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5 Zesty Lemon Pepper Substitutes: Spice Up the Recipes

Ran out of lemon pepper in the middle of cooking? We get it.

Finding a good stand-in can be a real head-scratcher. We’ve rummaged through our spice racks to save your dinner plans.

Our mission: to bring zing to your plate with what you’ve got at home.

Ever tried sumac? Its tangy kick might just be the hero you need. Or maybe a quick mix of herbs and citrus zest will do the trick.

We tested, we tasted, and now we’re sharing our top five with you.

5 Easy Substitutes for Lemon Pepper

If you’re a fan of this zesty and versatile seasoning, then running out of it mid-recipe can be quite the disappointment. But fear not, we’ve got your back with some equally delicious alternatives.

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Lemon Zest and Black PepperCitrusy, zestyZesty, aromaticSeafood, salads, roasted vegetables
Lime Zest and CayenneCitrusy, slightly spicyZesty, spicyMarinades, dressings, seafood dishes
Sumac and Black PepperCitrusy, tangyTangy, flavorfulMiddle Eastern dishes, marinades, dressings
Grated Ginger and White PepperSpicy, aromaticSpicy, boldAsian-inspired dishes, stir-fries, marinades
Lemon Juice with Black Pepper and Garlic PowderTangy, savoryLiquid, boldMeat dishes, sauces, marinades

1 – Lemon Zest and Black Pepper

Mixing lemon zest with black pepper is a simple fix. This duo brings the zest and heat you miss from lemon pepper. We tossed this combo in our test dishes. The results? Surprisingly close to the real deal.

Lemon zest adds that citrus sparkle, while black pepper throws in a warm bite. It’s a balance of flavors that saves any dish. We suggest a ratio of 1:1 for lemon zest to black pepper. Perfect for chicken or fish.

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2 – Lime Zest and Cayenne

Got lime and some cayenne? Good. Lime zest mixed with cayenne pepper gives that bright and zesty kick.

We found it does wonders in recipes needing that lemon pepper vibe. Lime offers that citrus burst, while cayenne adds a warm hint of spice.

The mix is easy and effective. A bit of lime zest, a dash of cayenne, and you’ve revived your dish. We’ve tried it. It works. Ratio? Think one part lime zest to half part cayenne. Perfect for giving seafood that extra zing.

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3 – Sumac and Black Pepper

Oh, sumac stepped into our lives and changed the game. This duo rocks. With its sour, fruity vibes, sumac brings the zest. Black pepper adds the heat. Together, they’re a knockout team. We tossed them together, and guess what? Magic happened.

Sumac’s not just a pretty face; it’s got the tang. Mixed with the boldness of black pepper, it hits the spot. We recommend a ratio of 1:1.5 for sumac to black pepper. Perfect for sprucing up your chicken or giving a new twist to veggie dishes.

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4 – Grated Ginger and White Pepper

Grated ginger and white pepper turn your cooking around. They bring a zesty, warm flavor. This combo is a genius solution for missing lemon pepper. We threw them into our dishes and wow, did they deliver.

Ginger provides a sharp, slight sweetness that lights up your meals. White pepper adds a subtle heat. They work together like magic. In our kitchen tests, this pair became a fast favorite.

We recommend using a ratio of 1:1 for grated ginger to white pepper. It’s ideal for seafood or vegetable stir-fries. For those looking to shake up their spice game even more, ginger and white pepper are just the start. Check out other spicy options here.

5 – Lemon Juice with Black Pepper and Garlic Powder

Lemon juice, black pepper, and garlic powder come together for this one. It’s a simple mix that gets the job done. We found this trio can save any dish that’s crying out for lemon pepper.

Lemon juice gives that tart kick, while black pepper throws in a touch of heat. Garlic powder rounds it out with a savory depth. It’s the combo we reach for when our dishes need a quick flavor lift.

We suggest using a ratio of 2:1:1 for lemon juice to black pepper to garlic powder. It works wonders on everything from grilled meats to roasted veggies.

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