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6 Bratwurst Substitutes: Sprinkle Some Magic

Looking for bratwurst substitutes? We’ve got you covered. Sometimes bratwurst is just not available or maybe you’re just craving a twist.

We’ve tested a bunch of options to satisfy our sausage obsession. From spicy chorizo to hearty Italian sausage, the choices are plenty. Trust us, we love bratwursts too, but trying new things is always fun.

Ever tried a Polish kielbasa? If not, you’re in for a treat!

Let’s chat about the bratwurst alternatives that will make your taste buds jump with excitement. So, grab a fork and let’s get started.

substitutes for Bratwurst

6 Easy Substitutes for Italian Sausage

As much as we love Bratwurst, sometimes our bodies just can’t handle all that spice. We’ve got some great alternatives for you to try.

1 – Chorizo Sausage

First up, chorizo sausage! We love it for its smokey, spicy flavour. It’s got that rich, deep taste that’s spicy but in a fun way. You’ll get a hint of garlic and paprika too.

We find it perfect for grilling. Throw it on a bun, and you’ve got a new favourite. Chorizo brings flair to any dish.

Want more ideas on how to use chorizo? Check out our chorizo substitutes guide.

Try sautéing with onions and peppers. It’s fantastic in scrambled eggs too. Perfect substitute for Italian sausage, trust us.

2 – Italian Sausage

The flavor of Italian sausage can be overwhelming. Sometimes, we need a break.

Let’s consider Mexican chorizo. It’s rich, smoky, and has a deep, complex taste. This sausage is spicy, but in an exciting way. You’ll notice a delightful blend of garlic and paprika.

It’s fantastic on the grill and perfect in a bun. We love the kick it adds.

You should also check our Italian sausage alternatives for more delicious options.

Sauté it with peppers and onions for a delicious topping, or toss it in scrambled eggs for a spicy breakfast.

3 – Knockwurst

Knockwurst is the bratwurst substitute you’ve been waiting for. It has a milder, slightly garlicky flavor that isn’t as intense as Italian sausage. Great for those who like a subtle taste.

Our team loves grilling knockwurst. The skin crisps up nicely, giving it a delightful snap. Pair it with mustard and fresh bread.

We’ve often sautéed it with onions and served with sauerkraut, and it’s always a hit. Knockwurst adds a simple yet satisfying twist to any meal.

4 – Andouille Sausage

While Andouille sausage brings a hearty, smoky profile that’s hard to beat. We love its intense hints of garlic and cayenne pepper.

It’s got a kick, but not enough to make you break a sweat. Grill it to get that perfect savory snap. We’ve tried sautéing it with peppers, onions, and let’s just say, it had us reaching for seconds.

On the lookout for alternatives to Andouille sausage? Check out our favorite substitutes, too. Balance the spice with some creamy mashed potatoes; it’s a win in our book.

5 – Kielbasa

The kielbasa is a star in the sausage world. It has a balanced blend of garlic and marjoram that sets it apart. We love its juicy, smoky taste.

It’s slightly sweet with a peppery aftertaste. Our team enjoys it grilled; the skin crisps up nicely. For a twist, pair it with sauerkraut or toss it in a hearty stew.

For those interested in exploring further options, check out Polish sausage alternatives. This Polish staple brings a simple yet distinct flavor to any dish. It’s a go-to for us.

6 – Vegan Bratwurst

Vegan bratwursts have a chewy, firm texture. They mimic real bratwursts well. We were surprised by the smoky, slightly sweet taste. There’s no meat here, yet it’s savory. Good for grilling sessions and barbecues.

Added bonus: they brown nicely. We love to pair them with sauerkraut and vegan mustard. It’s perfect for a quick lunch. The flavor profile is light. It misses the meatiness but makes up with spices.

They’re easy on the tummy. Our top pick for guilt-free indulgence. Convenient for non-meat lovers. A delicious twist for traditional brat tastes.