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6 Rice Paper Substitutes for Your Wraps

Feeling like you can’t make rice paper work for your wraps? We have just what you need!

Sometimes, the classic rice paper can be a bit of a pain. We’ve had our fair share of wraps falling apart and leaving us in a mess.

So, what do you do when you’re looking to switch things up in the wrap department? We’ve rounded up six alternatives that won’t leave you high and dry.

These substitutes are simple, versatile, and ready to save your wrap game. We’ll break them down so you can pick the best fit for your next meal.

6 Easy Substitutes for Rice Paper

For those who are looking to avoid rice paper, we have some great options here!

1 – Lettuce Leaves

First! Let’s start with the classic lettuce leaf. It’s the easiest rice paper substitute—no cooking, minimal prep. Grab a nice, big leaf, and you’re ready to wrap.

Lettuce brings crunch and freshness. It’s perfect for a light, refreshing wrap experience. Plus, we love that it’s super low-carb. You’ll feel good chowing down on these.

For a balanced wrap, we say to go for romaine or butter lettuce. The leaves are sturdy and won’t fall apart.

Use one big leaf per wrap. Just lay it flat, pile on the goodies, and roll it up. No need to complicate things!

2 – Nori Sheets

Nori! Who knew? These seaweed wonders aren’t just for sushi. They make killer wraps too!

Nori sheets are versatile and sturdy. They can handle heavy fillings without breaking apart. Plus, they add a salty, umami kick to your wrap.

For a quick nori wrap, grab a sheet, lay it flat, and pile on your fillings.

Pro tip: lightly moisten the edges to seal it up nicely. Nori is perfect for low-carb lovers and adds a unique twist to your meal.

Curious about other uses? Check out this comprehensive guide on nori substitutes for more ideas.

3 – Collard Greens

“Collard greens, anyone? They make killer wraps! These vibrant leaves are sturdy and large for stuffing with all your faves. We love how they add a hint of earthiness to every bite.

Collard greens stand strong under heavy fillings, offering a slightly bitter but refreshing taste. They hold up better than lettuce and are super simple to use.

For wrapping, lay the leaf flat, trim the stem, and pile on the fillings. A quick blanch makes them more pliable without losing the crunch.

Want more ideas? Check out collard green substitutes for a creative twist.

4 – Cabbage Leaves

“Cabbage.” Bet you didn’t see that coming! These sturdy leaves make excellent wraps. They’re perfect for holding all your tasty fillings.

The large cabbage leaves won’t break easily. They provide a satisfying crunch with each bite. Plus, cabbage leaves have a mild flavor that complements a variety of fillings.

For an easy wrap, use one large leaf. Trim the stem and fill it up. Give them a quick boil to soften if you prefer a more tender wrap.

Ratio: Use one cabbage leaf per wrap. Give it a try; you might just love the result.

5 – Spring Roll Wrappers

Next up, spring roll wrappers! They are versatile and easy to find in most grocery stores. Spring roll wrappers are made from rice flour and water. They are thin, flexible, and perfect for wrapping up all sorts of fillings.

To use them, soak a wrapper in warm water for a few seconds. Then, lay it flat and pile on your favorite ingredients. They hold up well and provide a nice chewy texture. You get a light crunch without the risk of breaking.

Ratio: One spring roll wrapper per wrap. They’re an excellent choice when you’re in the mood for something different.

6 – Tortilla Wraps

Last on our list is tortilla wraps. These bad boys are so versatile and easy to use! They come in many flavors—whole wheat, spinach, tomato. You name it, there’s a tortilla for it.

Tortillas provide a sturdy base for heavy fillings. They won’t fall apart on you. Plus, they have a nice chewy texture. Just grab one, fill it up, and roll it tight.

For every wrap, use one tortilla. They’re perfect for those busy days. If you’re exploring substitute options, check out our tortilla substitutes for more ideas!

From chicken to veggies, tortillas handle it all.