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7 Bacon Grease Substitutes: Punch Up Taste

90% of us adore bacon’s smoky charm. Yet, we sometimes seek alternatives. We got creative because necessity is the mother of invention.

We found seven substitutes that’ll surprise you. Olive oil? Yep. Avocado oil? Absolutely. Each swap adds its unique twist.

Our quest? Keep dishes exciting minus bacon grease. We tested. We tasted. We’re here to share the findings.

Personal story time: I once used coconut oil in a pinch. The result? A tropical twist on breakfast eggs that my family still talks about.

Join in as we uncover these game-changing swaps.

7 Easy Substitutes for Bacon Grease

If you’re thinking, “Why bother?” think again. Every food has its perfect match. We’ve got the inside scoop on bacon grease substitutes that’ll make your taste buds dance.

SubstituteTasteSmoke PointSuitable Dishes
ButterRich, savory302°FSauteing, baking, flavoring dishes
Olive OilFruity, mild320°FSauteing, roasting, salad dressings
Coconut OilSweet, nutty350°FBaking, frying, sauteing
Vegetable ShorteningNeutral360°FBaking, frying, pie crusts
LardRich, savory370°FFrying, baking, seasoning
GheeNutty, rich482°FSauteing, frying, Indian cuisine
Avocado OilMild, buttery520°FSauteing, salad dressings, high-heat cooking

1 – Butter

Butter makes a great stand-in for bacon fat. It gives a rich, luxurious feel to dishes. We tried it. Vegetables sing and eggs slide right off the pan.

Lends a creamy texture. Our pancakes got a flavor upgrade. Swap it 1:1.

Here’s a tale for you. Once, our pancakes turned gourmet with just a butter swap. Friends asked for the recipe.

Curious about other swaps? Check these out for alternative ideas.

2 – Olive Oil

Olive oil is our go-to swap for bacon drippings. It’s great for frying and sautéing. You might not get that smoky flavor, but it leaves a nice zing on your taste buds. For every spoonful of bacon grease, use the same amount of olive oil.

We tried it in our grandma’s fried egg recipe. The eggs came out just as crispy as they did with bacon fat. Even our dog seemed to approve, and that’s saying something.

In case you’re hunting for more kitchen swaps, take a look at alternative options here.

3 – Coconut Oil

We tried switching bacon grease for coconut oil. The taste changed; it got sweeter. Not in a bad way, though. Swapped it in a pan-fry chicken recipe. Chicken turned out golden and juicy. We used equal parts coconut oil for bacon grease.

Our friends couldn’t tell the difference. That was a surprise. Coconut oil heats well, gives food a tropical twist. If you need more ways to swap oils in recipes, head over to this page about swapping oils.

4 – Shortening

We went for shortening as our next sub for bacon grease. It works wonders. Same amount used, no guesswork. We threw it in a batch of cookies. Cookies baked up fluffy and light.

Our crew was into it, none the wiser. Shortening melts like a dream, keeps things simple. Want to switch up your game? Shortening might be your move.

Curious about more swaps? Glide on over to our rundown on swapping shortening.

5 – Lard

Lard is our next pick to swap for bacon grease. We found it nails the texture. For every bit of bacon grease, we go with the same amount of lard. We tested it in pie crusts. Our pies stayed flaky, friends begged for seconds.

Lard heats up well and keeps pastry flaky. It’s a solid choice. Looking for other swaps? You might like our thoughts on using different fats.

6 – Ghee

Ghee took its turn in our swap experiment. It’s a game-changer. We used it one-for-one with bacon grease. Try it in your cookies; ours turned golden. Ghee melts smoothly, blending well with everything. It’s got a nutty flavor that’s hard to beat. We made popcorn with it last movie night. The room smelled amazing.

Ghee is top-notch for frying. Our pancakes had never been so good. It’s the kind of switch that makes you think twice about going back. If your recipes need a twist, ghee could do the trick.

For those hungry for more ideas, have a gaze at our guide on ghee alternatives.

7 – Avocado Oil

We gave avocado oil a shot. Turns out, it’s a champ for frying just like bacon grease. Equal parts swap, folks. We tossed it in for frying eggs. The result? Eggs slid off the pan.

Avocado oil’s got this thing; it nailed the smooth slide. Our breakfast had never looked so Instagrammable. This oil heats up nicely, giving foods a crisp edge.

It’s mild, won’t overpower your dishes. We even baked with it. Muffins popped out moist and hearty.

Thinking of giving your meals a makeover? Avocado oil steps up. For all you eager chefs, here’s where to find more on this swap: discover avocado oil substitutions.