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6 Easy Parrano Cheese Substitutes: Boost with Zest

Parrano cheese is like if Parmesan and Gouda had a delicious baby. It’s the best of both worlds: nutty, slightly sweet, and oh-so-versatile.

Need a sub when your grocery store runs dry? We’re here for you. We’ve got six easy substitutes that’ll keep your dishes tasting amazing.

From other cheeses with similar textures to unexpected alternatives, you won’t miss a beat. We’ve all been there—standing in the cheese aisle, perplexed.

Let’s make that choice a whole lot simpler, shall we? Stay tuned for our top picks and get ready to elevate your cheese game effortlessly.

6 Easy Substitutes for Parrano Cheese

If you can’t get your hands on Parrano cheese, don’t fret. There are plenty of alternatives that will still add the same zesty punch to your dishes. Here are six options to consider:

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable Dishes
GoudaMild, nuttyFirm, creamy1:1Sandwiches, mac and cheese, quiche
GruyèreNutty, slightly sweetFirm, slightly grainy1:1Fondue, soups, gratins
EmmentalMild, slightly nuttyFirm, slightly holey1:1Sandwiches, quiche, tarts
FontinaMild, butterySoft, melty1:1Pizza, pasta dishes, panini
ProvoloneMild, slightly tangyFirm, sliceable1:1Sandwiches, charcuterie boards, pasta dishes
CheddarSharp, tangyFirm, crumbly1:1Macaroni and cheese, soups, casseroles

1 – Gouda Cheese

According to our experiences, Gouda is a solid replacement for Parrano. It’s creamy with a mild nutty taste. It melts really well. Gouda brings that beautiful balance of sweet and savory. For those of us who love texture, Gouda won’t disappoint.

Our personal favorite is using Gouda in sandwiches. It works perfectly in mac and cheese too. If you’re replacing Parrano in a recipe, use one-for-one ratio.

Check out more options at best Gouda cheese substitutes. Feel the richness in every bite and embrace Gouda for all its cheesy glory. Great alternative, isn’t it?

2 – Gruyère Cheese

In terms of versatility, Gruyère is a rock star. It’s robust, slightly nutty, and melts beautifully. Whether you’re making soup or sandwich, Gruyère brings depth. It has a lovely earthy flavor.

We love it in fondue the most. It makes everything creamy and savory. Replace Parrano one-for-one.

For more ideas, check out this Gruyère cheese substitute article. You’ll find it as a great read. Whether you need it for mac and cheese or a cheese platter, it stands out. Gruyère does wonders.

3 – Emmental Cheese

Emmental is another awesome option. This Swiss cheese has a mild, buttery taste with a hint of nuttiness. Known for its signature holes and amazing melting properties, we often use Emmental in our grilled cheese and fondue recipes. It has a subtle sweetness to it too.

When swapping out Parrano, just use the same amount of Emmental. Its smooth texture makes it a great choice for any dish. The flavor profile is pretty close to Parrano, so the change will be hardly noticeable.

For more ideas, check out this Emmental cheese substitute article. Emmental really shines in every recipe we’ve tried. Definitely worth a spot in your fridge!

4 – Fontina Cheese

While Parrano and Fontina have different roots, they bring a similar magic. Fontina is known for its smooth, creamy texture and mild, buttery flavor. It melts incredibly well, making it a fantastic addition to any dish. Use Fontina in baked dishes or on a cheese platter.

We’ve used it in gratins and pasta recipes with great success. The flavor is subtle yet rich. Replace Parrano with Fontina using a one-for-one ratio.

For more details, check out the Fontina cheese substitutes article. Happy cooking!

5 – Provolone Cheese

Looking for a bit of tang in your dish? Why not give provolone a shot? Provolone has a mild, semi-hard texture that easily stands in for Parrano.

It’s got a smooth, creamy feel, making it perfect for melting over sandwiches or mixing into pasta. We find provolone to be a great all-around cheese.

Use it in a one-for-one ratio when subbing for Parrano. When we tried this, our grilled cheese sandwiches turned out amazingly gooey and flavorful.

Want more ideas? Check out our provolone cheese substitute tips. You’ll know how to make the best choice.

6 – Cheddar Cheese

Last but not least, classic cheddar is a great option when you need to sub in for Parrano. It’s widely available and adds a sharpness that works well in dishes that call for Parmesan or Gouda.

We love using cheddar in mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even salads. It adds that perfect tang to any dish.

Use it one-for-one when replacing Parrano. For more ideas, check out our cheddar cheese substitute suggestions. You’ll discover how versatile cheddar can be!