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7 Easy Peanuts Substitutes: Bake with Bliss

Trying to find the right peanut substitute for baking can be a bit tricky. We’ve all been there, searching through the pantry only to find we’re missing that one key ingredient.

But here’s the good news: you can still make some awesome treats without it. We tested a bunch of alternatives to see which ones really hold up in cookies, cakes, and beyond.

Turns out, some swaps hit the mark perfectly, adding that crunch and flavor you’re craving. Almonds, cashews, and even sunflower seeds are great options.

Our test kitchen was all abuzz as we mixed, baked, and tasted our way through. So, here’s the lowdown on how to make your baked goods pop, even sans peanuts.

7 Easy Substitutes for Peanuts

While peanut butter is often the star ingredient in many recipes, there are plenty of other options that can provide a similar taste and texture. Here are seven easy substitutes for peanuts:

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable Dishes
AlmondsNuttyCrunchy1:1Baking, Snacks, Salads
CashewsCreamySoft1:1Sauces, Desserts, Curries
Sunflower SeedsMildCrunchy1:1Trail Mix, Granola, Baking
HazelnutsRichCrunchy1:1Desserts, Chocolate, Baking
PecansSweetCrunchy1:1Pies, Candies, Salads
WalnutsEarthyCrunchy1:1Baking, Snacks, Salads
Macadamia NutsButteryCreamy1:1Desserts, Cookies, Snacks

1 – Almonds

Almonds really steal the show in our test; they’re versatile nuts. We found they’re perfect not just as a snack but in baking too. Almonds add a rich, nutty flavor that peanuts usually bring to the table. They’re easy to chop, blend, or process into almond flour, making them a fantastic substitute in almost any recipe. Plus, we can use them in a 1:1 ratio for peanuts, which keeps things simple.

We’ve noticed that almonds give cookies and cakes a lovely, slightly sweet taste. Their texture is just the right kind of crunchy. If you’re keen on discovering more about these amazing almond swaps, take a gander at this comprehensive guide on almond alternatives for baking.

Our baker’s hats off to almonds, honestly. They’ve saved many of our baking endeavors.

2 – Cashews

Cashews are the secret to smooth, creamy bakes without peanuts. They blend into recipes seamlessly, with a soft texture that’s perfect for creamy desserts.

We’ve swapped them at a 1:1 ratio and can’t get enough of the subtle, buttery flavor they bring. Our mornings now start with cashew-based pastries, and honestly, we aren’t looking back.

These nuts are a staple in our pantry for every baking spree. They’re a hit in creamy desserts and a great way to keep treats rich and satisfying.

For those who are curious about turning their bakes into cashew-filled delights, check out these creative cashew substitutions in baking. It’s a game-changer for us.

3 – Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds, our go-to pick for nut-free bakes. They’re easy to swap in at a 1:1 ratio, fitting perfectly in nearly any recipe where nuts usually play a part.

Their mild, nutty flavor means they slide right into dishes without a hitch. We tried them in muffins and the crunch was just right—kinda like magic.

For those who dig a bit of texture and wholesomeness in their treats, these seeds are solid gold.

Craving more? Find out how to shake things up with alternative sunflower seed uses in baking. Trust us, it’s a read that’ll flip your baking upside down—in a good way.

4 – Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are our go-to for a deep, buttery vibe in sweets. We swap them 1:1 for peanuts and never look back. Their unique taste elevates cakes and cookies way beyond average.

They’re not just for snacking; blending into flour for baking boosts flavor profiles majorly. Our secret for unforgettable pastries? Definitely hazelnuts.

In our quests for the perfect bake, we found hazelnuts bring a richness that’s hard to beat. For those keen on nutty undertones in their desserts, peek at hazelnut alternatives in baking.

5 – Pecans

Pecans swap out for peanuts without any fuss, both in tastes and how you use them. We go nuts for the buttery texture in cookies. They mix in at a straight one-to-one rate, making recipes easy.

In our bakes, they add a crunchy joy we can’t ignore. They aren’t just a sub; they’re a step up.

For a twist in your sweets, pecans are a solid choice.

Seeking more on baking with pecans? Peep at this guide on finding the perfect pecan substitutes for your next recipe.

6 – Walnuts

Walnuts, our pick, swap easily for peanuts, one for one. They bring a crunchy goodness to baked goods.

Our brownies turned epic with walnuts stirred in. Walnuts add a rich, earthy flavor that kicks any bake up a notch. We found recipes don’t need adjusting; just mix them in.

For those keen on elevating their baking, consider swapping in walnuts.

Find out how to elevate your baking with walnuts with this guide on substituting walnuts in your recipes. They’re not just a swap; they enhance.

7 – Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts bring a creamy texture to our bakes, similar to peanuts. We swap them in at a 1:1 ratio, finding their buttery taste makes pastries feel more luxurious.

They blend smoothly into recipes, offering a subtle sweetness we all love. Macadamias have been our go-to for making treats feel a tad more special.

Their crunch adds an interesting bite to cookies and cakes. For those eager to learn more about using these nuts in baking, there’s a great piece on rich macadamia nut substitute choices worth checking out.