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7 Best Substitutes for Nori: Shake Up Flavor

So, we all love sushi, right? But sometimes, nori just doesn’t hit the spot. Maybe you’re fresh out, or perhaps you’re just looking for a new twist.

We’ve been there, staring at our sushi rolls, thinking, “What if?” What if we tried something new and exciting? Well, worry not— we’ve got you covered with some tasty alternatives.

These substitutes are not only practical but also bring their own unique flavors to the table. Ready to shake up your sushi game? Let’s dive into this tasty journey together.

7 Easy Substitutes for Nori

For those who aren’t familiar with nori, it is a type of edible seaweed that is traditionally used in sushi rolls. It provides a unique flavor and texture to the dish, but not everyone may have access to it or enjoy its taste. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that can give your sushi an equally delicious spin.

1 – Rice Paper

First, let’s talk about rice paper, a cool alternative to nori. We know it mostly from spring rolls, but it works great in sushi, too. It’s thin, light, and easy to handle.

The flavor is mild and slightly chewy, offering a nice change. Rice paper doesn’t overpower the sushi fillings; instead, it lets the ingredients shine.

Using rice paper in sushi is simple. Just wet it, roll, and you’re good to go. Curious about other rice paper substitutes? Check out this useful guide.

2 – Soy Paper

Soy paper is another great alternative to nori. It’s colorful and fun, making your sushi rolls look extra appealing. The texture is soft and delicate, creating a smooth bite.

Flavor-wise, soy paper is mild and clean, letting the fillings take center stage. It doesn’t have that seaweed taste, so it’s perfect for those who aren’t fans of nori.

We love how easy it is to work with. No need to worry about tearing, just wrap it up and enjoy. And don’t forget, you’ll need the same amount of soy paper as nori to get the job done.

3 – Lettuce Leaves

When we’re out of nori, lettuce leaves save our sushi nights. These greens offer a fresh, crunchy alternative. They’re easy to get and versatile.

Lettuce adds a crisp texture that refreshes every bite. Its subtle flavor lets the sushi fillings shine. The slight bitterness offsets rich ingredients like salmon and avocado.

Lettuce is easy to wrap and roll—just pick the big leaves. For variety, check out these lettuce substitutes.

Use the same amount as you would nori. Whether for dinner or impressing friends, lettuce leaves have you covered.

4 – Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed snacks are a handy swap for nori. They’re crunchy and flavorful, adding a nice twist to our sushi.

The flavor is salty and slightly sweet, with that ocean vibe we love. It’s a bit more intense than nori but still awesome.

We noticed seaweed snacks tend to come in smaller sheets. This means we might need to overlap a few pieces to wrap our sushi efficiently. It’s no biggie, though.

We usually use a similar amount of seaweed snacks as nori, just adjusting for the smaller size.

For a quick fix, seaweed snacks definitely do the job. We’ve experimented, and they’re a solid stand-in when nori’s not around.

5 – Collard Greens

The unexpected hero of sushi substitutes? Collard greens. These greens bring a sturdy, thick leaf perfect for wrapping. They’re a little tougher than lettuce and need a quick blanching to make them pliable.

Flavor-wise, they add a mild bitterness that pairs well with rich and fatty fillings like tuna or avocado. The texture is hearty and substantial, offering a satisfying bite that’s different from the usual nori crunch.

We use the same amount of collard greens as nori. And if you want more ideas, check out the collard green substitutes to shake up your sushi game.

6 – Shiso Leaves

Shiso – an underrated sushi wrapper that packs a punch of flavor! These green, aromatic leaves add a burst of freshness to our rolls. Think of basil meeting mint; that’s the flavor profile.

Shiso brings a unique taste, slightly spicy with a hint of citrus. They give our sushi a refreshing twist. Unlike nori, they don’t overpower the fillings.

To use shiso leaves, swap them one-for-one with nori or see other shiso substitutes. For the best experience, we love pairing them with lighter fillings like cucumber and crab. It’s super easy and super delicious.

7 – Spinach

Last but not least, let’s talk spinach. This green gem is easy to find and quite versatile. We love its mild flavor and soft texture. It’s like a tender hug for our sushi fillings.

Use it fresh or quickly blanch it to make it more pliable. Spinach wraps around fillings snugly and blends well with other tastes. It doesn’t overpower flavors, making it a great nori substitute.

We usually swap one-to-one with nori. Curious for more? Check out these spinach substitutes.