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6 Sweet Pickle Relish Substitutes: Punch Up Flavors

We get it—sometimes you need a sweet pickle relish substitute to punch up flavors and save that dish. It happens to all of us. We open the fridge, expecting to see the trusty jar, and oh no, it’s empty! No biggie.

Let’s run through some amazing substitutes. There are more options than you think. From the tangy snap of chopped dill pickles to the surprising twist of green olives, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve all been in that spot, right? Wondering what to use instead? Well, read on, and your relish-related woes will be history.

6 Easy Substitutes for Sweet Pickle Relish

As promised, here are our top 6 picks for sweet pickle relish substitutes. Some might surprise you, but trust us, they all pack a flavorful punch.

1 – Dill Pickles

Dill pickles are a classic and zesty alternative to sweet pickle relish. Their tangy, sour flavor is distinct.

They bring a crisp bite that sweet relish doesn’t have. Crunch is important, and dill pickles deliver. Use a 1:1 ratio—so easy.

We’ve used them on hot dogs, and wow, the flavor pops. A bit salty and tart, they pair well. That tanginess brightens the taste of any dish. If you love bold flavors, this is your go-to substitute.

2 – Green Olives

The rich, salty punch of green olives makes them an unexpected win. They deliver a briny burst different from sweet relish. That mix of sour and salty is a flavor bomb we adore.

Use chopped green olives in a 1:1 swap for relish. Their unique taste adds personality to any dish.

Once, we tossed chopped olives in a tuna salad. Game changer! The depth of flavor was outstanding. Want more olive ideas? Check out these top green olive substitutes. Trust us, they’re worth a try.

3 – Chutney

Chutney brings a blend of sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy flavors to the table. It’s great for adding complexity to meals. Use a 1:1 ratio to replace sweet pickle relish.

We once tried chutney in our potato salad, and it was a revelation. The layers of flavors made the dish outstanding. Each bite delivers a balanced mix of sweet and tart.

Skip the relish and try chutney with your next batch of deviled eggs. It’s an upgrade that keeps everyone guessing in the best way possible.

4 – Pickled Jalapenos

As lovers of all things spicy, we can confidently say pickled jalapeños are a winner. They bring a fiery kick that sweet relish just can’t compete with.

Use these bad boys at a 1:1 ratio for sweet relish. Their sharp heat pairs perfectly with smoky dishes. We once swapped them in our BBQ sauce – total hit! The bright, tangy heat elevated every bite. Pickled jalapeños add a zing that wakes up taste buds and keeps things interesting.

For more spicy swaps, explore our top jalapeno substitutes.

5 – Piccalilli

Piccalilli is a tangy, crunchy mix of pickled veggies. It’s like relish, but jazzed up. We use it at a 1:1 ratio to switch things up.

The bold mustard flavor stands out. It adds zing to sandwiches and burgers. We’ve swapped it in coleslaw, and the results were fantastic. Every bite had a combo of tangy, spicy, and sweet.

The bits of cauliflower and cucumbers bring an unexpected crunch. This mix brings layers of flavor and variety to your meals. Try it next time you want something different.

6 – Mustard Relish

Mustard relish is a favorite of ours for its bold punch of flavor. It’s tangy, slightly sweet, and has an unmistakable mustard kick. We love using it to spice up our sandwiches and hot dogs.

One time, we added mustard relish to our potato salad—it was incredible. The tanginess gave it a fresh twist, and each bite was exciting. Use it at a 1:1 ratio to replace sweet pickle relish.

The mustard seeds add a bit of texture, which we love. It’s great for adding depth to any dish.