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7 Emmental Cheese Substitutes: Spice Things Up

In our quest for the perfect cheese for our sandwich, we stumbled upon a list of 7 alternatives to Emmental Cheese.

We all know the struggle. You’re standing in the aisle, the recipe calls for Emmental, and there’s none in sight. What do you do?

We’ve got you covered. Our team put on their cheese hats and got to work. We tasted, we tested, and yes, we had a few cheese comas.

The result? A list that’ll save your sandwich. No more cheese panic.


7 Easy Substitutes for Emmental Cheese

But first things first, what makes Emmental so special? Well, it’s a semi-hard Swiss cheese with a mild and nutty taste. It’s commonly used in hot sandwiches like the famous Reuben or the classic French Croque Monsieur.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s dive into the substitutes!

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Swiss CheeseMild, nuttyFirm, slightly creamySandwiches, fondue, mac and cheese
Gruyère CheeseNutty, slightly sweetFirm, creamySoups, gratins, quiche
Fontina CheeseMild, butterySoft, meltyPizza, pasta, panini
Provolone CheeseSlightly tangy, smokyFirm, sliceableSandwiches, charcuterie boards
Gouda CheeseCreamy, slightly sweetFirm, smoothMacaroni and cheese, grilled cheese
Cheddar CheeseSharp, slightly tangyFirm, crumblyCasseroles, soups, sauces
Parmesan CheeseSalty, nuttyHard, gratedPasta dishes, salads, risotto

1 – Swiss Cheese

Okay, folks, first up on our cheesy adventure is Swiss Cheese.

It’s the cousin to our main star, Emmental. They practically grew up together in the cheese world. Perfect for those hot sandwiches, Swiss cheese melts like a dream.

The flavor? Think nutty and mild, but still with enough personality to say, “I’m here in your sandwich!”

Using Swiss in place of Emmental is a breeze. 1:1 is your golden ticket – equal parts swap will do the trick.

In need of more cheese wisdom? Swing by alternative cheese options for your next culinary creation.

2 – Gruyère Cheese

Next up, we have Gruyère Cheese. This option is a Swiss cheese as well, known for being smooth, creamy, and melting easily.

Gruyère stands out because of its slightly sweet, somewhat salty flavor. It’s a close cousin to Emmental, which means it works great in those cozy, hot sandwiches we all adore.

Swapping Emmental Cheese for Gruyère? Go with a straight swap. One part Gruyère for one part Emmental keeps things simple.

For those crafting their next meal and seeking alternatives, here’s a handy guide on choosing the right Gruyère substitute.

3 – Fontina Cheese

Next on our list is Fontina Cheese, a true standout. This cheese comes from cows in Italy’s Aosta Valley. It’s known for its earthy, mushroomy, and woody taste. Fontina melts smoothly, making it ideal for sauces and soups.

We’ve personally thrown it into a fondue and the results? Stellar. The creaminess it adds is just perfect. Substituting Fontina for Emmental works wonders—use it in the same amount.

For those eager to learn more about choosing cheese for your dishes, this guide on finding the best Fontina cheese substitutes is a must-read.

4 – Provolone Cheese

Moving on, we’ve got Provolone Cheese. This buddy is a hit for sandwiches and pizza alike. It melts well and has a slightly sharper taste than our friend, Emmental.

We often use it as a one-to-one swap in recipes that need that melty goodness. Provolone brings its own flair to the table, making it a solid switch for Emmental.

For those craving more details on perfect cheese swaps, this guide on finding excellent Provolone alternatives is sure to help. It’s been a real lifesaver for us in the kitchen, especially on pizza night.

With Provolone in the mix, your dishes stay exciting. Just remember, stick to the equal parts rule for a seamless substitute.

5 – Gouda Cheese

Landing on Gouda Cheese as our fifth contender, it’s all about versatility. This cheese melts well, adding a sweet and slightly fruity touch to dishes.

Expect a creamy texture perfect for replacing Emmental. Gouda blends smoothly in recipes needing a good melt without being too stringy or stiff. Use Equal parts Gouda and Emmental for balance when substituting.

During our tests, swapping 1 cup of Emmental with 1 cup of Gouda in a grilled cheese added an interesting twist. For more tips on cheese substitutes, see our guide on selecting the right Gouda alternatives.

6 – Cheddar Cheese

Up next, we’ve got Cheddar Cheese. This one’s a real team player in the cheese department. Cheddar offers a sharper and somewhat earthier flavor profile compared to Emmental. It melts well, making it a solid choice for many recipes.

We’ve used it ourselves in everything from sandwiches to casseroles. Equal parts Cheddar for Emmental works like a charm.

Our sandwich experiments turned out surprisingly awesome with Cheddar’s rich taste. For those looking at different cheese options, our roundup on cheddar and its alternatives provides great insights.

7 – Parmesan Cheese

Last but not least, we’ve got Parmesan Cheese. This friend is a tasty favorite across the board. It adds that nutty and savory touch to dishes making it an excellent alternative to Emmental.

We’ve used Parmesan in place of Emmental in various recipes needing that melty goodness. Equal parts, people – this swap is simple math.

We’ve been using Parmesan as a condiment for years, but finding out it could substitute Emmental in our grilled cheese? Well, let’s just say our sandwiches have become more interesting. Want to explore different alternatives? Check out this guide on delightful parmesan substitutes and level up your cheese game.