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6 Delicious Robiola Cheese Substitutes: Flavor It Up

Robiola cheese is an unsung hero of the cheese world, and we’re here to spread the love. It’s creamy, it’s versatile, and, let’s be honest, it’s downright irresistible.

We first stumbled upon Robiola at a random cheese tasting that promised free samples—how could we say no?

Once we tried it, we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now, we’ve discovered some amazing substitutes that give Robiola a serious run for its money.

These alternatives can shake up your cheese game without missing a beat. Ready to upgrade your cheese platter? Let’s jump right in!

6 Easy Substitutes for Robiola Cheese

The good news is that you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Robiola cheese substitutes. Here are six delicious alternatives that will satisfy your cheesy cravings:

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable Dishes
BrieCreamy, MildSoft1:1Sandwiches, Salads, Pasta
CamembertEarthy, RichCreamy1:1Cheese Boards, Baked Dishes
TaleggioNutty, TangySemi-soft1:1Risottos, Pizza, Grilled Cheese
FontinaButtery, MildSemi-soft1:1Fondue, Gratins, Paninis
Goat CheeseTangy, SharpCrumbly1:1Salads, Tarts, Pizzas
MascarponeSweet, RichCreamy1:1Desserts, Dips, Sauces

1 – Brie Cheese

Alright, Brie fans, settle in because this one’s for you. We know, there’s something luxurious about that creamy texture, right? Brie is softer and easier to spread than Robiola, making it perfect for crackers or a sneaky late-night snack.

Need a quick fix? Go for a one-to-one Brie swap in any recipe calling for Robiola. It’s slightly nuttier but fits the creaminess bill perfectly.

One time, at a dinner party, we substituted Robiola with Brie in a cheese dip—no one even noticed! Check out this guide on Brie cheese substitutes if you want to explore more options.

2 – Camembert Cheese

So, Camembert—ever heard of it? If you enjoy Brie, this one will be your new best friend. It has a similar creamy texture, but a richer, more intense flavor.

We love how it spreads like butter on crackers. It’s just as versatile in cooking too. Use a one-to-one swap for Robiola. Perfect for those cheesy dips and decadent sauces.

One time, we challenged ourselves to a blind taste test. Camembert vs. Robiola. Camembert held its own! It’s the real deal. Check out our guide on Camembert cheese substitutes for more info.

3 – Taleggio Cheese

Ever tried Taleggio cheese? If not, you’re in for a treat! It’s rich and robust, with that perfect blend of tang and creaminess.

Taleggio brings a lot to the table: from its velvety texture to its earthy flavor. It’s similar to Robiola but offers a stronger taste profile.

We love spreading it on toasted sourdough or melting it into pasta sauces. You can easily do a one-to-one swap for Robiola in any recipe.

Once, we swapped Robiola with Taleggio in our mac and cheese—total hit! Need more info? Check this guide on Taleggio cheese substitutes.

4 – Fontina Cheese

While Fontina cheese may not have the same creamy texture as Robiola, it certainly makes up for it in flavor. It’s nutty, buttery, and slightly sweet—perfect for a savory or sweet dish.

Fontina is often used in Italian dishes like risotto and pizza, but you can easily swap it into any recipe that calls for Robiola.

We love using it to make a rich and flavorful grilled cheese sandwich or adding some extra oomph to our lasagna. Check out this guide on Fontina cheese substitutes for more ideas.

5 – Goat Cheese

For those who can’t get enough of that tangy, slightly acidic taste, goat cheese is the perfect Robiola substitute. It’s creamy and spreadable, making it a great addition to any cheese platter or dip.

Try using goat cheese in place of Robiola in recipes like quiche or pasta dishes for an extra punch of flavor.

One time, we made a goat cheese and roasted garlic dip as a substitute for Robiola—it was a hit! Want more ideas? Check out this guide on goat cheese substitutes.

6 – Mascarpone Cheese

Last but not least, we have mascarpone cheese—a creamy and indulgent Italian cheese that’s often used in desserts. It’s sweeter than Robiola, making it a great substitute for those with a sweet tooth.

Use it in place of Robiola to make a delicious cheesecake or add some extra decadence to your pasta sauce.

Once, we made a mascarpone and honey dip as an alternative to Robiola—it was gone within minutes! Check out this guide on mascarpone substitutes for more tasty options.