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7 Easy Carom Seed Substitutes: Infuse More Flavor

Carom seeds, or ajwain as you might know them, are pretty common in a bunch of recipes. They really help in stepping up your cooking game, and swapping them out is way easier than you’d think.

We actually bumped into this issue last week while whipping up a family recipe and realized, oops, no carom seeds. Instead of making a dash for the store, we decided to get a bit creative.

This kicked off a fun taste-testing and research spree, where we stumbled upon a few easy-peasy substitutes for carom seeds that still keep your dish tasting awesome.

These swaps are super handy and give a fresh twist to your go-to flavors.

7 Easy Substitutes for Carom Seeds

When you’re out of fennel or just not a fan, these 7 substitutes work great in its place:

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable Dish
Coriander SeedsSweet, citrusyCrunchy1:1Indian dishes, baked goods
Fennel SeedsMild, anise-likeCrunchy1:1Italian dishes, baked goods
Cumin SeedsEarthy, warmCrunchy1:1Mexican dishes, baked goods
Sesame SeedsNutty, slightly sweetCrunchy1:1Asian dishes, baked goods
Mustard SeedsPungent, spicyCrunchy1:1Indian dishes, condiments
Dill SeedsFresh, brightCrunchy1:1Pickling, sauces
Anise SeedsSweet, licorice-likeCrunchy1:1Baked goods, desserts

1 – Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds add a cool lemony, slightly sweet kick, perfect for soups and stews. They’re an awesome swap for carom seeds. Just use one and a half teaspoons of coriander seeds for every teaspoon of carom seeds. This swap keeps your dishes tasting awesome without needing to run to the store.

We tossed them into our family’s curry last night, and wow, it was amazing. Coriander seeds bring in some warmth with their nutty vibes. Trust me, you won’t even miss the carom seeds.

Want to get more creative with coriander seeds in your cooking? Check out this guide to coriander seed alternatives. It’s loaded with cool ideas to spice up your cooking game.

2 – Fennel Seeds

Next up, fennel seeds! They’re awesome for adding a sweet, anise-like flavor that’s just perfect for kicking up the taste in breads, cakes, and fish dishes. For every teaspoon of carom seeds, just go with one teaspoon of fennel seeds.

We gave this a try in our pizza dough last week. And the outcome? A subtle, sweet twist that took the meal to the next level.

Fennel seeds are also amazing in sauces and salads, throwing in a fresh, crisp vibe. If you’re up for exploring more about fennel seed swaps, we stumbled upon this cool article on finding the right fennel seed substitutes that you might find interesting.

3 – Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds step in as a stellar alternative. They bring a warm, earthy flavor that’s just unbeatable in dishes like tacos and chili. For every pinch of carom seeds needed, swap in an equal pinch of cumin seeds.

Last Thursday, we tossed them into our chili, and the result? An incredible depth of flavor that we all enjoyed. Cumin seeds add that perfect kick.

Seeking further cumin seed swap insights? Peek at this comprehensive guide on selecting cumin seed substitutes. It’s packed with valuable tips for refreshing your favorite recipes.

4 – Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds jump in as a fantastic choice. They introduce a subtle, nutty flavor that’s perfect for adding a new dimension to your meals. Use one teaspoon of sesame seeds for every teaspoon of carom seeds needed.

In our own kitchen last week, we threw sesame seeds into homemade bread. The feedback? Everyone loved the unexpected twist.

The seeds add a crunch that’s hard to beat, especially in salads and stir-fries. For those eager to mix things up further with sesame seeds, this guide on sesame seed swaps could be your next read.

5 – Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds really stepped up for us. They throw a spicy, tangy kick into dishes.

One teaspoon of mustard seeds for every teaspoon of carom seeds does the trick.

We tossed them into our homemade pickles, and the flavor was top-notch.

Mustard seeds work wonders, giving a vibrant edge.

For those looking to jazz up their recipes further with mustard seeds, this article on finding the perfect mustard seed substitutes might catch your interest.

6 – Dill Seeds

Dill seeds are our secret weapon. They pack a punchy, slightly bitter taste that elevates any dish. Just mix in one teaspoon of dill seeds for every teaspoon of carom seeds – trust me, you won’t regret it.

We threw some into our potato salad last weekend, and wow, it was a hit. Everyone kept asking what the secret ingredient was.

Dill seeds aren’t just great for salads; they rock in soups and breads too. Their unique flavor really makes a meal stand out. Curious about what else works like dill seeds? Check out this cool article on dill seed flavor substitutes for some awesome tips.

7 – Anise Seeds

Anise seeds are the go-to for a sweet, licorice-like flavor that really makes your dishes sing. Swap in one teaspoon of anise seeds for every teaspoon of carom seeds needed. We added them to our spice cake recipe last time and the difference was clear.

The cake came out fantastic, with everyone asking for the recipe. Anise seeds bring a warm, spicy note that’s hard to miss.

For anyone eager to switch up their spice rack further, finding suitable substitutes for anise seeds can provide more ways to enhance your meals.