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7 Easy Walnut Oil Substitutes: Add Some Flair

Nine in ten kitchens have it. We’re talking about walnut oil. It’s as fancy as it sounds. Yet, here we all are, staring at an empty bottle. Panic? Nope.

We got options. Substitute it? Easy. Our own adventures proved it.

Olive oil? Been there. Avocado oil? Done that. Canola? Oh, we went there.

Each swap adds a twist. Our salads sang. Our bread, oh, it danced.

7 Easy Substitutes for Walnut Oil

In terms of flavor, walnut oil is definitely unique with its nutty and slightly sweet taste. But don’t be afraid to shake things up in the kitchen and try out these easy substitutes that can add a little flair to your dishes.

SubstituteTasteSmoke PointSuitable Dishes
Olive OilFruity, Rich320°FSalad dressings, sautéing, marinades
Avocado OilMild, Nutty520°FHigh-heat cooking, baking, dressings
Almond OilNutty420°FBaking, drizzling over dishes
Hazelnut OilRich, Nutty430°FBaking, salad dressings, desserts
Sesame OilNutty, Toasty410°FStir-fries, marinades, dressings
Flaxseed OilEarthy225°FSalad dressings, smoothies, dips
Grapeseed OilNeutral420°FSautéing, frying, baking

1 – Olive Oil

Olive oil steps in like a pro. We swapped it in for walnut oil, without a hiccup. The ratio? One for one. It’s a smooth move for dressings and marinades. Our greens were happy. Our crusty loaves? Even happier.

Got a thing for baking? Olive oil keeps it moist. Swirl it into cakes and cookies. They come out tender, fluffy. Everyone asks for seconds.

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2 – Avocado Oil

Avocado oil shines as a swap for shortening. We tried it in our cookies, and wow, they stayed soft. Use it 1:1. Great for frying too. Foods get crispy, not greasy.

Our hands got into baking pies. Substituting avocado oil made the crust flaky. Didn’t see that coming.

For those eager about changing up their baking game, you might want to eye this read on alternatives to avocado oil.

3 – Almond Oil

Almond oil, oh you sneaky substitute. We gave it a shot in place of walnut oil and guess what? It nailed it. Just swap it in equal parts. It’s like they’re twins from different mothers. Almond oil has this light, almost sweet vibe that makes your salads do a little happy dance.

And talking about baking, almond oil slips right in, making every bite a bit more special. Our verdict? Almond oil is the Clark Kent of oils – looks unassuming but is secretly a superhero in the kitchen.

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4 – Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut oil slips in effortlessly. We swapped hazelnut oil in for shortening and got stellar results. Equal parts swap. Our baked goods stayed rich and moist.

In cookies, this switch was a game-changer. They turned out soft, yet crispy on the edges.

We even tried our hands at pie crusts with hazelnut oil. The result? Flaky perfection.

For those who enjoy baking, consider diving into hazelnut oil alternatives here.

5 – Sesame Oil

We tried sesame oil instead of shortening. It worked well. You use it the same amount. It made our cookies taste great. They had a slight nutty flavor.

We also used sesame oil in cakes. They stayed super soft. Our friends loved them.

Sesame oil can make dishes interesting. It gives a light nutty kick. This oil is good for more than just stir-fries.

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6 – Flaxseed Oil

We gave flaxseed oil a go. Swap it in, one for one. It’s slick for baking. Our cookies came out soft.

Our bread was lush. No hard bits. Flaxseed oil keeps things tender. It’s solid for frying too. Foods turn out crisp.

Each swap adds a new twist. Our foods tasted fresh. Give flaxseed oil a shot next time. You might be surprised.

7 – Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil slides right in. We swapped it, one for one, for shortening. It makes a smooth move. Our cookies stayed soft, our cakes moist. This oil does wonders without making a scene. It keeps things light and airy.

We noticed our foods didn’t feel heavy. Grapeseed oil keeps it all subtle. It’s our go-to for baking and frying. Foods turn out just right, crisp, not oily. It’s a keeper for our go-tos.

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