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What to Serve with Chicken Shawarma? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Let’s be real, Chicken Shawarma is the bomb. We love it so much we could eat it on its own. But sometimes, we crave a little variety on the plate.

So, we’ve dug deep to discover the best side dishes to elevate our shawarma game. From tangy tzatziki to crunchy pickles, we’ve got it all.

We even tested them out, so you don’t have to guess. Because, honestly, who has time for that?

Buckle up and let’s talk sides that are easy, tasty, and make us look like pros. Let’s get into it!

Top 10 Side Dishes for Chicken Shawarma

Here are the top 10 side dishes we recommend to serve with your delicious chicken shawarma:

Side DishMain IngredientsFlavor ProfileDifficultyTime
HummusChickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlicCreamy, nutty, tangyEasy10 mins
Tabbouleh SaladBulgur, parsley, tomatoes, mint, lemon, olive oilFresh, herby, citrusyModerate20 mins
Fattoush SaladLettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pita chips, lemon, sumacCrunchy, tangy, savoryEasy15 mins
Basmati RiceBasmati rice, spicesFragrant, fluffyEasy20 mins
Pita BreadFlour, yeast, water, saltSoft, chewyModerate2 hrs
FalafelChickpeas, herbs, spicesCrispy, flavorfulModerate30 mins
Baba GanoushEggplant, tahini, lemon, garlicSmoky, creamy, tangyEasy30 mins
Lentil SoupLentils, vegetables, spicesHearty, comfortingEasy45 mins
Cucumber SaladCucumbers, yogurt, mint, lemonCool, refreshing, tangyEasy10 mins
Garlic SauceYogurt, garlic, lemonCreamy, garlicky, tangyEasy5 mins

1 – Hummus

Hummus is the creamy, garlicky dip making our shawarma next-level. We love the velvety texture and nutty flavor. It brings a zesty zing with lemon juice and a smooth finish from tahini.

It’s a classic for a reason.

Every bite of shawarma with hummus feels rich and satisfying. We load it on, no regrets.

2 – Tabbouleh Salad

Tabbouleh Salad? Count us in. This fresh, herby salad is a light, zesty partner for chicken shawarma. The cracked wheat gives a chewy bite. Parsley? Loads of it.

It’s bright and green. Tomatoes and cucumbers add a crunchy freshness. Lemon juice and olive oil, essential. Together, they create a balance that’s both tangy and smooth. Totally refreshing!

3 – Fattoush Salad

You know what’s great with chicken shawarma? Fattoush Salad. It’s got crunch from toasted pita.

Crisp lettuce and fresh veg like cucumbers and tomatoes balance it out. We mix in parsley for that green pop.

Tangy sumac spice kicks it up a notch. Zippy lemon and olive oil round out the flavors.

4 – Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is fragrant and fluffy. Pairs perfectly with shawarma’s spiced flavors.

We love how it absorbs the juices, yet stays firm. Long grains make every bite satisfying.

We added some saffron once, wow, next level! It’s light, doesn’t overpower. Makes shawarma stars shine brighter.

5 – Pita Bread

Who doesn’t love warm, fluffy pita?

It’s the ultimate shawarma sidekick. tear off a piece, fill it with chicken, and yum!

It’s super soft, yet can handle all the fillings.

Pita serves as the best edible utensil. Once, we stuffed ours with extra hummus, and oh boy, it was bliss! Seriously, a must-try!

6 – Falafel

Falafel is crispy outside, tender inside. Earthy, nutty, with a hint of spice. Fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley make it pop. We love that it’s plant-based and filling. Perfect with tangy tzatziki.

Fried to golden perfection, falafel balls add great crunch. Dip them, stuff them in pita, or eat them alone—satisfying any way.

7 – Baba Ganoush

This smoky, creamy dip is eggplant magic. Baba Ganoush hits with that charred eggplant taste, super smooth from tahini, and a zing from lemon juice.

Garlic kicks it up a notch, while olive oil adds a rich finish. We’ve dipped our pita and veggies into it, and wow, it’s love at first bite. Perfect shawarma side kick.

8 – Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is hearty and comforting. It’s rich with spices, and vegetable goodness. We love the thick broth.

Pair it with chicken shawarma for a satisfying meal. The lentils provide a nutty texture. The warm spices add depth. It’s our go-to for something cozy. We can’t get enough of it.

9 – Cucumber Salad

Cucumber salad is crisp and refreshing. Cool cucumbers meet tangy vinegar. Every bite is a burst of freshness.

The mix of herbs adds a fragrant note. We sprinkle some sesame seeds for crunch. We’ve had it many times, and it never gets old.

Pairs great with shawarma, cutting through the richness. So crisp. So simple.

10 – Garlic Sauce

Oh yes, the classic garlic sauce! It’s creamy, pungent, and absolutely fantastic with shawarma. We like our garlic sauce thick and rich. It adds a bold punch to every bite.

Its sharpness perfects the balance with warm shawarma spices. We’ve slathered it on generously, and let’s just say, our breath wasn’t thanking us!