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5 Turnip Substitutes to Try: Upgrade Your Recipes

Ever peeked into your fridge, hoping for turnips, and found none? We know that feeling.

Trying new things in cooking is always a wild ride. Substitutes for turnips? We’ve got you covered. You might think, “Can anything truly replace the crunchy, slightly sweet vibes of a turnip?”

Our adventure into the alternative universe of turnip substitutes led us to some pretty exciting discoveries. Personal story time: once, in a pinch, we grabbed a radish instead of a turnip. Expecting disaster, we were surprised by the outcome.

Spoiler alert: Our dishes did not suffer. In fact, they thrived. Ready to dig into this treasure trove of turnip stand-ins? This is where the magic happens.

5 Easy Substitutes for Turnips

If you’re tired of using turnips in your recipes, or simply don’t have any on hand, don’t worry! There are plenty of other vegetables that make great substitutes for this versatile root vegetable.

From similar textures and flavors to unique twists, here are 5 turnip substitutes to try in your next recipe.

1 – Rutabaga

First off, rutabaga. This guy’s like a turnip’s cousin from the north. Big and sweet, slightly nutty. We swapped them in a stew. No one guessed. They blend right in. Texture-wise, they’re a bit firmer.

Cooking times might stretch a tad longer. Substitution-wise, go one for one. Equal parts rutabaga for turnip. Easy-peasy.

We laughed over our first rutabaga mishap. Thought it was a giant turnip. Cooked it as usual. The flavors? Spot on.

For more on tweaking your dishes with rutabaga, peek at these handy rutabaga alternatives.

2 – Parsnips

Next up, we’ve got parsnips. These root vegetables are the underappreciated stars of the veggie world. They look like carrots that have seen a ghost—pale and interesting. They’re sweet and slightly spicy. A hit in soups and roasts. The texture? It’s softer than turnips.

Go for a one-for-one swap. Parsnips fill in seamlessly for turnips. We tried it in a mash. Friends asked for seconds. They’re that good. For those keen on a deep-dive, try looking into alternatives to parsnips.

3 – Carrots

Carrots stand in effectively for turnips. Their sweetness mirrors that of turnips. Perfect for both baking and boiling.

We once replaced turnips with carrots in a soup. The flavor blended seamlessly. Guests asked for the recipe.

Their texture is slightly crunchier, yet works well. Use carrots in equal measure to turnips. That’s our method.

Curious about using carrots in other ways? Look at this article for more ideas.

4 – Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a fantastic swap for turnips. They’re naturally sweet. You can bake or boil them.

Their color makes dishes pop. We added them to a stew. The result? A vibrant, tasty dish.

They’re softer than turnips. Still, they add a rich texture. Use them in the same quantity as turnips.

One time, we mixed them into a pie. It was a hit with our guests. For those curious about more ways to use sweet potatoes, might find this article on alternatives to using sweet potatoes useful.

5 – Kohlrabi

Meet kohlrabi. Think of it as a round, green alien coming to rescue your dishes. It’s crunchy with a hint of spice and sweetness. It’s something else in salads and stir-fries. We once forgot turnips and used kohlrabi instead. Guests loved it, asking for more.

This veggie is easy to handle. Peel, chop, cook. Just like that. Its firmness adds a nice bite. We substitute kohlrabi for turnips at a one-for-one ratio. Works perfectly.

Ever been curious about kohlrabi’s other uses? You might want to check this article on kohlrabi uses for more ideas.