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What to Serve with Spanakopita? 12 BEST Side Dishes

So, we’re talking spanakopita today. That flaky, crispy Greek pastry filled with spinach and feta. It’s like a party in your mouth, and everyone’s invited.

We love spanakopita by itself, but let’s be real—it’s even better with side dishes. Whether you’re hosting a dinner or just want to make a regular night special, you’re probably wondering what goes with it.

Well, we’ve got you covered. Stick around, and we’ll give you the lowdown on 12 sides that pair perfectly with your delicious spanakopita. Hang tight; this is going to be fun.

Top 12 Side Dishes for Spanakopita

Here are some of our favorite side dishes to serve with spanakopita. Be warned: your taste buds might explode from all the deliciousness.

Side DishMain IngredientsFlavor ProfileDifficultyPrep Time
Lemon Roasted PotatoesPotatoes, lemon, garlic, olive oilTangy, garlickyEasy45 mins
Greek SaladTomatoes, cucumber, feta, olives, red onion, olive oil, lemonFresh, tangy, saltyEasy20 mins
Tzatziki Cucumber SaladCucumber, Greek yogurt, garlic, dill, lemonCool, creamy, herbalEasy15 mins
Roasted AsparagusAsparagus, olive oil, salt, pepperEarthy, simpleEasy20 mins
Garlic BreadBread, butter, garlicButtery, garlickyEasy25 mins
Tomato and Feta SaladTomatoes, feta, olive oil, balsamicSweet, tangy, saltyEasy10 mins
Orzo Pasta SaladOrzo, vegetables, feta, olive oil, lemonLight, fresh, tangyMedium30 mins
Steamed Green BeansGreen beans, saltCrisp, simpleEasy15 mins
Roasted Beets with FetaBeets, feta, olive oilSweet, earthy, saltyMedium45 mins
Avgolemono SoupChicken broth, eggs, lemon, riceTangy, comfortingMedium45 mins
Horiatiki SaladTomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta, olives, olive oil, lemonFresh, tangy, saltyEasy20 mins
Roasted Mediterranean VegetablesZucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, onion, olive oil, herbsSavory, roastedEasy40 mins

1 – Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Lemon roasted potatoes are a zesty, crispy side that everyone loves. They have the perfect blend of tart lemon and rich olive oil. We can’t get enough of these.

The crispiness on the outside makes them irresistible, while the soft, fluffy insides soak up all the flavor. Our family devours these every time. They pair amazingly well with spanakopita and elevate any meal.

2 – Greek Salad

Greek salad isn’t just about the veggies; it’s a flavor bomb. We’re talking crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, and zesty onions. The feta adds a punchy tang, and the olives? Salty bites of heaven.

We love it with spanakopita because it’s refreshing and light. The dressing, a simple mix of olive oil and lemon, ties everything together perfectly. This side dish offers a lively contrast to the creamy spanakopita filling.

3 – Tzatziki Cucumber Salad

Tzatziki cucumber salad is a refreshing, tangy addition to our spanakopita feast. The blend of cool cucumbers drenched in creamy, garlicky tzatziki sauce makes for a crisp, light bite.

We love how the fresh dill pops. The brightness of lemon juice keeps the palate awake. Our go-to side whenever we need that refreshing crunch.

4 – Roasted Asparagus

Here’s the lowdown on roasted asparagus. It’s crispy and has that earthy flavor we love. We toss it with olive oil, a sprinkle of salt, and a squeeze of lemon. This side has a subtle smokiness that pairs well with spanakopita.

We try to get the thinnest stalks; they cook faster and taste better. Roasting brings out a sweet, nutty undertone. Plus, it’s super simple to make! You gotta try this at your next dinner.

5 – Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is the side dish of our dreams. Crispy, buttery, and loaded with garlic goodness. The combination of crusty bread and melting butter is unbeatable. We slather it with fresh garlic and parsley.

Let’s be real, garlic bread makes everything better. It’s perfect with spanakopita, adding that warm, garlicky touch we crave.

6 – Tomato and Feta Salad

Garlic bread is our dream side dish. It’s crispy and buttery, with a load of garlic goodness.

We slather it with butter, fresh garlic, and parsley. You can’t beat the crusty bread and melting butter combo. It goes perfectly with spanakopita, adding the garlicky warmth we crave.

In terms of flavor, it’s a winner!

7 – Orzo Pasta Salad

Alright, friends, let’s chat about orzo pasta salad. It’s got that perfect al dente bite we need in our lives. Tiny pasta balls mixed with fresh veggies and herbs. Think cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions.

The feta melts slightly, creating a creamy texture. We use a tangy lemon vinaigrette that makes it all pop! Our favourite side by far—it’s vibrant, filling, and incredibly tasty. This is one you’ll keep coming back to.

8 – Steamed Green Beans

We love steamed green beans for their freshness and snap. They taste crisp and lightly sweet. The bright green color makes them pop on the plate. Add a touch of salt and lemon juice for zing.

They’re a light side that balances the richness of spanakopita. Simple, healthy, and oh-so-tasty. Green beans are a winner in our book.

9 – Roasted Beets with Feta

Roasted beets with feta? Yes, please. Sweet beets meet salty, tangy feta in a vibrant mix. The roasting brings out the beet’s rich, earthy sweetness.

We love topping it with a splash of balsamic. Crisp and juicy. It’s like a flavor bomb in your mouth. Our crew devours this every time. Perfect side for any meal.

10 – Avgolemono Soup

Avgolemono soup is a creamy, lemony Greek classic. We love its tangy chicken broth mixed with egg and rice. The lemon adds a fresh zing, while the egg gives it a velvety texture.

Perfect, light companion to spanakopita. Every spoonful warms us up. Adds a comforting vibe to any meal. Our go-to for family gatherings.

11 – Horiatiki Salad (Traditional Greek Salad)

Alright, folks, Horiatiki Salad is the real deal. We’re talking cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and onions with a sprinkle of oregano.

Feta adds that creamy, tangy hit.

Drizzle of olive oil ties it all together. Perfect crunch, fresh flavor. It’s like a bite of sunshine. We love it with spanakopita.

12 – Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables are a delight. We chop our favorites: bell peppers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. Olive oil, garlic, and herbs add rich flavors.

The veggies are crisp-tender with a slight char from the oven. This side offers a hearty bite, balancing spanakopita’s creaminess beautifully. We can’t get enough. Simple ingredients, big taste. Roasting brings out natural sweetness.