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7 Chocolate Chips Substitutes: Enrich Your Bakes

We’ve all been there—ready to bake, and realize we’re out of chocolate chips. It’s a bummer right? But there’s no need to panic. There are loads of tasty substitutes for chocolate chips that will keep your baking on track. We’re talking about things you probably have in your pantry already.

Ever thought about using chopped dark chocolate or even some leftover candies? We have! These alternatives can give your baked goods a whole new twist.

Whether you’re into the rich flavor of carob chips or the crunch of nuts, we’ve got some ideas. Ready to make your next baking session a delicious success? Let’s look at some easy and fun swaps.

7 Easy Substitutes for Chocolate Chips

As promised, here are seven of the most common and delicious substitutes for chocolate chips. So next time you’re in a pinch, give one of these options a try!

1 – Chopped Chocolate Bars

Chopped chocolate bars are an amazing substitute for chocolate chips. We all have those spare chocolate bars lying around. The flavor is rich, and the texture melts beautifully. Break them into small pieces, and they work as well as chips in cookies or brownies.

Milk chocolate gives a sweeter taste, dark chocolate adds depth. Use a similar amount as you would chocolate chips, and adjust based on your taste. We’ve done it ourselves and loved the results. Whether we need sweetness or richness, chocolate bars fit the bill perfectly.

2 – Chocolate Chunks

Chocolate chunks are a top pick. Bigger and chunkier than chips, they melt differently, adding gooey pockets of chocolate. They make cookies extra delicious.

Flavor-wise, chunks offer a rich, indulgent taste. We love using dark chocolate chunks for a deeper flavor. Milk chocolate chunks are great for those with a sweet tooth.

Use about the same amount you would for chocolate chips. We tried this in our cookies and brownies, and the chunks gave us delicious, mouth-watering bites every time. Ready for that chocolatey goodness? Us too.

3 – M&Ms

The major plus of M&Ms is the playful splash of color they add. They’re fun and tasty, making your cookies or brownies look super inviting. The candy shell gives a unique crunch before the smooth chocolate inside melts.

We all have that leftover stash of M&Ms. Use them! Substitute M&Ms for chocolate chips at a 1:1 ratio. We tried them in our cookie dough, and they worked out great. The bright colors stayed vibrant after baking. For more sweet substitutes, check out chocolate alternatives.

4 – Butterscotch Chips

Butterscotch chips bring a rich, buttery sweetness to desserts. They’re a fantastic substitute for chocolate chips when you want something different. They add a caramel-like taste with just the right amount of sweetness.

We love their smooth melt and how they blend into cookies. The flavor is bold and stands out, unlike anything else. Use butterscotch chips in a 1:1 ratio for chocolate chips.

We tried these in our oatmeal cookies, and the results were amazing. Each bite was packed with delicious butterscotch goodness. It’s a game changer for us.

5 – Carob Chips

While carob chips may look like chocolate, their taste is mild and earthy with a hint of sweetness. These chips don’t contain cocoa, so they offer a different kind of sweetness. Perfect for those seeking an alternative to chocolate’s rich flavor.

We found that carob chips work well in a 1:1 ratio with chocolate chips. Just swap them out and enjoy the unique taste in your desserts. A good substitute if you want to avoid caffeine. We love using them in cookies; they melt smoothly and add a pleasant twist.

For some great carob chip substitutes ideas, check out carob chip substitutes.

6 – Peanut Butter Chips

Peanut butter chips are a great swap for chocolate chips. They bring a rich, nutty flavor to your cookies or brownies. We’ve used them and loved the creamy, smooth melt. They add a unique twist with a bold peanut taste.

Substitute at a 1:1 ratio. If your recipe calls for 1 cup of chocolate chips, use 1 cup of peanut butter chips instead. We’ve tried this in our oatmeal cookies and found the nutty sweetness irresistible. Peanut butter chips add a tasty upgrade to many desserts.

7 – Raisins or Dried Fruit

Last but definitely not least, raisins or dried fruit make for a sweet, chewy swap. They add a natural sweetness and chewy texture to your baked goods. Plus, they pair well with oatmeal and honey.

Flavor-wise, raisins bring a mellow sweetness, while dried fruits like cranberries or apricots can add tangy notes. Use a 1:1 ratio in substituting them for chocolate chips. We’ve tossed some into our cookies and loved the extra chew. For more creative substitutes, check out some cool raisin alternatives. Save those chocolate cravings for next time!