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7 Easy Hazelnuts Substitutes: Mix in Punch

Swapping nuts in recipes can feel a bit like a puzzle game. Hazelnuts are tough to match, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back with some easy alternatives.

Our team tested a bunch of nuts to find the perfect match for hazelnuts in terms of flavor and texture.

Almonds? Yeah, they did the trick. Walnuts? Actually pretty good. We even tried some out-of-the-box options for an extra kick. This isn’t just about swapping nuts willy-nilly.

It’s about making sure your baked goods still taste amazing, even if you’re skipping the emergency grocery run. Stick with us to discover our favorite hazelnut swaps that’ll keep your baking game strong.

7 Easy Substitutes for Hazelnuts

While hazelnuts have their own unique flavor and texture, there are several other nuts that can be used as substitutes in recipes. Here are seven of our top picks:

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
AlmondsSlightly sweetCrunchyBaked goods, desserts, granola, pie crusts
WalnutsEarthy, richRobustStuffings, salads, savory-sweet dishes
PecansSweeter noteRichSavory-sweet dishes, desserts, tarts
Macadamia NutsCreamy, butteryCrispSauces, dressings, pie crusts, cookies
PistachiosSlightly sweetLight, nuttyConfectionery, sweets, cookies
PeanutsNuttyCrunchyBaked goods, desserts, savory dishes
CashewsMild sweetnessCreamyCreamy desserts, sweet creams, cookies

1 – Almonds

Almonds stand in well for hazelnuts. They bring a similar texture and nutty vibe to the table. We found out you can use them in a 1:1 ratio, no sweat.

Their crunchiness adds depth to cookies and cakes. Ever tossed almonds into brownies instead of hazelnuts? Turns out, it’s a brilliant move.

For anyone keen on tweaking recipes, this guide on almond alternatives could really up your baking game. Almonds are super versatile, making them a solid backup in your pantry.

2 – Walnuts

Walnuts, they’re a solid pick for swapping out hazelnuts. They pack a similar crunch and nuttiness.

We’ve found they work just fine in a one-to-one swap. Their robust flavor enriches cookies and cakes, giving them that desired depth.

Once, we tossed walnuts into a brownie mix meant for hazelnuts. The result? Absolutely spot-on delicious.

Craving more nutty alternatives? Check out this comprehensive guide on finding the best walnut substitutes. It’s a great resource for tweaking your recipes.

3 – Pecans

While pecans may not be your first thought for a hazelnut swap, they nailed it in our tests. They have a buttery taste that brings a new layer of flavor to any dish.

We found that in a one-to-one swap, pecans add a richness that hazelnuts can’t always hit. The subtle sweetness of pecans elevates baked goods in a way that’s hard to put down.

Ever swapped pecans into your favorite cookie recipe? We did, and the results were unexpectedly amazing. If you’re keen to beef up your nut substitution game, check out this handy **guide on pecan substitutes** – it might just be what you need.

4 – Macadamia Nuts

If you’re eyeing macadamia nuts as a swap for hazelnuts, you’re in luck. We tried them, and found they’re a perfect 1:1 substitute in most recipes.

Macadamias bring butter-like flavor and a creamy texture, making them ideal for baking. Our test in cookies proved they deliver a rich taste.

Curious about more ways to use macadamia nuts in your recipes? This guide to substituting macadamia nuts offers a wealth of information.

5 – Pistachios

Pistachios, these little green gems, stood out in our swap test for hazelnuts. We found they’re a spot-on substitute, one-for-one in recipes.

Their bright green really pops in dishes, unlike the muted tones you get with hazelnuts. We tried them in a batch of cookies and wow, what a game-changer! They bring a slightly sweet, rich flavor that makes baked treats pop.

Have you ever thought of tossing them into your favorite cake? We did, and boy, did everyone give it a thumbs up. If you’re looking to shake up your baking game with some new nutty flavors, checking out our dive into pistachio alternatives for baking might be just what you need.

6 – Peanuts

For those on a budget, peanuts are an easy and cost-effective substitute for hazelnuts. We found they work great in a one-to-one swap in most recipes.

Their slightly salty flavor adds complexity to dishes, making them a great pick for cookies or cakes.

We love putting peanuts into our brownies instead of hazelnuts. It’s a simple switch that often results in “wow, these are amazing!” reactions. Want more ideas for peanut substitutes in baking? Check out this guide for some creative options.

7 – Cashews

While not traditionally used in baked goods, cashews made a surprisingly delicious substitute for hazelnuts. They have a mild flavor and creamy texture that works well in most recipes.

We found they work best in a 1:1 ratio, but can also be used to add richness and creaminess to desserts like cheesecake or pudding.

Feeling adventurous? Try swapping out your hazelnuts for cashews in your next batch of cookies and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Check out this guide for more tips on using cashews as a substitute in baking.