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5 Fernet Branca Substitutes: Elevate Your Sips

Let’s talk Fernet Branca. Its bold flavors aren’t for everyone, but we all love a good substitute now and then. We’ve got some awesome alternatives that won’t disappoint.

No need to hunt down Fernet Branca next time you’re mixing drinks. We’ve tasted, sipped, and sometimes grimaced to bring you these replacements. Ready to swap out that hard-to-find bottle?

From other herbal liqueurs to bitters, we’ve got options that’ll work wonders in your cocktails. Trust us, these picks are solid. So, let’s dig in and find your new favorite!

5 Easy Substitutes for Fernet Branca

Here are our top five picks for Fernet Branca substitutes that will elevate your cocktails:

1 – Fernet Luxardo

Fernet Luxardo is our staple swap. It’s bold, bitter, with a hint of sweetness.

The taste starts herbal but gives way to a smooth, licorice finish. We noticed it’s slightly milder than Fernet Branca.

Perfect for those who enjoy strong flavors but appreciate subtle undertones. We tried it in a classic Manhattan and loved the twist. It’s our go-to for a less intense but equally satisfying drink experience.

2 – Fernet Stock

Fernet Stock stands out with its earthy bitterness and a touch of sweetness. Compared to Fernet Branca, the flavors are more pronounced, with a slightly milder intensity.

We’ve found it works wonders in a Negroni. The herbal notes are strong but not overpowering. It’s an excellent choice for those who love complex flavors without an overwhelming aftertaste.

The finish is smoother, making it a superb go-to for balanced cocktails. Fernet Stock gives our drinks a unique twist we absolutely love.

3 – Unicum Zwack

Unicum Zwack is like sipping on Christmas spice with a slight herbal kick. You get rich, earthy flavors upfront. The finish is bittersweet, balanced nicely between strong and smooth.

We find it less intense than Fernet Branca but still packs a flavorful punch. Ideal for cocktails needing a festive twist. We’ve used it in Old Fashioned and were pleasantly surprised.

Superb for those who enjoy a balanced bitterness. Mix it in your favorite cocktail. Adding a new dimension to our drinks. Unicum Zwack brings a unique vibe.

4 – Amaro Braulio

Amaro Braulio hits the spot with its herbal complexity and balanced sweetness. We tasted hints of pine, mint, and a subtle citrus note.

Less bitter than Fernet Branca, it brings a smooth, almost velvety finish.

We found it delightful in a Boulevardier, enhancing the drink with its rich layers. The flavors are robust but not overpowering.

Perfect for those who love dynamic yet balanced drinks.

Braulio has quickly become our go-to when seeking a fresh twist. It’s a reliable choice for that special cocktail.

5 – Branca Menta

Branca Menta is Fernet Branca’s minty cousin. Expect a mix of bold peppermint with a bitter kick. It’s refreshing and smooth, like a cool breeze on a hot day.

We find it slightly sweeter than Fernet Branca, with a creamy texture. The mint flavor pops in a cocktail, making it stand out. We tried it in a Mojito, and the result was spectacular.

This substitute adds a zing to our drinks. It’s perfect for those looking for a fresh twist. Branca Menta is a keeper in our bar.