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7 Easy Swaps for Coconut Cream: Mix In Fun

Ah, coconut cream. It’s pretty versatile, isn’t it? You can mix it into practically anything to add a rich, creamy texture.

But what do we do when we run out? Run to the store? Maybe not. We have some nifty swaps to keep things creamy without sacrificing flavor.

We know this because we’ve had those moments in the kitchen when coconut cream is missing, and improvisation becomes the name of the game.

So, buckle up—we’ve got seven easy substitutions that you’ll want to have in your kitchen arsenal.

7 Easy Substitutes for Coconut Cream

For each of these swaps, use the same amount of substitute as you would coconut cream. Let’s get started!

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable Dish
Cashew CreamRich, creamySmooth1:1Desserts, smoothies
Soy CreamerMild, slightly sweetThin1:1Coffee, smoothies
Almond MilkLight, nuttyThin1:1Smoothies, cereal
Oat MilkNeutral, slightly sweetThin1:1Smoothies, cereal
Greek YogurtTangy, creamyThick1:1Tarts, sauces
Silken TofuNeutral, creamySoft1:1Desserts, sauces
Full-Fat MilkRich, creamyThick1:1Baking, sauces

1 – Cashew Cream

First, let’s chat about cashew cream—our go-to substitute! It’s super creamy and versatile. The flavor is mild and slightly nutty, making it an awesome match for savory and sweet dishes. It’s easy to whip up at home; just blend soaked cashews with water.

We love it in pasta sauces and soups, but it also rocks in desserts. One thing to note: cashew cream might be richer than coconut cream, with a thicker texture.

Want to know more? Check out our best cashew cream substitutes guide for even more ideas!

2 – Soy Creamer

Then, there’s soy creamer. It’s a trusty friend in our kitchen. The texture is smooth and silky, similar to coconut cream, but with a more neutral flavor.

We love how it doesn’t overpower the dish. Perfect for both sweet and savory recipes. It blends seamlessly without clumping.

Adding it to coffee? It’s a dream. Using it in baking? Works like a charm. Have you tried it in soups? It’s a winner.

If you’re out of coconut cream, soy creamer is a solid go-to. You won’t miss the coconut flavor at all.

3 – Almond Milk

Next up, we have almond milk. Why do we love almond milk as a swap for coconut cream? Simple. It’s light, nutty, and versatile. Perfect for those who want a creamy texture without the coconut taste.

The flavor is subtle and slightly sweet. We use it in smoothies, soups, and even desserts. It blends smoothly, adding a mild, pleasant taste to any dish.

If you’re also curious about other almond milk options, check out our almond milk substitutes article. Whether you’re whipping up a sauce or baking a cake, almond milk has you covered.

4 – Oat Milk

When it comes to finding a dairy-free alternative, oat milk is our trusty partner. This creamy delight brings a neutral flavor, keeping dishes light and balanced.

It doesn’t overwhelm dishes with overly nutty or sweet notes, making it versatile. We love it for its silky texture that’s perfect in both savory and sweet recipes.

Blends easily in coffee, soups, and even baked goods. Worried about substitutions? Check out our top oat milk substitutes guide for more ideas. Easy to use and oh-so-creamy.

Let’s just say, cooking without coconut cream is a breeze with oat milk in our pantry.

5 – Greek Yogurt

In case you never thought of it, Greek yogurt can take your cooking to a whole new creamy level! It’s thick, tangy, and brings a rich texture to anything you add it to.

We love how it seamlessly blends into sauces and dressings. Its flavor is bold and slightly tart, adding complexity to the dish.

From our own kitchen experiments, it’s superb in curries and even as a base for dips. It’s thicker than coconut cream, so you may need a bit less.

If you’re curious about more info, check out best Greek yogurt substitutes. Don’t sleep on this incredible swap!

6 – Silken Tofu

The secret weapon we didn’t know we needed! Silken tofu is soft, creamy, and neutral in flavor. It soaks up whatever amazing flavors you throw its way, making it a versatile option in both sweet and savory dishes.

We love it in smoothies, soups, and sauces. Its smooth texture mimics coconut cream perfectly. You might even forget it’s not coconut cream once you blend it in. For more tofu inspiration, check our article on best silken tofu substitutes.

We’ve had some killer curries with silken tofu. Trust us, it’s a must-try for creamy sauces. Its flavor is subtle, allowing other ingredients to shine. Pro-tip: blend it for best results.

7 – Full-Fat Milk

Last but not least, we have full-fat milk. Why? Because it’s everywhere! If you’ve always got some around, then why not use it to substitute coconut cream?

Its texture is thicker than skim milk, giving dishes the right amount of richness. We’ve used it in baking and sauces with great results.

It blends smoothly without clumping, adding a light flavor that complements any dish. Plus, you can always add more or less depending on how creamy you want your dish.