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7 Tasty Tempeh Substitutes for Your Favorite Recipes

Ever found yourself staring at a block of tempeh and wondering, “What else can I whip up with this?” We’ve all been there.

Searching for tempeh alternatives isn’t just a casual kitchen adventure.

It’s a deep dive into the world of plant-based goodies. Every meal becomes a wild ride.

We mix, we match, we swap. Who knew beans could do so much?

Our journeys have led us to discover some gems. Ready to join the ride?

7 Easy Substitutes for Tempeh

The beauty of plant-based cooking is the endless possibilities. With a little bit of creativity, you can find substitutes for almost any ingredient. Tempeh is no exception.

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
TofuMild, versatileFirm, can be pressed to mimic tempeh textureStir-fries, curries, sandwiches
SeitanSavory, meatyChewy, firmStews, chili, burgers
Portobello MushroomsEarthy, umamiMeaty, denseGrilled, roasted, in tacos/wraps
LentilsNutty, earthyHearty, can be mashed to mimic tempehSoups, stews, veggie patties
ChickpeasNutty, creamyCan be mashed or roasted for textureSalads, wraps, falafel
EggplantSavory, slightly sweetFirm, can be grilled or roastedCurries, stir-fries, sandwiches
JackfruitMild, slightly sweetShredded, meaty textureTacos, pulled “pork” dishes

1 – Tofu

Tofu steps in smoothly for tempeh. It’s made from soybeans, like tempeh. Soft yet firm, it takes on any flavor it meets. We’ve tossed it into stews and salads alike. Its versatility shines.

A firm block can stand in for tempeh, slice for slice. Marinades welcome it with open arms. We’ve laughed as it sponged up flavors, surprising us every time.

For those eager to dig deeper into alternatives, a detailed guide awaits right here.

2 – Seitan

Seitan steps up as an excellent tempeh stand-in. It’s all wheat-gluten, folks.

With its meaty texture, seitan gets along well in recipes needing a hearty element. We chuck it into dishes where tempeh used to sit. Gives them body and chew.

Marinades? Seitan soaks them right up. We’ve watched it transform with flavors, a real chameleon.

For every cup of tempeh, swap in a cup of seitan. It’s a one-to-one game here. Easy switch in stews, stir-fries, or whatever you’ve got cooking.

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3 – Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms make a perfect swap for tempeh. They bring a meaty heft to any dish.

We often slice them up, throw them into recipes where tempeh once ruled. Texture? They’ve got it.

A one-to-one swap works wonders. Think stews, sandwiches, or anything needing that chewy bite.

Ever tried grilling them? We have. Marinades love them. They absorb every flavor, leaving us nodding in approval.

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4 – Lentils

Lentils step in with ease for tempeh. Not just any legume, these are versatile. We toss them in salads, stews, and more. They adapt to flavors, surprising with each dish. A cup replaces a cup, making swaps simple.

Recipes asking for tempeh? Use lentils. They absorb spices, enriching each meal. We’ve seen dishes elevate with their inclusion. Want to know more about swapping lentils? Our guide has you covered. Dig into our insights right here.

5 – Chickpeas

Chickpeas step into the game, ready to swap with tempeh. Their texture brings a new vibe to dishes. We toss them into salads and soups, watching them blend right in.

They hug the flavors, turning every meal into a cozy gathering. A cup of chickpeas for a cup of tempeh does the trick. We’ve swapped them in many recipes, nodding at their versatility.

Recipes that once relied on tempeh now shine with chickpeas. They soak up spices, giving dishes a warm, inviting depth.

Keen to try chickpeas in your next meal? You might find our insights on substitutions helpful. Discover more right here.

6 – Eggplant

Eggplant easily slips into the spot tempeh once held. Its texture and ability to soak up flavors make it a solid choice. We chop it, then throw it into the mix wherever tempeh was king.

Swapping is simple: a cup for a cup. Eggplant shines in stir-fries and casseroles. Our dishes turned out richer. The flavors? They got friends.

For everyone eager to see how well eggplant plays in other dishes, take a look right here.

7 – Jackfruit

Jackfruit, oh what a player in the game of swap. It steps right in for tempeh. Big on texture, it mimics meat like a dream. A tropical fruit, yet it breaks into savory scenes like a pro. It pulls apart, slipping into stews and sandwiches with ease. We’ve marinated it, experiencing its knack for soaking up savory notes. A one-to-one ratio does the trick.

We found ourselves chuckling over jackfruit’s ability to transform. In a stew, it becomes the star. Sandwiches gain a new, hearty member. Recipes that called for tempeh now sing with jackfruit’s inclusion. It’s a swap we keep coming back to, each dish a testament to its versatility.