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What to Serve with Sourdough Bread? 10 BEST Side Dishes

We love sourdough bread. There’s just something magical about its tangy flavor and chewy texture.

Pairing it with the right side dishes can turn a good meal into an epic one.

We’re all about keeping it simple yet mouthwateringly delicious. Think fresh butter, hearty soups, and vibrant salads.

These aren’t just sides; they’re mood lifters capable of making our sourdough sing.

Got your attention? Because we’re about to tell you the 10 best things to pair with your favorite loaf. Buckle up, it’s going to be tasty.

Top 10 Side Dishes for Sourdough Bread

Here are our top picks for the best dishes to pair with sourdough bread:

DishMain IngredientsFlavorDifficultyTime
Tomato BruschettaTomatoes, basil, garlicFresh, savoryEasy20 min
Creamy Mushroom SoupMushrooms, cream, herbsRich, earthyModerate45 min
Roasted Red Pepper HummusChickpeas, red peppersCreamy, smokyEasy30 min
Balsamic Glazed BeetsBeets, balsamic vinegarSweet, tangyEasy40 min
Lentil and Feta SaladLentils, feta, vegetablesProtein-packed, freshEasy25 min
Garlic Parmesan Roasted CauliflowerCauliflower, garlic, parmesanSavory, crispyEasy35 min
Butternut Squash SoupSquash, cream, spicesCreamy, comfortingModerate1 hr
Pesto Pasta SaladPasta, pesto, vegetablesFlavorful, versatileEasy30 min
Caramelized Onion JamOnions, balsamic, herbsSweet, savoryModerate1 hr
Roasted Garlic and Herb ButterButter, garlic, herbsAromatic, richEasy15 min

1 – Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato bruschetta is a zesty delight, bursting with fresh flavors. We start with toasted sourdough slices as the perfect crunchy base.

Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, the bread becomes a canvas for diced tomatoes, garlic, and basil. A splash of balsamic vinegar adds tang.

Each bite blends sweetness, acidity, and herbaceous notes. We could eat it all day, easily.

2 – Creamy Mushroom Soup

Creamy Mushroom Soup is rich and velvety. We sauté mushrooms, garlic, and onions. Blend with broth and cream.

It’s a hug in a bowl. The earthy flavor of mushrooms, combined with the creaminess, is perfect. Add a splash of white wine for an extra kick. We love it with sourdough. Trust us, this combo is unbeatable.

3 – Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

We love roasted red pepper hummus. It’s creamy with a smoky sweet kick.

Ingredients are simple: chickpeas, roasted red peppers, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. Blend them all.

We slather this hummus on sourdough. Flavor is everything—smooth texture with a peppery finish.

4 – Balsamic Glazed Beets

We’re obsessed with balsamic glazed beets. They are sweet, tangy, and earthy. Our secret? Fresh beets roasted until they’re caramelized and tender. Drizzle balsamic glaze over them.

Ingredients are simple: beets, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a smidge of honey, salt, and pepper. Slice them thin; layer them on top of sourdough slices.

5 – Lentil and Feta Salad

This salad is a refreshing and hearty side. Lentils offer a nutty base that’s surprisingly filling. They meld deliciously with crumbly feta for a creamy contrast.

We toss in diced cucumbers, red onions, and cherry tomatoes. These veggies bring crunch and tang. A drizzle of lemon juice and olive oil ties it all together. This versatile side pairs beautifully with our beloved sourdough.

6 – Garlic Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

We make these cauliflower bites with garlic, parmesan, olive oil, and a pinch of salt. The cheese gives a savory kick, while garlic adds depth. Roasting makes them crispy.

Pro tip: Get your cauliflower extra crispy for the best texture. Perfectly roasted veggies make us happy. These are our go-to snack.

7 – Butternut Squash Soup

This butternut squash soup has a creamy, velvety texture with a sweet, nutty flavor. Trust us, it’s amazing. We roast the butternut squash until it’s caramelized.

Blend with onions, garlic, and vegetable broth for a smooth base. A pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg adds warmth. Drizzle with a bit of cream for richness.

Ingredients are simple: butternut squash, onions, garlic, vegetable broth, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cream.

8 – Pesto Pasta Salad

We adore pesto pasta salad. It’s fresh, herby, and super versatile. Basil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan, and olive oil come together to create this classic pesto. Toss it with al dente pasta, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella for a delightful mix.

Each bite is a burst of flavor. Perfect balance of basil’s earthiness and garlic’s pungency. For extra zing, add a squeeze of lemon.

9 – Caramelized Onion Jam

Caramelized onion jam is sweet, savory, and a little tangy. We use onions, sugar, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil to create this deep, rich jam. It’s a flavor bomb with contrast.

Smooth texture with bursts of sweetness from the sugar. Perfect on sourdough. Our secret? Slow-cooking the onions enhances their natural sweetness.

10 – Roasted Garlic and Herb Butter

Here’s the deal—roasted garlic and herb butter is our secret weapon for instant flavor boost. It slathers beautifully on sourdough, melting like a dream.

We mix butter with roasted garlic cloves, chopped herbs like parsley and thyme, and a pinch of salt. This combo creates a savory, aromatic spread that’s pure magic.

Each bite brings a burst of garlic goodness and fresh, herby notes.