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7 Easy Shortening Substitutes: Spice Things Up

90% of American pantries have it. That one ingredient we swap out when we’re fresh out or just feeling a bit mischievous. Shortening. Yet, who needs it 24/7?

We’ll share our top secret swapperoos. Butter makes everything better, doesn’t it? We’ve tried, we know.

Olive oil in cookies? We went there.

Coconut oil? Slid into our pie crusts and, boy, did it not disappoint.

Simple swaps. Big wins. Our kitchens, our rules.

7 Easy Substitutes for Shortening

The trickiest of all pantry staples. The one that requires a special trip to the store, only to use it for that one recipe you then forget about until your next kitchen clean-up.

Here are our top 7 shortening substitutes to make your cooking and baking life easier and more exciting:

SubstituteTasteSmoke PointSuitable Dishes
ButterRich, creamy302-482°FBaked goods, pie crusts, sautéing
Coconut OilSlightly sweet, tropical400-450°FBaked goods, sautéing, roasting
Olive OilFruity, peppery375-400°FSautéing, roasting, dressings
LardSavory, neutral370-400°FBaked goods, pie crusts, frying
GheeNutty, rich450°FBaked goods, sautéing, roasting
Avocado OilMild, buttery520°FBaking, sautéing, high-heat cooking
Nut ButtersNutty, creamy320-400°FBaked goods, energy bars, sauces

1 – Butter

Butter swaps in for shortening easily. One cup matches one cup. It’s that simple. We threw butter into cakes. The results? Moist and rich.

Butter brings a flavor shortening can’t touch. It melts, enriches, and adds depth. In cookies, butter’s the secret for that chewy edge we crave.

In our tests, using butter changed texture a bit. Pies got flakier. Cookies, a tad crispier. A small price for such taste.

We also noticed, butter made our baked goods golden. A visual plus we didn’t expect but loved.

For those keen on ditching shortening, find butter alternatives here.

2 – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil slides in as a sub for shortening. Swap it cup for cup. It works wonders. We tried it in our baking. The outcome? A hit.

It adds a hint of sweetness. Plus, it’s a champ in vegan recipes. Baked goods come out superb. Cakes and cookies? They nailed it with coconut oil.

We noticed it made our treats soft yet kept them firm. Talk about a win-win. Perfect for anyone looking to mix things up.

It also gave our dishes a slight tropical vibe. Didn’t see that coming, but we’re not complaining.

If coconut oil is your jam, or you’re curious about other swaps, check out these fantastic alternatives.

3 – Olive Oil

Olive oil steps in for shortening. We swap it cup for cup. It’s a smooth move for us. Olive oil keeps things light. It brings a subtle flavor that doesn’t overwhelm.

We mixed it into bread dough. The outcome felt right. Breads came out soft. They had a nice crust. This was a good surprise.

Olive oil shines in savory dishes. We also threw it into cakes. The moisture level? Spot on. It makes baking less heavy.

For more on swapping oils and keeping your eats on point, peep these other oil switch-ins.

4 – Lard

Lard’s our go-to for a top-notch shortening swap. One cup for one cup does the trick. We mixed it into our pastry dough. Pies turned out incredibly flaky.

It adds a hint of richness. Pastries love it. We found it makes crusts that break apart in your mouth.

Got curious about more ways to switch things out? Check this for more on lard and its buddies: lard alternatives.

5 – Ghee

Ghee slides in smooth as a swap for shortening. Scoop for scoop, it’s even-steven. In our bake-fests, ghee mixed right in. Cakes? Cookies? They all got that golden glow.

Breaking news: it amps up flavor without overtaking. Our pies? Oh, they hit different. Flaky layers that just fall apart.

We even spooned it into bread dough. Result? Bread that stays soft, crust that sings.

Seeking more switcheroo advice? Glide over to this for ghee swaps ghee swap guide.

6 – Avocado Oil

Avocado oil swaps in smooth. We use it cup for cup. It’s a solid move. This oil keeps baked goods moist.

It adds a light touch. Perfect for those looking for a mild flavor.

Our cookies came out just right. Cakes? Moist and soft. A win in our book.

This oil works in all sorts of recipes. Finding this helpful? You might want to eyeball these avocado oil alternatives.

7 – Nut Butters

Nut butters step in smoothly for shortening. They bring moisture and a nutty spark to any bake. We discovered this trick during a desperate cookie mission. Out of shortening, we grabbed almond butter. The result? Cookies that friends still talk about.

In recipes, nut butters swap in at a 1:1 ratio. That’s right, equal parts. Tried it in cakes, too. Fluffy and rich, they never knew what hit them. This isn’t just about surviving without shortening. It’s about baking that truly stands out.

Personal tip: we prefer almond or cashew butter. They’re less dominant than peanut butter, unless you’re all in for that peanut punch. Each nut butter adds its own twist. A spoonful can turn “good” into “Can I have this recipe?”