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7 Simple Substitutes for Jackfruit: Flavor Burst Now

Ever tried swapping out jackfruit? It’s not just for vegans. We’ve all been in a pinch, looking for something unique to toss into our meals. Jackfruit’s a tough one to replace, yet here we are, ready with a list to shake things up.

We got creative. Found substitutes you wouldn’t believe work. Sure, jackfruit’s unique. But who says we can’t find a few curveballs to throw into the mix?

Stick with us. We’re about to make your kitchen life a tad easier.

7 Easy Substitutes for Jackfruit

The following substitutes are sure to bring your dish to life and give you the same satisfaction as a jackfruit.

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Young Green BananasStarchy, slightly sweetFirm, denseCurries, stews, baked dishes
Firm TofuMild, nuttyFirm, denseStir-fries, curries, baked dishes
Hearts of PalmMild, slightly sweetTender, fibrousSalads, sandwiches, stir-fries
Pulled Oyster MushroomsSavory, umamiFibrous, meatyStir-fries, tacos, burgers
EggplantMild, slightly bitterSoft, spongyCurries, baked dishes, grilled
ChickpeasNutty, earthyFirm, creamyCurries, stews, salads, dips
TempehNutty, slightly earthyFirm, denseStir-fries, curries, sandwiches

1 – Young Green Bananas

We found out, surprisingly, young green bananas can take jackfruit’s place. They mimic the texture quite well. You wouldn’t think it at first glance.

In recipes where jackfruit stars, use green bananas. One banana for every cup of jackfruit does the trick. We tried it in tacos. The result? Impressively close to the real deal.

Our kitchen experiments showed versatility. Green bananas worked in both savory and sweet dishes. A revelation for us!

Remember, cooking them softens them up. Makes them perfect for absorbing flavors. A secret weapon in disguise.

2 – Firm Tofu

Firm tofu absorbs flavors. It works well in dishes where jackfruit is usually the star. We sliced it, marinated it, and bam – it transformed.

Tofu’s texture makes it a great stand-in. For every cup of jackfruit, use about three-quarters of a pound of tofu. We threw it into a curry. The results? Shockingly good.

This switch has been a game changer. Tofu’s versatility amazed us. Savory or sweet, it took on the challenge.

If you’re curious about other ways to swap out ingredients, check this out: Find more tofu substitutes here.

3 – Hearts of Palm

We landed on hearts of palm as a solid swap. Its texture gets pretty close to jackfruit. Cut them up for any dish missing its main star. A can equals a cup of jackfruit, easy math. We tossed it into a salad. The vibe? Surprisingly similar.

These stalks blend in well. They soak up any flavor they meet. Makes every bite worth it. We’ve found them a reliable pick for many recipes. Keen on other swaps like these? Take a peek right here.

4 – Pulled Oyster Mushrooms

Next up, pulled oyster mushrooms. They slide in as a stand-in for jackfruit. Texture? Spot on.

We chopped them, cooked them down. They soaked up every flavor. For each cup of jackfruit, grab a handful of these mushrooms. We tossed them in BBQ sauce.

The verdict? They held their own. These mushrooms turned dishes vibrant without missing a beat.

Seeking alternatives that won’t leave you missing jackfruit? Our pulled oyster mushrooms recipe did the trick. Intrigued? find out more right here.

5 – Eggplant

Eggplant steps up as a swap for jackfruit. Its ability to absorb flavors is key. We found that one medium eggplant works for roughly a cup and a half of jackfruit.

We tried it in a stir-fry. It held up well, soaking in the spices and sauces. Eggplant adds a nice texture to dishes, making it a solid option for those looking to mix things up.

Important to note, it’s best used in recipes that call for cooked jackfruit. For those on the hunt for more eggplant-based switch-ups, you might find this page eye-opening.

6 – Chickpeas

Chickpeas serve well in place of jackfruit. They absorb flavors, making every dish they’re part of something to remember. In our attempts, a can of chickpeas replaced a cup of jackfruit easily.

We found this swap works wonders in salads and stews. Chickpeas add that hearty texture without making a fuss.

A straightforward swap. Our trials in the kitchen proved successful. We even whipped up a chickpea curry that had us forgetting about jackfruit.

For those intrigued by other chickpea transformations, see more here.

7 – Tempeh

Tempeh shines as a jackfruit alternative.

It’s dense and has a grainy feel. This makes it great for absorbing different sauces. We use tempeh in many dishes. A block can swap out for a cup of jackfruit. We tested it in a stir-fry and loved the results.

Tempeh holds flavors well. This makes every bite interesting. In our kitchen tests, tempeh adapted to every recipe we tried. For those looking for more information on using tempeh in recipes, we suggest checking out this page for more tempeh ideas.