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7 Nutty Pistachios Substitutes: Shake Up Recipes

Digging into our stash of snacks, who didn’t love a nutty bite? We sure did. Then, the bolt from the blue – no pistachios left. What now?

We dug around, testing out anything that could work as a substitute. And guess what? Some of these swaps were amazing. It was like finding out a secret handshake among nuts and seeds.

We stumbled upon alternatives that kept our snacks and meals just as good as before. Here’s the lowdown on the options that came to our rescue, and hey, they might just do the same for you.

7 Easy Substitutes for Pistachios

While nothing quite compares to the unique flavor and texture of pistachios, these alternatives come pretty close. They can be used in a variety of recipes – from sweet to savory – making them versatile pantry staples.

1 – Almonds

Almonds, these little gems are our go-to for a pistachio swap.

They’re easy to find and keep our dishes just as nutty.

We use them in the same amount as pistachios, no fancy maths needed.

They blend seamlessly into both sweet and savory, making them a pantry MVP.

Ever tried them in pesto? Brilliant move. They add a creamy texture that we can’t get enough of.

For those craving more almond swaps, check out these fantastic almond alternatives.

Recipes light up with almonds tossed in.

2 – Walnuts

Walnuts, these little crunch bombs! They’re like our secret trick in the kitchen. Need something to taste like pistachios fast? Walnuts are your go-to. Just swap them in one-for-one, and boom, magic happens.

Honestly, you can’t even tell them apart. They add the perfect crunch to any dish, super easy to pick up at your local store. We’ve tossed them into everything, from baked treats to salads.

And if you’re into walnuts, you’re gonna dig these walnut substitute ideas. They keep our food fun and fresh, and we don’t miss pistachios at all.

3 – Pecans

For a richer, butterier taste in your dishes, pecans are an excellent alternative to pistachios. They’re slightly sweeter and have a similar texture when chopped or ground. Use them in the same amount as you would pistachios for a nutty addition to your dishes.

In case you’re looking for more pecan substitutes, check out these awesome options that we’ve tried and loved. Whether you’re making a salad or a batch of cookies, pecans make for a great pistachio replacement.

4 – Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are a solid pick if you’re out of pistachios. They bring a sweet yet intensely nutty flavor that’s perfect for baking. We drop them into recipes at a one-to-one ratio with pistachios.

Our cookies turned out amazing with them. For folks curious about other nut swaps, our experience with hazelnut alternatives might give you some ideas.

Hazelnuts work wonders in both sweet and savory dishes, making them super versatile.

5 – Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts swoop in as a stellar pistachio alternative.

They’re rich and buttery, ticking all the boxes for us.

We swap them in equally, no sweat. Our cookies? Never better.

For other nutty swaps, our finds on macadamia nut replacements could be your next go-to.

They shine in both baked goods and savory dishes.

6 – Pine Nuts

The tiny little seeds of the pine cone, pine nuts are another great option when you run out of pistachios. They have a nutty and buttery flavor that works well in both sweet and savory dishes.

While they do come with a bit of a higher price tag, we find them totally worth it for their unique taste and texture.

Read more about pine nut substitutes for some fun ideas in the kitchen. We love sprinkling them on top of dishes for a little crunch and extra flavor.

7 – Brazil Nuts

Final on the list, but definitely not least – Brazil nuts. These large and creamy nuts make for a great alternative to pistachios. They have a slightly sweeter taste, which works well in desserts and sweet treats.

We like using them in equal amounts as pistachios, but feel free to add more or less depending on your preference. If you’re looking for more Brazil nut ideas, check out our top picks for substitutes.