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5 Tasty Substitutes for Old Bay Seasoning

Ever find yourself in a pinch without Old Bay? We’ve got your back.

In our kitchens, creativity is key. We often swap ingredients and experiment. Old Bay may be a staple, yet there are times it’s missing from our pantry shelves. No big deal. We’ve found five fantastic alternatives that keep our dishes zesty and flavorful.

Each substitute brings its own unique twist. Some we stumbled upon by accident, making dinner more interesting. We’re excited to share these finds with you. Prepare for your cooking to level up.

5 Easy Substitutes for Old Bay Seasoning

The following five options can be used in place of Old Bay Seasoning, making it easy to whip up your favorite recipes without worrying about running out:

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Cajun SeasoningSpicy, SmokyPowderySeafood, Meats, Vegetables
Seafood Seasoning BlendBriny, HerbalPowderySeafood, Fish, Soups
Paprika and Celery SaltSmoky, SavoryPowderySeafood, Eggs, Potatoes
Garlic Powder and Onion PowderSavory, AromaticPowderyMeats, Vegetables, Dips
Lemon PepperCitrusy, PepperyCoarseSeafood, Chicken, Salads

1 – Cajun Seasoning

Cajun Seasoning steps in like a close cousin to Old Bay. We often use it in our cooking.

It’s all about the spice level. With a mix of paprika, garlic powder, and a kick of cayenne, this swap brings heat.

You’ll find the flavors well-matched. We throw it into seafood dishes. Ratio? Same as Old Bay. Add to feel.

Love the swap? Find more about this on how to switch things up with Cajun Seasoning.

2 – Seafood Seasoning Blend

Our next go-to is the Seafood Seasoning Blend. It’s like a jackpot for your fish dishes.

Really, it zestfully enhances any seafood plate. What’s in it? Well, a little bit of everything. Think herbs, salt, and a smidge of paprika.

It’s versatile. We toss it into both our shrimp boils and crab cakes.

Ratio? Keep it 1:1 with Old Bay. Honestly, this blend saved our dinner more than once. Check out how it transforms recipes.

Easy and effective, it’s a staple in our cooking rotation.

3 – Paprika and Celery Salt

Mixing paprika with celery salt? Genius move. It fills the gap left by Old Bay.

The pair works wonders, especially on seafood. Paprika brings warmth, while celery salt whispers depth.

We’ve tossed this duo into pots where Old Bay would normally go. The result? Chefs’ kiss.

Keep the swap a simple 1:1 ratio.

Curious how this tweak can brighten your dishes? Our experiences say it all. Find out more about using paprika or celery salt by checking these articles on paprika substitutes and celery salt substitutes.

4 – Garlic Powder and Onion Powder

Mixing garlic powder with onion powder does the trick. This duo steps up big time.

They add deep flavor to seafood, similar to our good friend Old Bay. Garlic offers warmth; onion brings depth.

We’ve thrown this combo into many a dish. Results? Stellar.

Ratio stays solid at 1:1.

Eager to see this mix in action? Our kitchen tests swear by it. Learn how to swap with garlic powder or onion powder by checking these guides on spicing up your recipes and adding that extra oomph.

5 – Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Lemon Pepper Seasoning jumps in as a game changer. It brightens seafood like nothing else.

This mix combines tangy lemon zest with a crack of black pepper. It does wonders for grilled items, too. We use it all the time.

It’s a breeze switching it in for Old Bay. The ratio? Keep it equal.

Got a thing for more citrus kicks in your cooking? You might enjoy reading on ways to switch things up with this seasoning right here.