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7 Easy Garlic Cloves Substitutes: Flavor Boost Now

Ever run out of garlic cloves in the middle of cooking? We know that feel.

Garlic’s flavor is hard to replicate. Yet, we’re here to share some top-notch substitutes that can save your dish.

Onion offers a milder taste; shallots bring a hint of sharpness. Ever tried garlic powder? A sprinkle works wonders.

Chives and leeks? They add a fresh, oniony zest. Surprisingly, a dash of cumin can mimic garlic’s warmth in savory recipes.

Our kitchens have seen it all – from “oops” moments to “aha” innovations. These subs have been our dinner saviors more than once.

7 Easy Substitutes for Garlic Cloves

The struggle of running out of garlic cloves midway through cooking is real. Garlic adds a unique depth and flavor to dishes that can be hard to replicate. But worry not, dear cooks! We have scoured our kitchens and tested various substitutes to bring you the best options for when you run out of garlic.

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Garlic PowderIntense, pungentPowderedSeasonings, marinades, dry rubs
Minced OnionMild, sweetFresh, crunchySauces, soups, stews, stir-fries
ShallotsMild, sweetSoft, subtleSauces, dressings, roasted dishes
ChivesMild, onionyFresh, delicateSalads, garnishes, finishing touches
LeeksMild, sweetSoft, tenderSoups, casseroles, sautéed dishes
ScallionsMild, onionyCrisp, freshAsian dishes, salads, garnishes
Garlic ChivesMild, garlickyFresh, delicateSalads, garnishes, finishing touches

1 – Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is our go-to move. It’s dry. It saves time. You won’t cry chopping it. We toss it in everything. A pinch can do wonders in soups and sauces. Its flavor is milder, so you need a bit more. We found out 1/8 teaspoon equals one garlic clove.

It blends well. No chunks mean no surprises in your bite. We’ve been all in on this for quick dinners. You’ve probably seen it in your spice rack. Now’s the time to use it.

For those digging deeper into garlic substitutes, find more insights here.

2 – Minced Onion

We often turn to minced onion as a solid stand-in for garlic. Onions and garlic are pretty much cousins, right? They hang out in the same veggie group, lending that savory kick dishes need. A major point to note: half a tablespoon of minced onion can take the place of one garlic clove.

We slide minced onion into our pots for that gentle, yet noticeable, flavor lift. Unlike its garlicky counterpart, onions bring a sweetness that’s subtly different. We’ve tested this in soups and stews. The outcome? Quite satisfying.

Recipes? We’ve thrown minced onion into marinades. The trick is to not go overboard. A little tweak goes a long way in nailing that flavor balance.

3 – Shallots

Shallots sneak into dishes with a bang. They hug recipes with a soft bite, sharper than onions yet gentler than garlic. Each piece wraps flavors tight, letting them simmer and sing. We chop and stir them in where garlic once sat.

A single shallot bulb steps in for two garlic cloves. We’ve seen it jazz up sauces and dressings like no other. Shallots blend in, yet stand out. They’re culinary magicians in their right.

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4 – Chives

Chives step up the game, no joke. They’re like those quiet friends who surprise you at parties. They bring a light, onion-like flavor. Not as intense as garlic, sure. Still, they make dishes sing in their own way. We throw them into salads and dips.

A sprinkle here, a dash there. Chives make things better without a fuss. For every garlic clove you’re missing, use a tablespoon of chopped chives. We find this swap does the trick nicely.

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5 – Leeks

Leeks add a mild, sweet flavor, taking your dish to the next level. They’re a game changer for soups and pies. Milder than onions but with a depth that’s hard to beat, they slide right into any meal needing a garlic stand-in. We chop them fine, cooking them down till they’re soft and flavorful.

In our trials, we discovered that a quarter cup of leeks could replace one garlic clove. This swap struck us as both simple and effective. Got a quiche or a broth in the making? Consider leeks your go-to.

For enthusiasts eager to expand their kitchen skills, a deep dive into this guide on using leeks as a substitute might provide further inspiration.

6 – Scallions

Scallions work wonders in a pinch. They’re not garlic, yet they bring a vibe dishes crave. They add a crunch and a zing. We use them raw or cooked, depending on the dish.

Their green and white bits do different things. The white parts have a sharper flavor; green parts are milder. We find a tablespoon of the white part equals one garlic clove.

You can toss them into nearly anything. They go well in salads, soups, and stir-fries. Scallions keep things lively.

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7 – Garlic Chives

Garlic chives light up a dish with a subtle zing. It’s akin to garlic, yet brings its own quiet fire. They slot into roles where garlic bows out. A dash of this stuff, and we’ve got a plate smiling back at us. We add them to the mix for that soft, hershy kick.

They play well with almost everything. Toss them in, and they wake up a meal without stealing the show. For every clove you’re out, swap in a tablespoon of garlic chives.

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