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7 Simple Coconut Oil Substitutes: Kick Up Flavors

70% of us grab coconut oil for everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

Yet, sometimes, that jar ends on a grocery run. Oops.

We found substitutes. And not just any. These will change your game.

Ever stood bewildered in the oil aisle? We did. It’s like choosing a favorite song. Impossible, right?

We’re about to share secrets. Ones we stumbled upon after many “uh-oh” moments. These swaps are golden.

Ready? Let’s get cooking.

7 Easy Substitutes for Coconut Oil

The following alternatives are easy to find, affordable, and just as delicious!

SubstituteTasteSmoke PointSuitable Dishes
ButterRich, savory300-350°FBaking, sautéing, cooking
Olive OilStrong flavor375°FCooking, sautéing, salad dressings
Avocado OilMildHighGrilling, sautéing, baking
Sunflower OilNeutral450°FDeep frying, sautéing, baking
Canola OilNeutralHighBaking, sautéing, cooking
Grapeseed OilClean, neutral420°FAll types of cooking
Almond OilNuttyHighBaking, sautéing, cooking

1 – Butter

Butter steps in as our go-to. It’s creamy and adds a rich flavor. We swapped it in one-to-one in a cake. Turned out great.

We laughed when a batch of cookies spread more than anticipated. Next time, we cut the amount slightly.

Need to know: Use it straight across for coconut oil. For baking, consider reducing it just a smidge. Keeps things from going too flat.

Interested in other swaps? Check out this guide on substituting butter.

2 – Olive Oil

We all need a swap for coconut oil sometimes. Olive oil stands out. It’s not just for salads, folks.

In baking, swap at a 1:1 ratio. Your cakes won’t know what hit them. Olive oil brings a smooth, rich flavor.

Our grandma swears by it for frying. We listen to grandma.

It also works wonders in sautés. Veggies love it.

For more ideas on switching it up, sneak a peek at these olive oil swaps.

3 – Avocado Oil

We all get that urge to mix things up in our cooking routines. Avocado oil jumps in as a great swap for coconut oil. Its light taste doesn’t overpower dishes. We use it one-for-one in any recipe calling for coconut oil.

Our kitchen experiments showed us that avocado oil is a star for baking. Muffins come out moist. Cookies stay soft.

It’s also a champ for frying. Eggs slide right off the pan. Veggies get that perfect sear.

For those eager to keep exploring, take a glance at avocado oil alternatives.

4 – Sunflower Oil

In our search, we bumped into sunflower oil as a swap for coconut oil. It works great. For every cup of coconut oil, use one of sunflower oil. It’s easy.

We tried it in a cake. The result? Moist and fluffy. No one missed the coconut oil.

Sunflower oil is less thick. It’s good for frying. We made crispy fries. They were a hit.

For those keen on baking and frying, give sunflower oil a try. You might like it. We sure did. And for those who’d like to dig deeper, here’s a handy read on finding more about sunflower oil substitutions.

5 – Canola Oil

Canola oil slides right in where coconut oil bows out. We swap them equally, one for one. It’s smooth sailing in baking. Cakes come out soft, cookies snap just right. We’ve tried it.

It adds a light touch to sautés and fries. Foods cook up tasty without the coconut’s sweet whisper. Perfect for when you want the flavor to stay true. We’ve laughed over many a meal about this.

Personal share? Fried eggs. Once we switched, we never looked back. It was the flip we didn’t know we needed.

For those who dig deeper, this piece on canola oil alternatives might just be your next read.

6 – Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil steps in as a sub for coconut oil. We switch them equally, no fancy math needed. Works wonders in baking. Muffins stay moist, biscuits crisp on the edges. We’ve tested it all.

It keeps things light in stir-fries and pan-fries. Your dishes keep their real taste, minus the coconut undertone. Got us chuckling during dinners.

Our go-to? Pancakes. Swapping made them fluffier. A change that caught us by surprise.

Curious about more swaps? Peep here for grapeseed oil alternatives.

7 – Almond Oil

Almond oil steps in for coconut oil like a ninja in the night. We use it in a 1:1 swap. Works like a charm. You get the same smooth texture in foods.

We tossed it into a brownie mix last Tuesday. The results? A-MA-ZING. It didn’t even taste like we changed the playbook.

For those of us eyeing healthier options, it’s a game-changer. Bakes up nice and even. Plus, it’s not just for sweets. We tried it in stir-fries. Hello, versatility!

Craving more swap ideas? Peep this handy guide. You’re gonna love the options.