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5 Best Irish Cream Substitutes: Kick Up Taste

Looking to shake up your dessert game, or maybe you just ran out of Irish cream? We’ve got you. Here are some of our favorite substitutes for Irish cream that will still give you that creamy, boozy goodness.

Several of us here have had to improvise on the fly, like that time we realized the bottle was empty just seconds before our guests arrived. Laughter aside, it’s always handy to have a plan B.

Whether it’s your go-to coffee creamer or something fancier, we’ve tried and tested these alternatives and trust us, you won’t miss a beat.

So, let’s get right to it. Here are our top picks for the best Irish cream substitutes.

5 Easy Substitutes for Irish Cream

While the classic Bailey’s Irish Cream will always have a special place in our hearts, these substitutes offer their own unique flavors and twists.

1 – Heavy Cream and Whiskey

First, who doesn’t love a little whiskey twist? We sure do. Heavy cream and whiskey make a great Irish cream substitute that’ll keep your drinks creamy and rich.

You’ll mix one cup of heavy cream with one shot of whiskey. It’s smooth and decadent, perfect for adding to your coffee.

The flavors blend in a way that’s velvety with a kick. It’s like Irish cream, but with a more intense flavor. You might even say it’s more luxurious.

By the way, if you want more ideas on heavy cream substitutes, check this article.

2 – Coconut Milk and Rum

The coconut and rum combo is super easy and brings delightful tropical vibes. We mix one can of coconut milk with a shot of rum for a smooth and creamy result. It gives a lush, island feel to your drinks.

The taste is a bit lighter compared to heavy cream and whiskey. It’s mellow and subtly sweet, not too overpowering. We love using it in our coffee for a rich and different twist.

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3 – Almond Milk and Coffee Liqueur

The almond milk and coffee liqueur combo is our third pick for an Irish cream substitute. It’s nutty and rich, with a hint of coffee sweetness. This one’s perfect if you’re not into heavy dairy.

We mix one cup of almond milk with one shot of coffee liqueur. It’s creamy, just light enough. The coffee flavor stands out beautifully against the almond milk’s subtle nuttiness, making your drink both unique and tasty.

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4 – Evaporated Milk and Brandy

When we mix evaporated milk and brandy, magic happens. We combine one cup of evaporated milk with one shot of brandy. The result is smooth, rich, and oh-so-luxurious.

The flavor is buttery, with a warm, caramel-like sweetness from the brandy. It’s perfect for those moments when we crave something rich and comforting.

This combo is great in desserts or as a coffee creamer. For more substitutes using evaporated milk, check out these creative evaporated milk substitutions.

5 – Cream of Coconut and Bourbon

We love the mix of cream of coconut and bourbon for an Irish cream alternative. Cream of coconut gives this substitute a rich, tropical sweetness. Bourbon adds a warm, woodsy note.

It’s super smooth and creamy. We use one cup of cream of coconut with one shot of bourbon. This combo adds a fun twist to our drinks.

The flavor is like a sunny day on the beach. Perfect for a unique coffee creamer or a special dessert.