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7 Delicious Halibut Substitutes: Shake Up Flavor

Swapping halibut for another fish is easier than you think. We’ve all had those moments staring blankly at the seafood counter, wondering what to pick next.

Here’s the scoop on some tasty alternatives that won’t disappoint.

We’ve tried them and know they work. Let’s mix things up a bit, give those tastebuds a fresh experience.

From the toasty crunch of mahi-mahi to the mild, sweet cod, we’ve got options that bring all the flavor without any fuss.

Ready? Here are some stellar halibut substitutes.

7 Easy Substitutes for Halibut

For any fish lovers out there, it’s time to branch out and try something new. Halibut may be a classic choice, but these alternatives will shake things up in the best way.

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable Dish
CodMild, flakyFlaky, tender1:1Fish and chips, fish tacos
SnapperSweet, flakyFlaky, tender1:1Grilled fish, fish sandwiches
TilapiaMild, softSoft, delicate1:1Fish sticks, fish cakes
FlounderDelicate, flakyFlaky, tender1:1Fish and chips, fish sandwiches
SoleDelicate, flakyFlaky, tender1:1Fish and chips, fish sandwiches
Mahi-MahiRich, butteryFirm, meaty1:1Grilled fish, fish tacos
GrouperMild, flakyFlaky, tender1:1Fish and chips, fish sandwiches

1 – Cod

Our first pick, and a solid choice: cod. It’s a fantastic halibut substitute with its mild flavor and firm, flaky texture. You can swap cod for halibut in any recipe, 1:1. That’s right, zero tweaking needed.

Cod’s signature feature is its slightly sweet taste and those big, satisfying flakes. Compared to halibut, cod stands its ground with its mild and slightly sweet flavor profile. It’s also firm and flaky, just the way we like it.

Another plus? Cod tends to be more affordable than halibut. If you want more ideas on switching up your fish, check out these cod fish substitutes.

2 – Red Snapper

Next up, we’ve got red snapper. This fish is fantastic as a halibut substitute with its delicate flavor and firm texture.

Snapper brings a slightly sweet, nutty taste to your plate. It’s mild like halibut but with a hint of nuttiness that makes it special.

It’s also firm and flaky, just like halibut, fitting well in most recipes without any hassle.

The downside? It can be a bit pricier than other options. For more ideas on switching up your snapper, check out these red snapper substitutes.

3 – Tilapia

Even though tilapia might not be the fanciest fish around, it’s a rockstar when it comes to versatility and budget-friendly options. It’s a mild-flavored fish with a delicate, slightly sweet taste that makes it a great stand-in for halibut.

Tilapia has a tender, flaky texture that cooks beautifully in any recipe you’d normally reserve for halibut. It’s usually more affordable too, so it won’t break the bank.

Curious about other choices? Check out our tilapia substitutes guide for more tips.

4 – Flounder

When it comes to swapping halibut, flounder isn’t the first fish that jumps to mind, but it should be!

Flounder is a thin, delicate white fish that’s great being cooked whole or in large pieces. It has a sweet, delicate flavor that’s similar to halibut, making it a solid stand-in for many recipes.

The texture is delicate and flaky, almost melting in your mouth. Fair warning, though, it can be a bit pricier than other options.

Want to see more about flounder swaps? Check out our guide on flounder substitutes and keep your meals exciting.

5 – Sole

Another close contender is sole, a relative of flounder that’s perfect for halibut swaps. It boasts a sweet, buttery flavor that’s seriously hard to resist.

Sole’s texture is delicate and flaky, melting in your mouth with each bite. Its mild and sweet profile is similar to halibut, making it a seamless switch in recipes.

Remember, sole can be pricier than other fish, so keep that in mind. Interested in more sole insights? Check out this guide on sole fish substitutes for deeper info.

6 – Mahi-Mahi

When was the last time you gave mahi-mahi a shot? This firm, flaky white fish, also known as dolphinfish, is a fantastic option to add some variety to your usual halibut recipes.

Mahi-mahi’s flavor is a bit sweeter than halibut. It’s mild enough to fit into any dish, yet brings its own unique taste. The texture is firm and flaky, giving you that satisfying bite.

It may be a little pricier, but it’s worth every penny for the flavor boost. Interested in more fish options? Check out these mahi-mahi substitutes.

7 – Grouper

Wrapping up our list is grouper, a firm white fish with a mild, sweet flavor, making it an ideal halibut substitute. Its sweetness and mild taste make grouper versatile.

Grouper holds up well to grilling, baking, or frying. The texture is firm and flaky, providing a satisfying bite.

Though it can be pricier than some alternatives, the flavor and texture are worth it. Curious about other swaps? Check our guide on grouper substitutes for more insights.