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What to Serve with Onion Dip? 8 BEST Side Dishes

Ready to wow your guests with the ultimate dip experience? We’ve got just the thing: onion dip! The creamy, tangy goodness that takes any snack session up a notch.

Now, let’s chat side dishes. We all ask ourselves, “What pairs best with this savory dip?” Everyone has different favorites, so we’re here to share ours. Think crispy snacks, fresh veggies, and a touch of something extra.

We’re on a mission to help your onion dip shine. Let’s walk through our top picks. Your taste buds will thank us later.

Top 8 Side Dishes for Onion Dip

Here are our top 8 side dishes that pair perfectly with onion dip:

Side DishIngredientsFlavorDifficultyTime
Potato ChipsPotatoes, oil, saltSalty, crispyModerate30 mins
Pita ChipsPita bread, oil, seasoningsSavory, crunchyEasy15 mins
Carrot and Celery SticksCarrots, celery, waterFresh, crunchyEasy10 mins
CrackersFlour, butter, saltCrisp, savoryEasy20 mins
Toasted Baguette SlicesBaguette, oil, garlicCrispy, garlickyEasy15 mins
Cucumber RoundsCucumber, salt, pepperCool, refreshingEasy5 mins
Pretzel CrispsFlour, yeast, saltSalty, crunchyModerate45 mins
Tortilla ChipsCorn tortillas, oil, saltCrispy, saltyEasy20 mins

1 – Potato Chips

Potato chips are a classic choice. They’re salty and crisp.

We love ‘em thin and crunchy. Any flavour works, but plain is a safe bet. Perfect for dipping.

They balance the tangy dip perfectly. We’ve tried different kinds, but the regular ones keep winning.

Easy, tasty, and loved by all.

2 – Pita Chips

Pita chips bring crunch and a slight toastiness to the table. We especially love ours seasoned with a bit of sea salt and garlic. That little hint of garlic really complements the creamy onion dip.

Think of pita chips as the sophisticated cousin of potato chips. We find that they add a bit more texture and a wholesome vibe to our snack session.

3 – Carrot and Celery Sticks

These crunchy veggies are a fresh and healthy option. Carrots bring a sweet snap while celery offers a refreshing crunch. Both are perfect for scooping that yummy dip.

The difference in texture keeps things interesting. We love the balance of sweet carrots and crisp celery. It’s like a veggie party in your mouth!

4 – Crackers

Crackers are a staple. They’re crisp and light. Simple flavors like salt and wheat work best for onion dip.

Our favorite? Those classic round ones. They don’t overpower the dip. The subtle flavor lets the onion dip stand out.

We often grab these for their perfect crunch. Great for any snack session.

5 – Toasted Baguette Slices

Toasted baguette slices bring a crunchy, rustic charm to the table. Their slight chewiness offers a satisfying contrast to the creamy onion dip.

A bit of garlic butter on them makes all the difference. We love how they soak up the dip’s flavours while staying firm. It’s like the perfect mix of crunch and gooeyness.

These slices are a favorite during our gatherings, and they always get a thumbs up. Try them, and you’ll see why they’re so loved.

6 – Cucumber Rounds

Cucumber rounds bring cool crunchiness to our dip game. They’re light, refreshing, and incredibly crisp. Perfect for summer snacking.

The mild flavor of cucumbers doesn’t overpower the onion dip. We love the juicy bite they offer. It’s a fresh take that complements any dip perfectly. Easy and healthy, they’re a no-brainer side.

7 – Pretzel Crisps

We’re big fans of these bad boys. Pretzel crisps bring a perfect blend of salty crunch. Thinner than traditional pretzels, they’re great for scooping up dip.

We love the light, airy texture that doesn’t overwhelm the onion dip. They’re fun to eat and easy to share. Try them, and let us know what you think!

8 – Tortilla Chips

Ah, tortilla chips, our crunchy amigos! They’re perfect for those who love a hearty crunch. We adore the way they pair with onion dip. The salty flavor is spot on.

Tortilla chips are sturdy enough for big scoops, ensuring you get all the dip goodness. No broken chips—just pure, crisp satisfaction.