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6 Honeycrisp Apple Substitutes: Sweet and Crunchy

Hey foodies, we’re always looking for the sweetest and crunchiest apples, aren’t we? Honeycrisp apples are a favorite, but sometimes they’re out of stock or just too pricey.

Lucky us, there are a few awesome substitutes that can fill the Honeycrisp-shaped hole in our hearts. In this post, we’ll chat about some of these alternatives.

Each one has its own unique charm and can bring that sweet crunch we all crave to our snacks and recipes.

6 Easy Substitutes for Honeycrisp Apples

For those who are unfamiliar, a Honeycrisp apple is a relatively new breed of apple that originated in Minnesota in the 1960s. It’s known for its crisp texture and sweet flavor, making it a popular choice among apple lovers.

But if you can’t get your hands on these apples or simply want to try something new, here are some alternatives to consider:

1 – Fuji Apples

First, let’s talk about Fuji apples. They are sweet, crisp, and juicy — just like Honeycrisps.

The flavor is a bit more subtle, with hints of honey and citrus. We love that they hold their shape when you bake them. Perfect for pies or a crunchy snack.

Use Fuji apples in any recipe calling for Honeycrisps, one-to-one ratio. They’re also great in salads and sauces. Check out our guide to Fuji apple substitutes for more alternatives!

2 – Gala Apples

Then, let’s chat about Gala apples. They’re sweet and mild. More floral notes compared to Honeycrisp’s punchy tartness.

These work well for snacking and baking. They hold up nicely in pies and crumbles.

Gala apples have a slightly grainy texture but still deliver that essential crunch.

Feel free to swap them one-to-one with Honeycrisps in your recipes. They shine in salads and added to desserts.

We once used Gala apples for a homemade apple sauce. It turned out smooth and perfectly sweet. Give them a go next time Honeycrisps are out of reach!

3 – Jazz Apples

Jazz apples are another excellent option. They’ve got a sweet-tart flavor that’s both crisp and juicy.

These apples have a distinct, slightly tangy snap that adds excitement to any bite. We find Jazz apples amazing for snacking and baking alike.

They’re also fantastic in salads and desserts. Their firm texture stays solid even when cooked, so expect them to hold up well in pies and crumbles.

The substitute ratio is one-to-one with Honeycrisp apples. Next time you need a fun twist in your recipes, give Jazz apples a shot.

4 – Braeburn Apples

The Braeburn apples! These are sweet with a touch of tartness. Their flavor is intense and rich with a hint of spice.

We love them for snacking, baking, and salads. They stay crisp and firm even when cooked.

Use them in place of Honeycrisps at a one-to-one ratio. Our go-to for pies and sauces.

Seriously, they hold up beautifully. They might just be your next favorite.

Curious about more tips? Check out our Braeburn apple substitutes for other great options.

5 – Envy Apples

Alright, let’s talk about Envy apples! These guys are seriously sweet with a crisp bite. Their flavor has hints of floral and vanilla, making them a tasty alternative to Honeycrisps.

They are great for snacking and maintain their shape in pies. We love adding them to salads for that extra crunch.

Use Envy apples one-to-one in recipes that call for Honeycrisp apples. We once made an apple pie with Envy apples, and it was a hit. Easy and delicious substitution!

6 – Pink Lady Apples

And now, Pink Lady apples. They pack a crisp, tangy-sweet punch. The flavor is vivid with a bit of tartness that’s refreshing.

Perfect for snacking and baking, they hold up well under heat. Try them in a pie or a fresh salad.

Use them one-to-one for Honeycrisp apples. We made apple crisps with Pink Lady apples, and they were amazing. Definitely worth a try!

Check out our Pink Lady apple substitutes for extra options.