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7 Substitutes for Tomme Cheese: Tasty Twist Time

We know our cheeses. And sometimes, that creamy slice on your plate has a name you might not pronounce on the first try. Like Tomme. It’s a big family in the cheese cosmos.

Need a Tomme substitute? We’ve got your back. Here’s a cheese deep-dive, because who needs to be a cheese expert overnight? Not us. And for those moments when only Tomme will do, but it’s nowhere to be found, this guide could save your dinner plans.

Maybe you’re thinking, “What’s a Tomme anyway?” Well, this article breaks it down. No jargon, just cheese talk. We keep it simple and fun because, honestly, that’s how we like our cheese conversations.

7 Easy Substitutes for Tomme Cheese

Without further ado, let’s explore some tasty twists on the classic Tomme cheese. Remember, these are just suggestions and not every substitute will work for every recipe or taste preference. Experiment and have fun!

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
GruyèreNutty, CreamySemi-HardCheese boards, Fondue
RacletteMild, CreamySemi-SoftMelting, Grilled Cheese
ComtéNutty, FruityHardSandwiches, Baked Dishes
BeaufortRich, SavorySemi-FirmGratins, Soups
FontinaMild, ButterySemi-SoftPasta, Pizza
HavartiMild, CreamySemi-SoftSandwiches, Snacking
EmmentalNutty, SweetFirmMelting, Cheese Platters

1 – Gruyère Cheese

Gruyère cheese steps in as our first substitute. It’s from Switzerland. This cheese shares similarities with Tomme, making it a solid second choice.

It works well in recipes where Tomme is called for. Use it in a one-to-one ratio. That means if your recipe needs a cup of Tomme, you use a cup of Gruyère. Simple.

We once tried it in a fondue. The result? Amazing. It melts smoothly, just like Tomme.

For those who dig deeper into cheese swaps, finding alternatives for Gruyère cheese might also be interesting. Check this piece on finding Gruyère cheese substitutes for more enlightenment.

2 – Raclette Cheese

Raclette cheese is our next go-to. It hails from the Alps, connecting Switzerland and France. This cheese is a stellar pick if you’re on the hunt for something like Tomme. Its melting qualities make it perfect for a variety of dishes. We remember throwing it into a potato dish once. The results? Top-notch.

Use Raclette in the same amounts you would Tomme. If your recipe asks for a chunk of Tomme, swap in the same size chunk of Raclette. No sweat.

Find out more replacements in this comprehensive guide on substitutes for Raclette cheese. This article lights the path for those eager to learn more.

3 – Comté Cheese

Comté cheese is our third Tomme swap. From France, it’s got that creamy, nutty taste we love. Plus, it’s super versatile in recipes, making it a top choice.

In our hands, Comté turns any simple meal into something memorable. We swap Tomme with Comté at a one-to-one ratio, ensuring no recipe misses a beat. This means a cup of Tomme equals a cup of Comté in your dish.

We added Comté to an omelette and it was sublime. For those interested in alternative cheeses, check out this guide on finding Comté substitutes. It offers other options when Comté isn’t available.

4 – Beaufort Cheese

Beaufort cheese, our fourth sub, is a hard cheese from the French Alps.

It’s awesome in dishes where you’d usually use Tomme, thanks to its rich, buttery flavor that boosts any recipe. Just use Beaufort instead of Tomme, straight swap, ounce for ounce.

Thinking about a casserole that calls for Tomme? Beaufort will slide in perfectly. Just swap them one for one. Tried Beaufort on roasted veggies last Tuesday, and everyone loved it.

Want more info on Beaufort? Check out this link for Beaufort cheese alternatives when you can’t find it.

5 – Fontina Cheese

Fontina cheese, our fifth pick, hails from Italy and is rich and creamy. It melts like a dream, perfect for cooking. We’ve swapped Fontina for Tomme in recipes with great success – just use it 1:1. It’s amazing on melted bread; everyone asked for more.

Looking for Fontina substitutes? Check out our guide for some great options at Fontina cheese alternatives. It’s a must-read if you’re exploring your cheese choices.

6 – Havarti Cheese

Our lineup just got creamier with Havarti cheese, coming in strong as the sixth option. Known for its smooth texture, it’s a go-to for melting over dishes, especially as a stand-in for Tomme. We swap Havarti and Tomme at a 1:1 ratio in our recipes.

In our tests, sliding Havarti into a simple sandwich elevates it to a work of art. For those eyeing more cheese alternatives, a glance at ideas for replacing Havarti cheese could enlighten you. Here, you’ll find a cache of options for those times Havarti dodges your shopping list.

7 – Emmental Cheese

Landing last in our lineup, but definitely not the least, is Emmental cheese. This Swiss cheese is famous for its mild flavor and characteristic holes. We swap it with Tomme on a one-to-one basis in our recipes.

Our tests prove this cheese rocks in tons of dishes, offering a subtle, nutty flavor. It shines in a grilled cheese, adding unbeatable smoothness and creaminess. Check our guide here to explore its substitutes and never run out of cheese choices again.