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4 Midori Substitutes: Shake Up Flavor

Who doesn’t love shaking things up with new flavors? We get it, Midori is a classic, but sometimes, we just want to switch things around. Ever had that moment at a party where you realize you’re out of Midori? Yeah, us too.

So, we’ve gone ahead and found some awesome substitutes. They’ll keep your cocktails fresh and exciting. Some might even argue they’re better.

Got your interest? Stick with us here and let’s dive right into the alternatives. We promise these options will make you forget you ever missed Midori.

4 Easy Substitutes for Midori

Here are four Midori substitutes you can easily find at your local grocery or liquor store:

1 – Green Chartreuse

First off, Green Chartreuse is a powerhouse of herbaceous and spicy flavors. It’s pretty potent, clocking in at 55% ABV, so it’s perfect for strong cocktails. Expect sweet notes of anise and a hint of mint that’ll add a fresh twist to your drinks.

We’ve tried it in place of Midori, and the color is strikingly green—just a tad more vibrant. Want more tips on subs?

Check out this guide on Green Chartreuse substitutes. It’s got more goodies where this came from.

2 – Melon Schnapps

Melon Schnapps offers a sweet and fruity punch. It’s less intense than Chartreuse at about 20% ABV, making it a smoother option.

The flavor is bright and sugary, kinda like biting into a juicy melon slice. It’s perfect for casual drinks without the strong herbal kick. We love the vibrant green color, which is almost identical to Midori.

We’ve often swapped Midori with this in our cocktails, and it’s seamless. The sweetness balanced well and everyone enjoyed it. Give it a try next time!

3 – Melon Liqueur

Melon Liqueur is a solid stand-in for Midori in cocktails. We’ve noticed it delivers a more subdued melon flavor, without the strong herbal notes. This makes it super smooth and easy on the palate.

At about 20% ABV, it’s not too boozy, making it great for lighter drinks. The vibrant green hue is almost identical to Midori, so your cocktails look just as flashy.

We’ve swapped these liqueurs often, and no one misses a beat. For more options, check out melon liqueur substitutes.

4 – Kiwi Liqueur

Last, Kiwi Liqueur is a great substitute with a unique fruity taste. It’s a versatile addition with about 20% ABV, which makes it not too strong. The bright green color closely resembles Midori, and it looks fantastic in cocktails.

The flavor is fresh and slightly tart, with a hint of sweetness. We’ve tried it in various drinks, and it adds a refreshing twist. The kiwi taste is subtle yet noticeable. We love how it blends seamlessly, creating a balanced drink experience.