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7 Tasty Pastis Substitutes: Liven Up Your Drinks

You know how sometimes we like to pretend we’re connoisseurs of everything? We drink fancy beverages and act like we know what we’re talking about.

Well, here’s a little secret: you don’t need to be a mixologist to whip up an exciting drink. Sometimes, all you need is a good substitute for that one bottle you can’t find or just ran out of.

Take Pastis, for example. It’s that licorice-flavored spirit that seems to pop up in cocktail recipes just when you realize you’re fresh out.

No worries, team. We’ve got some tasty alternatives that’ll keep your drinks lively without sending you on a wild goose chase.

7 Easy Substitutes for Pastis

For those who aren’t familiar with Pastis, it’s an anise-flavored liqueur that originated in France and is often served as an aperitif. It’s similar to absinthe, but without the hallucinogenic effects (sorry, Van Gogh). Here are some options to try if you’re looking for a substitute:

1 – Ouzo

First, let’s talk Ouzo. If you’re out of Pastis, Ouzo is a great stand-in. It has a strong anise flavor, pretty similar to Pastis. Swap Pastis with Ouzo using a 1:1 ratio, and you’re good to go.

Ouzo is Greek, and it shines in cocktails just like Pastis. Maybe it’s the Mediterranean magic? We’ve tried it in our classics, and it works like a charm. You’ll enjoy that same licorice hit without hunting down Pastis.

Looking for more Ouzo substitutes? Check out this guide for more options.

2 – Pernod

The French know their stuff, and Pernod is proof. Pernod is a strong contender if Pastis is nowhere to be found.

Swap it with Pastis in a 1:1 ratio. We love Pernod for its rich anise flavor. It’s like having Pastis but smoother.

Want to know more about other Pernod swaps? Check out this guide.

Next time you’re trying that swanky cocktail recipe, Pernod won’t let you down. Simple, tasty, done.

3 – Ricard

Next up, Ricard. Ricard is another great option for swapping out Pastis. The anise flavor is similar and really shines in drinks. We use it 1:1 with Pastis. It’s dependable and gives cocktails a nice kick. We’ve tried Ricard in many drinks, and it always stands out.

A fun fact: In France, Ricard is often served with water and ice, just like Pastis. Give it a try—Ricard won’t let you down.

We highly recommend keeping a bottle around if you love anise-flavored spirits.

4 – Anisette

Ever tried Anisette? This substitute is sweet and full of strong anise flavor. Great for cocktails and easy to find. We use it 1:1 as a Pastis substitute.

Anisette’s sweetness adds a unique twist. Perfect for those wanting a different flavor profile. Plus, it’s an amazing addition to dessert recipes too.

We’ve used brands like Marie Brizard and it’s always been a hit. Give Anisette a shot!

5 – Sambuca

Sambuca is our next anise superstar. Sambuca brings that bold licorice flavor to life with just a hint of sweetness. We recommend using Sambuca in a 1:1 ratio to replace Pastis. The sweetness of Sambuca adds a unique twist to cocktails.

We’ve found it perfect for drinks like the classic Sambuca and soda. Easy to find and simple to use, it’s a great substitute. Once, we even used it in a dessert recipe—yum! Want more backup options?

Check out this guide on other great Sambuca substitutes. Enjoy experimenting with this versatile spirit!

6 – Arak

If you’re looking for a powerful punch, Arak has your back. Arak is a Middle Eastern spirit that makes an incredible Pastis substitute when used in a 1:1 ratio.

We’ve found it to be strong and flavorful, but still similar enough to Pastis to keep things interesting. It’s convenient alternative if you don’t have other substitutes on hand.

7 – Raki

Last on our list is Raki. Raki is another anise-flavored spirit that works well in cocktails when used to replace Pastis—we recommend a 1:1 ratio.

You’ll find it has a similar flavor profile, with just enough nuances to make your cocktail a bit more exciting.