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7 Tasty Substitutes for Mango Chutney: Upgrade Your Recipes

Ever been in a pickle, needing mango chutney but none in sight?

We get it. That tangy, sweet goodness isn’t always at hand. Good news: there are stellar swaps.

Ever tried apricot jam in your sandwich? Or dabbed some cranberry sauce on your cheese board? These are our go-to’s.

And yes, we’ve raided our fridges for something, anything, to avoid another grocery run.

Our finds? Surprisingly good. Join us as we reveal 7 genius substitutes for mango chutney that will keep your meals exciting.

7 Easy Substitutes for Mango Chutney

When you need a quick and delicious alternative to mango chutney, these substitutes have got your back.

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Peach PreservesSweet, similar to apricotThick, chunkyPastries, baked goods, glazes
Apricot JamSweet, tangy, fruitySmooth, spreadablePastries, baked goods, toast, sandwiches
Plum SauceSweet, tart, slightly spicedThick, smoothSavory dishes, marinades, glazes
Apple ButterSweet, slightly tart, cinnamon-yThick, spreadableBaked goods, toast, oatmeal
Fig SpreadSweet, earthyThick, spreadableCheese plates, baked goods, sandwiches
Orange MarmaladeSweet, citrusy, slightly bitterThick, spreadableBaked goods, glazes, marinades
Tamarind PasteSour, sweet, slightly tangyThick, stickySavory dishes, chutneys, marinades

1 – Peach Preserves

We all know that feeling. You’re looking at your recipe, thinking, “I need something sweet and tangy.” Then it hits you, peach preserves can work wonders. They bring a similar sweet vibe that mango chutney does.

They’re not just for toast, folks. Peach preserves mix in well with most dishes, giving that fruity kick where needed. We’ve thrown it into marinades and even salad dressings. The result? Always a hit.

For every cup of mango chutney, swap in a cup of peach preserves. It’s that simple. We’ve tried it in a recipe or two, and nobody could tell the difference.

2 – Apricot Jam

Apricot jam steps up as a solid swap. This jam brings a sweet and slightly tart flavor that really complements dishes. It melds seamlessly into both savory and sweet creations.

We’ve lobbed apricot jam onto our breakfast toast and into some sauces. Shocked? We were too, at how well it slid into the role of mango chutney. You’re eyeing that chicken recipe and need a substitute? Apricot jam. A cup for a cup does the trick.

Curious for more on this? Find details on subbing apricot jam here.

3 – Plum Sauce

Plum sauce, oh what a game-changer. Sweet, yet with a tang. It’s a bit like the cousin of mango chutney who shows up unexpectedly and steals the show. This substitute fits in smoothly with dishes that need a fruit-forward touch.

We’ve tossed it in stir-fries and spread it on sandwiches. Each time, it made the meal just pop. Plum sauce and meats? They get along like best friends. For each cup of mango chutney, using a cup of plum sauce works wonders.

Curious about other options for substituting? Learn more about how to switch it up here.

4 – Apple Butter

Apple butter steps in with a thick consistency and a deep, rich flavor. We slather it on bread, and it’s great. It mixes well in recipes, bringing a fruity depth that’s both sweet and slightly tangy. A perfect trade for mango chutney.

We use it cup for cup. Tried it in sauces and glazes. The meals turned out super. Apple butter makes it easy to keep dishes delicious without mango chutney.

Recipes? Sure thing. We’ve mixed apple butter into BBQ sauces and even used it as a base for a fruity dressing. Each experiment was a success. A simple swap and your dish keeps its charm.

5 – Fig Spread

Fig spread jumps in as a swap. It’s got a sweet edge with a twist. Works like a charm in many dishes. Fig spread brings a distinct flair, not just a shadow of mango chutney. We threw it into a curry, and wow, it did great.

For every cup of mango chutney, go with a cup of fig spread. It slides right into place in your recipes. This sub made our chicken dish sing a new tune. We also mixed fig spread into desserts, and it was a hit.

6 – Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade brings its game as a swap. It nails the sweet and tangy notes you miss with mango chutney gone. We lobbed it into marinades. The vibes? Spot on. Its citrus kick fits right in.

We use it one for one. Slathered on bread, it shines. Marmalade works with most things, acting as a fruity, punchy stand-in. We tossed it into a stir-fry. The dish? Transformed.

7 – Tamarind Paste

Tamarind paste steps in with its tangy flair. It’s not mango chutney, yet it wows in meals. We’ve used it in dishes. Results? Surprisingly good. It brings a sour-sweet touch that fits nicely. A good swap for mango chutney.

We go with a one-to-one ratio. Tamarind paste brings zest to recipes needing a fruity twist. In our meals, this swap rang true. Curious about how to mix it in? Check out details on substituting tamarind paste here.