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7 Easy Jarlsberg Cheese Substitutes: Jazz Up Meals

Finding a stand-in for Jarlsberg cheese isn’t a walk in the park. In our quest for the perfect melt, we stumbled upon some pretty solid contenders. Our sandwiches have never been the same, trust us. If you’re aiming to jazz up your meals with a similar nutty, mild flavor, look no further.

We got the lowdown on the best alternatives. Did you know? Norway’s cheese has a history as rich as its taste. And those holes? Not just for show. They’re a sign of quality, aging to perfection.

For those who’ve yet to savor Jarlsberg, think of a cheese that could easily be the life of your party platter. Swing by this guide for a quick 101 on what makes it tick.

7 Easy Substitutes for Jarlsberg Cheese

In a rush? We won’t keep you. Here’s our top list of cheeses that are similar to Jarlsberg:

CheeseTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Gruyère CheeseNutty, SaltySemi-hardMelting, Cheese Platters, Quiches, Fondues
Emmental CheeseMild, NuttySemi-softSandwiches, Cheese Fondues, Pasta Dishes
Cheddar CheeseSharp, TangyVariesPizza, Sandwiches, Savory Bread Pudding
Gouda CheeseSweet, NuttySemi-hardMelted Cheese Recipes, Sandwiches, Cheese Fondue
Edam CheeseMild, CreamySemi-hardSnacking, Cheese Platters, Sandwiches
Muenster CheeseMild, TangySemi-softMelting, Sandwiches, Cheese Platters
Provolone CheeseSweet, SharpSemi-hardSandwiches, Cheese Fondue, Melting

1 – Gruyère Cheese

Gruyère cheese is a game changer with its deep, nutty flavor. The first time we tried it, we were blown away by its richness. It’s boldly mild yet unmistakably delicious, like a quiet friend who always delivers the best one-liners. Its texture is smooth and perfect for melting, making it the star of a grilled cheese sandwich.

It melts beautifully, making it perfect for recipes that need a good cheese pull. Gruyère’s melting quality is top-notch, bringing dishes to life. When needed, we swap it with Jarlsberg. Ever made a mac ‘n cheese that left everyone speechless? That’s the magic of Gruyère.

Looking to shake up your kitchen routine? Check out this guide for gourmet cheese cooking. It’ll elevate your dishes to restaurant quality, guaranteed.

2 – Emmental Cheese

We agreed; tasting Emmental is an adventure at home. Its flavor: slightly sweet with a tang, irresistible. The texture? Full of holes, larger than any secret diary’s lock, smooth yet firm. You’ll crave more, like we do.

In sandwiches, it melts in a way that makes you forget your name. We swap it with Jarlsberg in recipes, like that famous mac ‘n cheese. Everyone wanted seconds.

Chefs looking to mix things up with cheese should explore alternatives. This link has everything for getting creative with Emmental: great alternatives for cheese in cooking.

3 – Cheddar Cheese

We all agree here; cheddar elevates everything. Its taste? Sharp, yet slightly creamy. It’s irresistible. Cheddar transforms dishes, either blending in or standing out, based on its age. Its texture ranges from soft to firm with aging.

We added it to our mac ‘n cheese, resulting in a creamy delight that had everyone wanting the recipe. Looking to mix up your cheese routine? Cheddar is perfect, easily replacing Jarlsberg.

For a cheddar twist in your dishes, this guide on cooking with cheddar alternatives will help you excel.

4 – Gouda Cheese

Gouda is a favorite for its warm, slightly sweet flavor and creamy texture. It melts perfectly, enhancing other ingredients in your dish, especially in grilled cheese.

Swapping Gouda with Jarlsberg in a 1:1 ratio works great. Gouda’s meltiness pulls the dish together, making it unforgettable. One taste, and you’re convinced.

For those looking into Gouda alternatives, check out this article on substitutes for Gouda in your cooking. It’s full of great ideas to spice up your meals.

5 – Edam Cheese

Edam cheese keeps things mellow in flavor, a bit nutty and slightly salty. We find it super forgiving for folks new to cheese adventures. Its texture, semi-hard but melts in your mouth easy.

We often swap Edam for Jarlsberg, aiming for a one-to-one ratio in dishes. It works wonders, especially in our go-to melted cheese recipes. The results never fail to impress us or our friends.

Curious cooks can discover more about switching up their cheese game. For ingenious ways to use Edam or its stand-ins, peek at alternatives for Edam in cheese-focused cooking.

6 – Muenster Cheese

Muenster cheese is all about smooth, gooey goodness with a mild, buttery taste. Perfect for melting on anything you’re cooking. Swap it in for Jarlsberg in a simple 1:1 ratio. You can’t mess up, perfect for cheese beginners. We made a grilled cheese and it melted perfectly.

Muenster adds a creamy texture to recipes that’s irresistible. It’s our go-to cheese and never disappoints. Want to spice up your cheese game? Try Muenster in your dishes. Check out our guide for a new twist in your cooking with alternatives to Muenster cheese here.

7 – Provolone Cheese

Provolone brings its own flair with a slight kick in its taste, not shy to stand out in a crowd. Its feel? Smooth, yet firm enough to hold its ground in any dish.

We swap it with Jarlsberg, going one for one. It melts just right, hugging every ingredient in the mix.

We remember tossing it into a sandwich. It melted into this creamy layer that really tied everything together.

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