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7 Non-alcohol Substitutes for Red Wine: Stir In Zing

You know how sometimes you want the depth of flavor that red wine brings to a dish but just aren’t feeling the alcohol tonight?

We absolutely get it. We’ve all been there, halfway through a recipe and realizing we’ve got no red wine in the house or just don’t want to pop open a bottle.

Good news—there are awesome non-alcoholic alternatives that still bring the zing to your cooking. You won’t miss the wine when you’ve got these substitutes up your sleeve.

Let’s take a look at these seven game-changing alternatives that can easily stand in for red wine in your favorite recipes.

7 Non-alcohol Substitutes for Red Wine

For each substitute, use the same amount that your recipe calls for. And don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you!

1 – Grape Juice

Grape juice is our go-to for substituting red wine. It’s got the sweet, fruity taste, minus the alcohol. Use it one-to-one in your recipes.

Want that deep, rich flavor? Mix a little bit of vinegar with grape juice. You’ll get a balanced, tangy taste.

One time, we swapped red wine with grape juice in a beef stew. It turned out awesome! The stew had that classic hint of sweetness.

Give it a shot. It’s easy, tasty, and kid-friendly.

2 – Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice brings a tart, slightly sweet punch to our dishes. It’s brilliant at replicating red wine’s zest in recipes. Use a one-to-one ratio as you would with red wine.

If you need a bolder flavor, mix cranberry juice with a splash of balsamic vinegar. We tried this blend in our marinara sauce, and it rocked our pasta night. The sauce had a vibrant, zingy taste that kept us coming back for more.

Give it a whirl next time you cook. It’s fun, flavorful, and adds that needed zing.

3 – Apple Cider Vinegar

The thing about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is it’s tangy and slightly sweet. For a red wine substitute, use it in a 1:1 ratio.

We love the way it mimics the acidity of red wine. For a smoother taste, mix it with grape juice.

Our personal favorite recipe: swapping red wine with ACV in our braised lamb. It was zesty and delicious!

Curious about more vinegar swaps? Check out these apple cider vinegar substitutes. You’ll find great tips and tricks.

4 – Beef or Chicken Broth

The rich flavors of beef or chicken broth bring hearty depth to our dishes. We like using it as a one-to-one substitute for red wine.

Beef broth adds a robust, meaty taste. We’ve used it in our bolognese sauce, and it was a winner. The sauce had a deep, savory note that red wine fans would love.

Chicken broth is milder but still adds great umami. We swapped it in our mushroom risotto, and it came out creamy and delicious. Read more about other beef broth substitutes and chicken broth substitutes.

5 – Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice adds a sweet, tangy bite to recipes. It’s a vibrant swap for red wine. Use it in a one-to-one ratio.

Need a touch more depth? Blend with a dash of lemon juice. We tried this in our beef stew, and the flavor was rich and zesty.

Fun fact: Pomegranate juice gives a lovely red hue to sauces. We loved it in our homemade barbecue sauce. It turned out bold and flavorful.

You should try it. It’s tasty, colorful, and an exciting twist on your usual dish.

6 – Red Wine Vinegar

The absolute best thing about Red Wine Vinegar? It’s tangy with a hint of fruitiness, making it an easy red wine swap. Use it in a one-to-one ratio. We tried it in our tomato sauce. It was packed with flavors!

Compared to red wine, it gives a sharper, more vibrant taste. Blend it with a bit of grape juice for a milder finish. Experiment with it in your stews; it’s fantastic.

Highly recommend for a bold kick. For more insights, check out red wine vinegar substitutes.

7 – Tomato Juice

Final on our list is tomato juice. It’s a straightforward, readily available red wine substitute. Use it one-to-one, just like the others. It brings a savory, slightly sweet essence to dishes.

We used it in our chili recipe, and it was surprisingly delightful. The juice adds a rich, hearty depth that matches the robustness of red wine.

Simple, effective, and zingy—it’s a great choice! Check out more tomato juice substitutes. You’ll thank us later.