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7 Tasty Blade Steak Substitutes: Shake Things Up

Back in my college days, our dorm kitchen saw more action than any campus cafeteria, and the star of many impromptu late-night feasts was none other than blade steak.

This cut of beef, often overlooked, was our go-to for a simple, satisfying meal. Now, we’re all about giving dishes a little twist.

Blade steak might not make it into your shopping cart every week. That’s okay, because we’ve got a list of alternatives that’ll keep your meals exciting.

Each substitute brings its own unique vibe to the table. Our picks will make sure your dinner plans remain solid, even if blade steak is off the menu.

Keep it locked here to find out what they are.

7 Easy Substitutes for Blade Steak

While blade steak may be your usual go-to, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Here are our top 7 picks for tasty substitutes that’ll elevate your meals:

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable Dish
Chuck SteakBeefy, RichTender1:1Grilled Steak, Stews
Flank SteakBeefyLean, Fibrous1:1Fajitas, Stir-Fries
Skirt SteakBeefy, JuicyTender1:1Tacos, Carne Asada
Sirloin SteakBeefy, TenderTender1:1Grilled Steak, Stir-Fries
Tri-Tip SteakBeefy, JuicyTender1:1Roasts, Grilled Steak
Flat Iron SteakBeefy, TenderTender1:1Grilled Steak, Stir-Fries
Top Round SteakBeefy, LeanLean, Slightly Tough1:1Roasts, Beef Stew

1 – Chuck Steak

Chuck steak, it’s like blade steak’s cousin. Weirdly affordable and beefy. It’s tougher, true, yet slow-cooking it works wonders.

Think stews and braises; they become tender and juicy. We swapped blade for chuck in our chili recipe once. Turned out amazing.

For each blade steak, use the same amount of chuck. Easy swap.

Our little secret? Marinate it first. Makes a big difference.

2 – Flank Steak

Flank steak leans on the lean side, yet it comes off flavorful. We’ve noticed it’s a bit like the cool distant relative of blade steak.

It grills quick and slices easy. Ideal for a fast weeknight dinner if you ask us.

For every portion of blade steak, flank works just as well. Just keep the ratio straight.

We’ve tossed it into salads and tacos alike. Never disappoints.

Wanna dig deeper into flank steak swaps? Check out these great replacements for flank steak we found useful.

3 – Skirt Steak

Skirt steak: it’s a bit like the high school athlete of the beef world—lean and mean. Grill it fast; eat it quicker. Its flavor keeps us coming back. We use it just like blade, one for one.

Marinating? Always. It’s a must for that tender bite. We’ve thrown it into fajitas, and the crowd went wild.

For folks keen on discovering more about swapping skirt steak in dishes, this list of tasty skirt steak alternatives is perfect.

4 – Sirloin Steak

Sirloin steak steps up as a solid swap. Less fatty, still brings the flavor. We tried it in our weekly grill-out. Scored big on taste.

For every blade steak, sub in an equal part of sirloin. Works like a charm. Tried it in tacos. Yes, it rocked.

Lean yet juicy, sirloin adds a new twist to meals. Our go-to for a lighter option that doesn’t skimp on taste.

Changing up from blade to sirloin? We found these sirloin steak alternatives for inspired cooking super handy.

5 – Tri-Tip Steak

Tri-tip steak, a real wonder in the beef aisle. Leaner than blade, yet packs heaps of flavor. We tried it; loved it.

For each blade steak, tri-tip fits right in. Swap one-for-one. Grilled or roasted, it never misses.

In a pinch, we used it for a big BBQ. Guests were asking for seconds.

Marinating tri-tip? Essential. Boosts tenderness.

We shared tri-tip at our last cookout. Became the talk of the night.

For a quick guide on how to nail this substitution in your own dishes, our experiences point the way.

6 – Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron steak is wallet-friendly and easy to find. We found it tender, making it perfect for grilling.

The swap ratio is simple: 1 to 1. We threw it in a stir-fry recipe. Spot on.

Our verdict? It’s best served marinated to enhance flavor and tenderness. It stole the show in our steak sandwiches.

Boldly, flat iron fills the Blade Steak gap without breaking the bank or complicating dinner plans.

7 – Top Round Steak

Top Round steak fits the bill for a lean cut, less expensive yet flavorful. We found it to be surprisingly versatile.

We’ve cooked it both slow and fast, fitting it into a wide range of recipes. For every blade steak, using an equal amount of top round works well.

In our experience, it excels in slow-cooked dishes. We’ve tried it in a slow cooker with herbs and spices – the outcome was tender and delicious.

Marinating it before cooking adds depth to its flavour. We’ve used it marinated for grilling and the results were top-notch.