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5 Demerara Sugar Substitutes: Sweeten Your Recipes

We’ve all been there—ready to whip up a batch of cookies, only to realise we’re out of Demerara sugar. It’s a total buzzkill, especially when we’re in the baking zone.

So what do we do? We improvise. Luckily, there are awesome substitutes just waiting in our pantry.

Brown sugar? Yep, it works. Coconut sugar? Sure thing, with a twist. We’ve tried them all and promise there’s hope for your sweet tooth cravings.

Stick around because we’re about to share our favourite alternatives that saved our desserts time and again. Ready to make those cookies? Let’s get started!

5 Easy Substitutes for Demerara Sugar

As a quick refresher, Demerara sugar is a type of raw cane sugar with large, crunchy crystals. It has a molasses-like flavor and is often used in baked goods for an added depth of flavor and texture.

Here are 5 substitutes that will give you the same or similar results as using Demerara sugar:

1 – Coconut Sugar

First, coconut sugar is a fantastic Demerara substitute. It’s got this lovely caramel flavor that hits just right. We love using it as a 1:1 swap, making it super simple.

Compared to Demerara’s molasses-like vibe, coconut sugar leans more toasty and mild. Perfect for giving cookies a richer taste. If you’re curious about other options too, check out substitutes for coconut sugar.

Personal tip: we’ve used it in chocolate chip cookies, and the results were delish. Easy to find and versatile.

2 – Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a classic Demerara substitute. It’s got that rich molasses flavor we all love.

Brown sugar is slightly more moist and soft compared to Demerara’s crunchy crystals. It gives baked goods that deep, warm flavor.

We’ve tested it in cookies, cakes, and sauces, and the results are consistently fantastic. Perfect for adding a little extra chewiness to your cookies.

For those looking for more options, check out alternative to brown sugar.

Simple, reliable, and always in our pantry.

3 – Honey

Honey, one of our go-to substitutes, delivers a unique, floral sweetness. It’s thicker and stickier than Demerara, making baked goods moist.

We often use it in cakes and bread, where its rich, golden flavor shines. It’s sweeter than Demerara, so you might need less.

Our cookies with honey? Chewy and delightful. You can check out honey substitutes for more options.

Remember, honey browns faster, so watch your bake. It’s not the same, but it sure tastes amazing. Adjusting for consistency, it’s a stellar choice.

4 – Maple Syrup

The molasses-like taste of maple syrup is a delight for our taste buds. Imagine the deep, rich flavors penetrating your cookies.

We often swap maple syrup to replicate Demerara’s sweetness. It gives a dark, toasty essence to baked goods.

Maple syrup’s liquid form might require adjusting dry ingredients, but the outcome is worth it.

Our cakes and cookies with maple syrup? Soft and flavorful every time.

Check out maple syrup substitutes for more ideas.

5 – Coconut Nectar

Coconut nectar is an awesome Demerara substitute with a caramel-like taste. It’s a bit more mellow and less intense than Demerara, but still delicious.

We love its versatility. It works great in cookies, cakes, and even sauces.

It’s a bit stickier, so you may need to tweak your recipes slightly.

We used it in oatmeal cookies, and they turned out chewy and rich. It’s easy to find and gives your treats a unique twist.