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5 Easy Cube Steak Substitutes: Upgrade your Recipes

Cube steak is the underdog of the meat world. You know, the kind you skim past in the grocery store while hunting for chicken or ground beef. “Cube steak deserves a second glance,” we found ourselves saying after a bit of experimenting.

It’s not just for country-fried steak. In fact, finding alternatives to cube steak for our recipes turned out to be a fun challenge. We tasted, we tested, and we were surprised.

Not everything made the cut. Some options were too tough; others, too pricey for Tuesday night dinner. Yet, we’ve managed to compile a list that’ll make your meals sing without breaking the bank.

5 Easy Substitutes for Cube Steak

While cube steak may not be the star of your dinner, it can certainly make a delicious supporting role in these dishes! Here are five easy substitutes for cube steak that will elevate your recipes:

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable Dishes
Beef SirloinRich, beefy flavorTender, less tough than cube steak1:1Chicken fried steak, country fried steak, burgers
Ribeye SteakButtery, rich flavorTender, marbled1:1Chicken fried steak, country fried steak, burgers
Ground BeefBeefy flavorLoose, ground texture1:1 pattyBurgers, meatballs, meatloaf
Round SteakBeefy flavorTough, less tender than cube steak1:1Chicken fried steak, country fried steak, Swiss steak
Venison SteakGamey, earthy flavorLean, less marbled than beef1:1Chicken fried steak, country fried steak, burgers

1 – Beef Sirloin

Beef sirloin, it’s lean but stays juicy. Perfect swap for cube steak; use it 1:1 in recipes.

We tried sirloin in stews and even grilled—worked like a charm each time.

For those keen on exploring sirloin as an alternative, find tasty sirloin steak substitutes here.

Cooks up faster, saving us time on busy nights. Noticed it absorbs marinades well, adding more flavor to dishes.

Honestly, our plates looked and tasted better. Swap and enjoy the upgrade.

2 – Ribeye Steak

Ribeye’s a rich choice, marbled with fat. Makes every bite juicy. We swapped it for cube steak, ratio 1:1, in a classic pan fry.

Flavor’s bold, stands out in stir-fries and sandwiches. Our plates never looked happier.

Marbled texture means, it cooks up tender. Tried it once, now it’s our go-to.

A bit pricier, sure. Yet, for a special dinner, worth every penny.

3 – Ground Beef

Ground beef, our hero for weeknight dinners, is a fantastic cube steak swap at a 1:1 ratio. We found it super versatile—perfect for tacos to meatballs. Its ability to blend into any dish while keeping meals hearty and satisfying is unmatched. Our dinners were quick to prepare and packed with flavor.

Seriously, ground beef saved us on more than one occasion. For those who are curious about beefy alternatives to spice up their meals, check out these must-try ground beef options.

It’s not just about saving time; it’s about adding a twist to our favorite recipes. Ground beef has that incredible knack.

4 – Round Steak

Round steak steps up to the plate as a cube steak swap, excellent in 1:1 ratio. It’s lean, means it cooks evenly. We’ve tossed it into stews and casseroles.

The texture? Firm, yet it tenderizes well with a bit of slow-cooking. Surprised us by absorbing flavors like a sponge.

Round steak turned our weeknight dinners into something we looked forward to. Just slow cook or marinate before frying.

5 – Venison Steak

Venison steak is a game-changer, seriously. We swapped it for cube steak, 1:1, no sweat.

Leaner yet tender, it made our classic stew recipe sing. Unlike anything else, it cooked up faster, keeping evenings chill.

Our first try, and bam, flavors were rich, deep. Venison’s unique taste brought something new to the table.

Marinate first, then go for a quick sear. Perfect every time.