. Mixing them in at a one-to-one ratio works like a charm.

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6 – Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

Garbanzo beans, aka chickpeas, bring a nutty flavor to the table. Their texture is dense yet tender. We’ve tossed them into salads and were amazed by how well they fit in. These beans can swap in at a one-to-one ratio for great northern beans.

In stews, they hold their shape and add a pleasant bite. We remember using them in a soup recipe. Success was ours. They meld into recipes without overshadowing other ingredients.

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7 – Lentils

Lentils make a solid choice. They’re versatile. Small in size, they cook up fast. Their earthy flavor enriches soups and salads alike. We swap lentils in a one-to-one ratio for great northern beans. It works.

We remember one evening, lentils saved our stew. The guests loved the rich flavor. Lentils blend in easily, no matter the dish. They keep their shape, adding texture to every bite.

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